Welcome aboard. This is the first issue in a new series of Mac’s Stars. It will appear each Thursday morning. My time with the Georgia Straight has come to an end after one month shy of 11 years as the author of Straight Stars. I want to thank all of the readers that have supported me in this work right from the start. Six hundred and twenty weekly columns without a miss or a glitch. Over the years I received a few negative emails which we have to expect as we cannot please everyone. But on the other hand I again humbly thank one and all that have sent me hundreds of emails and letters and calls in support of the column. I think we did a good thing and I was able to teach some solid astrology for over a decade. Well enough about the past, no whining or sniveling, let’s move on into the future. One love, one planet, one people.

The February skies are dominated by the Saturn / Uranus opposition which has most of us bouncing off the cosmic walls. Saturn restricts and delays, while Uranus will tolerate no interference in what he wants to accomplish. We have wild shootouts in the streets (Uranus) and we have the authorities (Saturn) pulling their hair out as they strive to deal with the burgeoning problems prevalent in our very complex society. Saturn represents the old guard and the tried and true methods of doing things. Saturn also represents antiquity but in today’s world most of his ways are just not cutting it. Outdated laws along with a very soft approach regarding serious criminal activity is causing mayhem.

It all seems a bit shaky and that is what this powerful opposition between these very dynamic planets signifies. It is time to shake everything up and re-address our concerns in the light of present day realities on every level of our society.

We have a buildup of planets moving through Aquarius this month. One of the strong points of this particular sign is its lofty idealism regarding humanitarian caring for all. Aquarius is a fixed sign which is good in the sense of being able to bring things through to completion, although at times Aquarius energy can be expressed in a dogmatic fashion which does not allow for other concepts and realities to co-exist. No doubt if you researched it you would find historical truth regarding Aquarius’ connection to dictatorial and repressive regimes that have oppressed humankind from time to time.

Now we have the fiery brothers Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius on February 17 which may very well ignite some incendiary scenarios in the hotspots around the planet. Clashes and crashes big and small take place and we will hear all about it soon enough. Rather than cower it may be best to muster our collective courage and face the concerns of the day. We are in the making, never quite perfected, but then again according to the mystics we are living in the fallen universe where it is hard not to fail. My wonderful Aquarius Guru said that dame Nature is quite beautiful until tormented by the hand of man. Love is the answer and hopefully that is what will be pouring out of that Aquarian urn carried on the shoulder of one of the gods.

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AriesVenus pays a visit for nearly four months bringing her love, beauty, abundance and wisdom into your life. She helps you along in many ways but mainly with the task of searching out your true inner values. Charity really does begin at home and now it is time to beautify and balance your existence. The churning restlessness of the past abates and you can settle down and enjoy the days.

TaurusThe last quarter square of the Moon on February 16 occurs in your opposite sign Scorpio. It tells of a time in which tensions rise and touchy problematic topics are dealt with. Be extra nice on Valentine’s Day as there is a chance that some feathers may be ruffled. Career activity is strong now and may be a point of tension. Either not enough or too much work can get under your skin. The Sun enters Pisces on February 18 bringing a much easier time of it generally. Someone from the past may show up now and it would be good to spend some time with those that you love and those that you would like to help in some way.

GeminiThe present planetary positions are offering ways in which you can make the radical adjustments that are required in order for you to attain harmony and balance. If you are majorly stressed and tread-milling at best then that is when you are most likely to be affected by conditions that seemingly come out of the blue. It is also a very dynamic time for Gemini in which many friends come your way and a great spiritual flowering takes place, which brings peace of mind. Travel and publishing are topics for you now.

CancerYour vivid imagination may be working overtime these days. Your curiosity is piqued and you want to get to the bottom of whatever concerns you. Travel opportunities loom into the picture as the Sun commences to move through your solar ninth house which relates to the higher and broader concepts of life. The trick of the times comes from your ability to work with others and incorporate their concepts with yours. Inheritances, joint and shared monies may come into play.

LeoSeveral planets are moving through your opposite sign Aquarius bringing on dynamic energy and tension. Those that are for or against you will show up now. Of course you will roll up your sleeves and lean into the concerns of the day. The Sun will move into Pisces on February 18 bringing you out of a solar low time of the year. Much depends on your diplomatic ability to win hearts and alliances. If you push too hard others may push back and we know where that gets to. “You catch more bees with honey than vinegar” is the best mantra for these times.

VirgoIt’s time to stretch and grow, although you may sense that not much growth is happening with dear old Saturn dogging you these days. Saturn prompts us to tighten up and economize wherever we can. Most Virgo’s don’t have a problem with working out practical solutions even if they are tedious and slow. Saturn brings deep and powerful lessons that carve wisdom into our souls. Uranus continues to travel through your opposite sign Pisces, providing all kinds of unique if not unusual solutions, innovations and ways to go in the future. February 18 could be a bit bumpy if you allow.

LibraYour solar fifth house related to romance, children, entertainment, speculation and gambling is well lit up throughout February. This tells of a time of enhancement, enchantment and just some plain old fun. Venus visits Aries which is your opposite sign for nearly four months and may very well bring action and attraction your way. It is an exciting time in which you should enjoy the pleasures of life to the fullest.

ScorpioThe Moon visits Scorpio from February 14 to 16 just in time for St.Valentine’s Day. The planetary aspects are a bit intense and it may be wise to go easy as others may be touchy, possibly you too. The Sun enters Pisces on February 18 bringing a bit more rhythmic harmony to the scene. Mars the original and true ruler of Scorpio conjuncts Jupiter on February 17 in your solar tenth house which relates to professions and career aptitudes. This is a good thing and it may provide a lucky break. Use caution with all machinery at this time.

SagittariusThe Moon visits Sagittarius from February 16 to 18 just as a powerful conjunction between your ruling planet Jupiter and his fiery brother Mars takes place on February 17. It will provide opportunities to show your leadership abilities along with your vision of the future. It is time to publish and promote whatever inspires you. Education, the media and business areas may somehow prosper from your ideas. Love may not be a stranger as the spring time moves closer.

CapricornYes the Capricorns are starting to call, inquiring about Pluto’s sixteen year visit to their sign. Pluto is the force of inevitable destruction. When Pluto passes over the Sun, Moon or planets in our birth charts it signals a time of a great transformative process. The shape and form of the transformation is in accordance with what truly needs to be changed in our lives. The effect of Pluto on a person’s Sun will bring a sense of stripping away all and anything that is not truly worthy. Some folks feel as though they are dying. What is dying are the remnants of old ego habits such as pride and vanity etc. The shedding of the old and rebirth of the new is taking place.

AquariusMars and Jupiter meet up in your sign on February 17 bringing excitement and challenge, or at least a great release of energy. Just like fire this aspect has to be handled with respect and care. Watch for oversights and fights, mishaps and such. Mercury enters Aquarius on February 14 and he may be the bearer of some very good news. It’s Valentine’s Day to boot. A resurgence of confidence and strength pushes you onward and upward.

PiscesThe Sun enters Pisces on February 18 bringing you into your solar high of the year. It’s your time to shine. Uranus continues to stir the pot keeping life fresh and original and helping you to constantly adjust to the realities as they present themselves. A lot of work behind the scenes is taking place as you make ready for the future. No doubt it has been a tough go for many Pisces people and it seems like there is still much to be done as Saturn continues to keep a stern gaze from his placement in Virgo. It just means that nothing comes easy and all is earned and learned the hard way which in the end is the best way. In a few years from now you may look back and say, “Oh yeah, that’s what that was all about.”