August 2012

It’s hot out there and I’m not talking about the weather. The Dog Days have arrived. Good old Mercury retrograde is in play and although Mercury goes direct motion on August 8, it will take several more days to get up to normal speed again. Related to us, it means communications will be hampered in some way. Delays and snafus, concerns regarding business, travel and transportation are the general fare when Mercury is dragging his feet and moving slowly. We all have our Mercury retrograde stories to share.

Mercury is moving through Leo, which is a fixed sign, meaning that attitudes and egos may clash and nobody wants to budge. In itself, this planetary energy would be plenty to deal with and we have dealt with it before. We can almost hear the collective yawn, as in, “So what? It’s not a big deal.” Along with the Mercury energy, we have a Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra that will be in effect for the first three weeks of August making it a big deal indeed. Libra is a dynamic Cardinal sign indicating action and movement. Libra is the sign of peace or war and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see which way the energy is going in our society and in every society on the planet. Choose your topic and apply the above logic, or astro-logic, and we get a look into human behaviour at its best and worst.

The pictograph for Libra is a blindfolded goddess with a sword in one hand and a set of scales in the other, meaning impartial justice. Obviously, there are myriad imbalances throughout the land and many things to consider: politics, law, the environment, poverty, the pipeline; the list is long. It is time to step up and contribute however you can. Battles will rage and outrageous acts will take place. Accidents, violence, incidents, fires and weather phenomena will dominate the news. No sense hiding under the bed, as the energy won’t go away and must be worked with. The remedy is to slow down and strive to be less judgemental and reactive. Help out where you can and be courteous and respectful to one and all. If you have a chip on your shoulder, certainly someone will knock it off for you. It is a time of confrontation as we strive to right the wrongs and bring freedom and justice to all. In the meantime, it’s summer and time to enjoy nature in its bounteous glory.

Aries Aries is a very individualistic sign. They want to do things their way and when they want. Generally, the urge to be free and nonconformist is strong and, at present, it is intense. You may become frustrated if you have too many limitations. There are lots of opportunities to find the balance in all things.

Taurus Taurus Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been described as coming in with elbows extended. Taurus can be bull headed. It may be wise to let up a bit and allow others to have their way and say once in a while. August is a test of your ability to get others on-side with you.

Gemini Communications, business and travel are indicated. The stars are leaning in your favour. The general tenor of the stars is stressful, but for the most part they may benefit you. Your goodwill, along with some good luck, goes into the mix. Your ability to assess a situation quickly and act on it pays off nicely.

Cancer Venus brings her lovely energy to your sign throughout the last three weeks of August. Social events are attended and good times are experienced. Strong romantic attractions may take place and it may be hard to avoid temptation. Family gatherings are featured. Old issues with those closest to us may come up for review.

Leo The full Moon on August 1 brings revelations. Issues come up and communications may be bogged down. It may take until mid-month to work through the complications. Life intensifies and you may experience some type of delay or problem with phones, computers, etc. The Leo new Moon on August 17 signals a new start.

Virgo It is time to rest and repair. The planets are not demanding a whole lot out of you this month so you can let down and enjoy life a bit. It’s a good time to rediscover yourself and what it is that truly makes you happy. It is time to nurture the spirit and attain internal peace.

Libra Life can be trying at times, especially when Saturn is around. You have to tow the line and it can get tiresome. Now, Mars has joined up with Saturn until late August, bringing a series of frustrating circumstances into play. Accidents and incidents are probable and you will have to go easy, safe and slow.

Scorpio Career activities are featured as the Sun moves through your solar tenth house. Mercury happens to be retrograding in that area as well and it may bring some type of delay or concern regarding negotiations until mid-month. Mars visits Scorpio late August and September bringing a surge of energy and confidence your way.

Sagittarius Jupiter’s passage through your opposite sign Gemini until next June will serve you well. He cast his light and influence into his own sign, bringing opportunities for growth and advancement financially, morally and spiritually. It can also be a time of waste and overindulgence if you are not careful. Relationships may flourish and bonds deepen as well.

Capricorn You may be in the mood to make some important decisions especially regarding relationships. It is time to re-evaluate your position. What do you really want? What brings you peace of mind. It is time to settle accounts with yourself and others and move to the high ground. Intense career activity is on board as well.

Aquarius The full Moon on August 1 takes place in your sign bringing intense energy and activity your way. You may be worked up about something and with Mercury retrograding in your opposite sign Leo, there may be conflict issues unfolding. Much depends on how you handle the situations that materialize in early August.

Pisces Venus traverses your solar fifth house which rules topics such as entertainment, children, investments and gambling. You may be in the mood to seek some enjoyment, be it good times with family and friends or attending a series of social events etc. You may be in a very creative space be it at work or home.