December 2014

Astrology is a symbolic language in which the symbols for the planets and signs, and the aspects that the planets form, relate reams of information. The greatest stories ever told lie within the pages of the ephemeris. The ephemeris is a book of numbers and symbols that informs us of the planetary positions throughout any given year. The stories are limited by our intuition, imagination and background experience regarding the potential power of the planets. Just as an example, written in the shorthand of the starry language, Uranus is in square with Pluto. The stargazers stroke their beards in recognition of the implications that this very dynamic planetary aspect signifies. “Say what?” you say! “What the hay are they talking about anyway?”

Let’s break it down. Uranus formed a square with Pluto in the spring of 2010 continuing to the spring of 2019. The majority of this square aspect takes place while Uranus moves through Aries and Pluto journeys through Capricorn. A square aspect is formed when the planets come within 90 degrees of each other. I give an approximate eight-degree orb of influence. In the old astrological textbooks, the square aspect is noted as evil and when the planets are in square, they create all kinds of havoc, unrest and discord. In my own take on the subject, a square is about as evil as an intersection. If you approach the intersection and use caution and care, you get through safely; if you insist on blasting through, we know it’s just a matter of time before you meet tragedy, injury or death. Is the intersection evil? I think not, but how we handle it makes all the difference in the world.

You can use this Uranus square Pluto as an overlay and pin it on the tensions in Ukraine, Africa, the Middle East and everywhere else where huge problems exist and where the cost of human life is very high and counting. Uranus in Aries spells out revolution and rebellion in which people strive to overcome repression with aggression and violence. Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes the birth and death of nations and all forms of power, be it street gangs, religious fanaticism or political power plays within all governments.

It all adds up to the same thing in which great turmoil and upheaval takes place. The forces of darkness and light clash and man continues to add more karmic indebtedness to the cosmic pile. Certainly, we need more love, more peace, more prayer and more help in solving the issues that have plagued humankind throughout the Iron Age.

Aries Read the introduction regarding Uranus in Aries. You’re not done; you’ve only just begun and you must learn to lay down your gun. You’re the first-born and must lead the way into the future. Commence your ascent of the internal mountain of peace, light and love. Lead with the torch of surrender, compassion and truth.

Taurus If Taurus had its way, everything would remain the same, just the way Taureans like it. Like it or not, the only constant is change within itself. In the big picture, you have about five years to truly weigh up the pros and cons of all things. After that, changes come with or without your consent.

Gemini You’re the word merchant par excellence and teacher and storyteller. Now’s the time to inspire the young minds and teach them the ways in which we can heal our planet and make the world a better place to live in. You’ve got the gift and certainly the spirit to inspire and ignite that fire.

Cancer Rest a while and take some time to delve deeply into what it is you must do in order to nurture and protect our planet, youth and all living creatures. We are your family and we need your help and protection. No sense waiting too long, as time and tide waits for no man.

Leo Yes, you are the king or queen ­– of what, though? A pile of money, some big mansion, somewhere south? You can sit there and gloat about your empty attainments or you can use that kingly power you have been given and spread your light, warmth and love to all who are hungry, needy and suffering.

Virgo Virgo needs to be needed, useful and a significant part of what is going on. Well, we need you now, more than ever. You are capable, competent and none can work harder, longer and more devotedly than you. Plus, you care on a deep level and have great gifts of discernment, modesty and honesty.

Libra Rahu, the north node of the Moon, is travelling in the middle of Libra. The lunar nodes have much to do with our personal karma. Rahu seeks to acquire anything and everything, but he can never be satisfied nor satiated. Use this energy to attain higher knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Seek and you shall find.

Scorpio It’s karmic payoff time, big-time. Now is the best time to settle all accounts to the best of your ability. Truly, there is nothing else to do anyway. Once the burden falls from your shoulders, you will feel a great sense of relief. It is also a time to start anew, to start fresh.

Sagittarius Read Scorpio for soon it will be your time to set things right and get yourself on the right track or pay off some type of karmic burden from the past. If it sounds a tad ominous, it is not that way. It’s exactly the other way, meaning freedom, happiness and harmony. 2015 tells the tale.

Capricorn The winter solstice and the Capricorn new Moon take place on December 21. It indicates a time in which you can make a new start and truly reinvent yourself. Venus and Pluto conjunct close to the solstice giving you the opportunity to reassess matters of the heart. A powerful dying and birthing process takes hold.

Aquarius It’s time for some behind the scenes work to take place as you make preparations for some type of dynamic action as the New Year begins. You may feel emboldened and alive; the old spark is rekindled. It’s time to clear out the old and bring in the new – body, mind and soul-wise.

Pisces The Moon transits through Pisces December 26 and 27 creating a series of good planetary aspects that bring joy, peace and happiness your way. Keep in mind that Neptune, co-ruler of Pisces, will visit your sign for 10 more years. Within that time, your spirituality will develop in a most dynamic way.