January 2015

We start the month with some pretty stormy weather. Last month, we talked about the Uranus/Pluto square that is in play until 2019. Uranus/Pluto combinations represent upheaval, revolution and major transformation. Here in the homeland, we worry about the terrorists and their far-flung machinations. We’ve got the pipeline blues, addictions, crime and all kinds of protestations going on. In the US, the people are upset with the policing policies around shooting kids with BB guns and choking people whose crime was selling cigarettes on the street corner. Here, we shot a man to death for wielding a two-by-four and hardly a whimper was heard. Robert Dziekanski died because he was frustrated and upset and did not know or understand our language. There must be a more compassionate way to handle people that are in distress or psychosis.

Now, back to the January stormy weather. That Uranus/Pluto square is pretty much exact in January and the full Moon on January 4 is in alignment with it. It’s a very potent mix and it indicates some type of rough astrological weather, be it in the form of rain, wind, snow, sleet or tears, anger, frustration, aggression and other intense concerns. “What to do?” you might ask? No sense shaking in our boots and wringing our hands with great worry. What we can and must do is strive to find ways to help those who are in distress.

Protesting and demonstrating for what you believe in is a good thing and also healthy for society and the ecology of the planet. But if we throw violence into the mix, we have learned nothing and have gotten nowhere except to create more resentment and barriers to be overcome in the future. The Aquarius new Moon on January 20 heralds excellent opportunities to bring people together in a humane way, in which we can work out a plan that brings benefits to all concerned. We are one people on one planet and we have more likeness than differences, regardless of colour, race or creed.

When my beautiful Master Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj visited Vancouver in 1972, he had just cleared customs and when he came out to greet the crowd, many people were crying. A woman approached him and asked, “Why are these people crying”? He responded with one word, “Love.” She burst into tears. Love has that effect on all of us and what we need now is love and only love and by the by, our wounds will heal.

Aries Your solar career house is hot and if you’re restless for change, now is the time to make your move. Actually, you might be moved anyway as the stars are indicating a time of shift, shock, change and rearrangement. Know that you will land exactly where you are supposed to land as fate and destiny lend a hand.

Taurus Travel and career sectors are very active throughout the month. Plus Saturn has moved out of your opposite sign Scorpio, easing the pressure you have been experiencing over the last two years. You can rebuild and re-establish yourself once again. The Sun’s a bit brighter and your spark has returned.

Gemini Life might be a tad confusing as Saturn and Neptune cast their energies into your sign. Those born between May 21 and 30 will experience the effects of this planetary combination. The gist of the matter is within making ends meet on the monetary level while establishing some type of spiritual discipline as well.

Cancer The full moon on January 4 will illuminate the areas of your life that need the most attention. There might be quite a bit of tension and a series of shifts will likely occur. It doesn’t have to be all that ominous, but changes are in the wind and you must accommodate them.

Leo Mars and Jupiter oppose each other in the first 10 days of the month. This is a dynamic event as Jupiter is in Leo and Mars is in the opposite sign Aquarius. The sparks fly and the competition heats up significantly. You might be psyched up and ready to do battle. Watch for overcompensation.

Virgo You might be feeling lethargic as the New Year begins. You get over the hump and break the slump by the middle of the month. At that time, you might be feeling agitated, which will prompt you into action and high gear. Jupiter brings his great blessings and abundance from August 2015 to September 2016.

Libra The full Moon on January 4 brings a strong effect to the cardinal signs Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer. It brings some type of dynamic energy to the important areas of our lives such as home, family, career and relationships. Those topics will figure strongly as you head into the New Year. Excitement rules the days.

Scorpio Matters related to home and family become significant in the last half of the month. Land and real estate figure in as well. You could become obsessed with family politics. Emotional battles are likely if you push things too far. Career potential is very strong and you might be on the move and feeling aggressive.

Sagittarius Saturn is not the best friend to Sagittarius. He puts a damper on your enthusiasm and confidence. He’s going to be around for a while so it’s probably best to find a way to get on with him. He helps us streamline and correct any type of inefficiency. Career and health topics feature prominently.

Capricorn The full Moon on January 4 brings all types of revelations your way. Just as the king tides bring the water level to the high mark, this full Moon will do the same by bringing important issues to the fore that must be dealt with. Be willing to make changes wherever and whenever.

Aquarius It’s time for some behind the scenes work to take place as The new Moon on January 20 heralds a new start. Pay attention to the events that come to pass at this time, as there is the likelihood of good to great opportunities possibly manifesting. You might have to rethink the plan and rewrite the script or just plain wait it out until mid-February.

Pisces Mid-January might have its frustrations and limitations that you must bear with. Use it as a time to alleviate negative circumstances. February looks much brighter and you might be thankful for what came to pass in January. Let go of the past and the future will take care of itself. Love is in the air.