May 2015

What are we going to do when the big one hits? No, not the earthquake; we know that will happen someday and we have no say in the matter. I’m talking about the big oil spill that is inevitable, foreseeable and preventable. Our mini spill was a true wake-up call and although it was just a drill and not a big spill, we’re able to witness the Tweedledee and Tweedledum effect of our local and federal agencies, ministers and other officials pointing the finger and passing the buck with a whole lot of weak excuses about their unpreparedness. It is sickening, but rather than whine and cry the blues we should be motivated to truly do something about it. The stars are in very good position for this type of action and protestation. The past we cannot change and the future hasn’t come, but the present is in our grasp and it is up to us to make a difference regarding how the future unfolds.

Can we really call ourselves ‘green’ when we have a bunch of steel tanks full of very toxic material sitting very close to our shores and we’re inviting giant tankers to move up and down our coast? It’s just insanity, greed and short-sightedness and one day we will pay the price for it. The planet Uranus is moving through Aries for the next few years and then through Taurus for several more years bringing us up to 2026. Uranus is the planet of invention, revolution, innovation and ingenuity and he is moving through Aries, the sign of new starts, fresh beginnings and pioneering action. I don’t profess to be a scientist at all, but don’t we have the technology to implement solar and wind energy, thermal heating and many more technologies that will protect us from serious environmental hazards?

When Uranus moves through Taurus from 2019 to 2026, it may be harder to make changes and the changes we don’t make consciously will happen suddenly, without warning and probably with disastrous results. We can nip this in the bud if we get a move on and act now. It is a time of awakening and a time of striving for better ways. The planets are offering their help, but will we take heed and pay attention? Or will we just slumber and one day hold our collective head in our hands as we weep at the loss of our very precious resources and pristine natural environment? We are the guardians and we must think and act before it is too late.

Aries It’s time to take stock and an inventory of where you’re at. You were born at a time signifying that the gift for pioneering is in your blood and spirit. Revolutionary Uranus visits Aries until 2019 and won’t return for 84 years. Now’s the time to make your move and do what you were born to do.

Taurus Although you might be snug and comfy with all your earthly possessions, it won’t always be that way. A few years from now when Uranus moves through Taurus, it’s likely big changes will take place. It’s not necessarily a negative thing, though, especially if you are willing to accommodate changes when they come your way.

Gemini Mercury and Mars visit Gemini bringing all kinds of energy and activity your way. They’re not the best of friends and when they meet up there is always some sort of controversy that needs to be sorted out. Truth and honour, honesty and valour get you through nicely while anger and impatience bring more concerns.

Cancer Venus pays a visit for most of the month providing a perfect setting for reunions and gatherings of all sorts. Time spent with loved ones fills the bill nicely or a special love manifesting may be the case. Cancer loves antiquity and antiques and it’s probable you will come into possession of something quite valuable.

Leo Jordan Speith is the 2015 Masters champion. The golf world is agog with this 21-year-old Leo’s dominance of the field. He smashed just about every record out there. He’s one example of how Jupiter can bring his blessings and abundance. Jupiter is all about competition and he’s moving through Leo now. Hint, hint.

Virgo Mercury and Mars are moving across the top of your solar chart. It means you should be busy, very busy. So busy that you might overdo it or ignore important details of a job etc., which really isn’t Virgo’s way. Pay attention and go slowly or you may have to redo what you’ve just done.

Libra Journeys might be on your mind. It is likely you will make important decisions regarding relationships. The truth is revealed or exposed offering you an opportunity to set the scales aright once again. A move to a new place of residence or a job change might be in the wind. Go with the flow.

Scorpio The full Moon on May 3 brings revelations and realizations your way. Jupiter has a hand in the play and it might be wise to say less, otherwise, you may rue the fact you overreacted and said way too much. Then again, you probably will see the true facts and might state them no matter what.

Sagittarius Mercury and Mars travel opposite to your sign and it might be a sign of some type of clash or crash. Possibly, a clashing of ideals will manifest. “A soft answer turns away wrath” is a good mantra to keep at hand. Sagittarius is known for releasing thunderbolts of truth from time to time.

Capricorn It might be time to re-evaluate what is important and what is real or not. The stars are aligning in such a way that some people may go away or you may move away from situations that are no longer viable or sustainable. Children and youth in general are topics for consideration.

Aquarius The earth may shake beneath your feet as the full Moon takes place on May 3. The shaking may not be literal, but more psychological as you come across some realizations of certain realities. While this sounds ominous, it may not be that way at all. Epiphanies come that help you decide how to go.

Pisces The month of May has its challenges that must be dealt with. Certain frustrations and limitations hold sway and it will take some hard thinking to sort it all out. Confusion and distortion could be in the play, but once the air is cleared, you may feel some relief. Honesty is the best policy.