May 2013

The karma gods are up to their antics and we can expect to witness some very dramatic events coming to pass in the month of May. We have a classic battle brewing as Scorpio Christy Clark and Taurus Adrian Dix square off for the leadership of British Columbia. They are exact opposites. Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs and they are often coined as immovable and resistant to change. Soon, we will have a complete Taurus line of leadership, from Queen Elizabeth to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Adrian Dix, if he wins. We know that Stephen Harper runs a very tightly controlled ship. He is a Taurus that brooks no interference at all. We can probably expect the same of Dix, if he gets his hands on the helm of BC. But it might not be a bad thing to have an earthy, solid and steady type of leadership rather than a rudderless ship.

Taurus instinctively knows the value of any particular thing, be it a loaf of bread or ships bearing oil – pipelines too. Scorpio never does anything halfway; it’s either all the way or no way. They have great passion and devotion. Often, they hold the greatest of ideals for their people and the environment. Shadows of doubt and fear may manifest as the lunar eclipse on April 25 falls across the Sun in both Clark and Dix’s horoscopes. It means all the stops will be pulled out and a full-out battle ensues. The knives are out and they will not spare each other in this gritty fight for the right of power.

This writing is taking place on April 3. While we’re fixated on sorting out who we’re going to ride with for the next few years, our concerns may be overshadowed by major world events, as the threat of war is real and the stars are backing it up. The trouble spots on the globe will heat up and conflict will manifest. We have to hand it to the brave hearts such as Clark and Dix for whoever attains the leadership may find they have the toughest and most difficult road ahead. It is imperative they listen to and abide by the will of the people. We’re approaching a major crossroad as to the direction we must move in. The stakes are high and I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of those that carry this hefty weight of decisions that will affect our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Aries You were shot out of a cannon and will hit the net in a couple of years. That’s the phrase I use when describing the effects of the planet Uranus as it passes over your Aries planets. Embrace change and dance with the energy and events that manifest now. You are on a great learning curve.

Taurus Saturn casts his glance from across the sky as the solar eclipse on May 9 brings home the realities of what must be done in order to attain your goals. A time of great striving has arrived and no doubt you will lower your horns in order to meet the tasks ahead.

Gemini You may be inspired and happy as Venus brings her special energy your way from May 9 to June 2. She rules all things beautiful. She brings love, abundance, taste and style. Good to great news arrives. Make your presentation and submit your application, as the last 10 days of May are potent and magical.

Cancer Get your motor running. Well, at least get it started. Now is the time of behind-the-scenes activity as you prepare to meet the demands on your time and energy that are sure to manifest starting in June. Get ready now as what you want is just over the horizon, time-wise.

Leo We marvel at the accomplishments of others and wonder how they became successful. The answer, of course, is hard work, blood, sweat, tears, dedication and devotion. This is what is needed now, as it is likely you will be tested strongly this month. You may even relish the challenges and thrive on them.

Virgo Travel and work sectors in your solar chart are hot this month. You may be in demand and busy as a bee. You might want to amp things up career-wise as opportunities are there for the picking. Education, publishing, advertising and all promotional activities are highlighted. Tend to matters of the spirit; it needs nurturing too.

Libra Although we’re in the middle of the spring season and you would rather be gardening, you probably will be working on taxes, joint monies, inheritances and other such lovely topics. Travel opportunities are coming up as well. It is time to get your house in order. Get your work done and then go and play.

Scorpio You may feel limited and somewhat frustrated with the amount of work and obligations on your platter this month. You may have to economize and cut back on expenditures and frivolous spending, etc. Contentious issues must be dealt with. It’s all about streamlining and finding the balance in all things.

Sagittarius Generally, Sagittarius is concerned with the big picture and overview of any situation. Now a time has arrived in which you may have to focus on the details and fine print in order to achieve success. Health, relationships and partnerships become focal points throughout May and June. The lunar eclipse on May 24 will bring important epiphanies.

Capricorn Imagine that you are successful, rich and famous. Now that you have attained status and wealth, why would you be feeling empty and dissatisfied? Lack of spiritual nourishment would be the answer. You may be in a phase of breaking it all down or building it all up; just don’t forget yourself along the way.

Aquarius Laughter and tears, joy and fear and pleasure and pain seem to be the steady diet we dine on daily. It will be that way for a while, with more laughter than tears as the month progresses. Life’s pace picks up nicely and some very interesting people start showing up on your radar.

Pisces You may be in a very creative phase. Purchasing, moving, renovating and other matters regarding home, family and real estate come up. You may be longing for light, love, peace and divinity. You are changing in ways you might not understand. Your values are shifting and you are morphing into something higher, much higher.