February 2016

It’s not about what the stars are doing to you, but what you are doing to the stars. Think about it. The planetary positions at your birth hail and herald exactly who you are, along with which forms of karma you bring with you into this life, in accordance with the positive and negative qualities you created in previous incarnations. Following this line of thinking, we are creating our future horoscope by our thoughts and actions in this lifetime. Our bad actions create chains of iron, while our good thoughts and deeds create chains of gold. Point being that whatever we do here in our Earthly sojourn creates chains and, as we know, chains are meant to bind and hold us in slavery to our minds and senses.

According to the Sat Guru, we left our true home – high above the starry firmament in Sach Khand – approximately four billion years ago. Imagine that! We have been away from our true abode and have taken form as rock, tree, insect, bird, animal and human as we work our way through the cosmic phenomena called Awagawan, the coming and going of the soul in its myriad forms, in accordance to karmic law. We constantly and continuously spin the web of destiny by our actions as we reap what we have sown in the past and prepare our future with what we are sowing now. Although seemingly nearly overwhelmingly frightful, it is a plan the creator put together to teach the souls about love – and only love. The saints teach us that God is love and love is God and that the way back to God is through love. It’s all too true.

Wearing the astrologer’s hat for over four decades has taught me that no one is happy. When the soul becomes tired and weary and has had enough and cries out to the Lord for help is when things truly begin to change. That is when the Lord sends his emissaries to scoop up the souls that have cried out for relief and want to journey back home to the true abode of permanent love, light and bliss. We came from the regions of bliss and we must return there one day or another. That bliss and consciousness is in all life forms – in the birds and animals to lesser degrees; nonetheless, they seek the same love and bliss. It’s the reason we should love all creatures and treat them all with the greatest respect for they are our brothers and sisters in light and life. Only love will do.

Aries Let the wild flower grow in the dark and when it’s ready it can show its beauty to the world. You’re the wild flower now and it’s time for you to create as never before. Be who you are and stay original and the answers will come of their own accord. Career potential is great.

Taurus Travel and career interests dominate the scene. Intense times are indicated. Don’t lead with your horns and allow others to have their say. Deep spiritual questions come up and it’s high time to contemplate and consider what is real and of true value. Dollars and trinkets won’t do. Dig deep and get to the truth.

Gemini Gemini is known as the sign of youth and many Geminis retain their youthful appearance into their later years. Regardless of your chronological age, you may feel old and a tad weary these days. Not to worry, as this too shall pass. It’s time to seek and discover. Journeys are probable and spiritual enlightenment possible.

Cancer Crabs love to dig and now the time has come for you to dig deep in your quest for discovery, truth and true understanding of the nature of things. People come and people go and you may say goodbye to someone now. Lasting legacies are made and cherished for many years to come.

Leo As the Sun moves through Aquarius, it heralds your solar low of the year. It may be wise to lay low and make yourself a small target. Bluff and bluster won’t really wash right now and you would get called on your game. Compassion, patience and honesty comprise the recipe for smooth sailing. Re-invent yourself now.

Virgo Luck and fate factors are huge for Virgo right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Virgo wins the power ball lottery or some other huge windfall. Of course, the greatest windfall of all is spiritual enlightenment. It’s the only treasure you can take with you when you transcend your body. Make the right call.

Libra Home, family, land and real estate are the big features right now, as are love and creativity. It’s also a time of research and discovery along with discipline and hard work. You may not mind and you may thrive on it all. Someone completely different shakes you up and changes your world.

Scorpio Lord Mars visits throughout the month providing courage and energy. No one will ever doubt your relentless effort and determination and now’s the time to truly put it in gear and move towards your goals. Keep in mind a soft reply turns away wrath. Make this your mantra, as things may get testy and tense.

Sagittarius A corralled horse champs at the bit longing for the freedom of the open plains. You may feel like that horse these days. Anxiety and little energy are the general complaints when Saturn is around. Saturn’s presence, although not comforting, brings very important lessons and etches wisdom and patience into our soul. Suck it up.

Capricorn Pluto’s presence brings on a time of great transition and regeneration. To some, he bestows wealth and power; others he takes to a higher plane. It is a time of birthing and dying. Not so much physical dying, but the dying off of what is old and no longer useful.

Aquarius Saturn and Uranus, co-rulers of Aquarius, are casting good energy your way, providing wisdom and creativity. Now all you have to do is use it. Fixed signs like Aquarius find it difficult to make changes when necessary. Point, counter point scenarios are bound to happen now. Keep your sword sharp and leave it in its scabbard.

Pisces Dreamy dreamers, drug dealers, con hustlers, spiritual warriors, renunciates, artists, illusionists, magicians, musicians, spinmeisters and actors can reap the best benefits of Neptune’s passage through Pisces until the beginning of 2026. You can swim in the illusions and attractions that this world offers or opt to go much higher into the realms of true spirituality.