July – August 2016

The planetary deities are in constant dialogue. Astrology is one part science, and another part art. When a student truly learns the basic science of astrology, he or she sets off on the path of learning the art of interpretation. This journey can take decades, and tons of experience to hone one’s skills. The only way of accomplishing this task is to dive right in to the deep end of the cosmic pool. If the astrologer has done their homework and paid their dues with diligent study over the years they can deliver seemingly magical and exceptionally helpful information and knowledge to their clients.

Each planet has it’s basic meaning and quality. This quality may be altered by the planet’s association and aspects with other planets. As an example, Venus represents love, beauty, kindness, caring and all things of a refined nature. Now if Venus has hard aspects from planets like Saturn, Mars or Pluto, that refinement will be marred or distorted in some way. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch if the astrologer mentioned that marriage could be delayed, or divorce or abuse could be experienced when Venus is afflicted. In the client’s mind they’re wondering how the astrologer knew that they had just been through a serious breakup.

If a person has a very prominent Jupiter in their chart it will be highly likely that they will be considered very lucky, likeable, affable, funny, well educated etc. A while ago, a lucky Jupiter type came in for her reading. Yes she had just been through an amicable divorce, in which she got to keep several houses and the Maserati! I don’t think she has worked a day in her life and is exceptionally fortunate. On another day a person with a very afflicted Saturn comes through the door, and the tale of woe, loss and sacrifice is heavy and often times sad. The horoscope is a cosmic road map that helps us to see and confirm just what the stars decree. The astrologer’s task is to help people to understand the script that they wrote for themselves through the previous incarnations. Sometimes we’ll come across a Saturnian person that has a very excellent life of purity, peace and harmony. We may also come across a Jupiter type that is a total mess steeped in greed and excess. The stars incline and compel, and we have 75% fate karma and 25% free will to forge our future and stabilize our present status. Shakespeare’s “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings”, says it nicely.

We’re making a few changes here at CG and the July and August columns will be rolled into one column. December and January columns will be amalgamated as well. The dominant planetary feature in August will the conjunction of Mars and Saturn. They are both considered to be malefic planets and we may very well see some fiery dramas unfold throughout the month in the form of fires, accidents, gang activity, terrorism and other forms of chaos. Mars and Saturn will be in square aspect with Neptune indicating disasters at sea or other concerns of a water borne nature. It’s unfortunate that the security forces here and in other countries don’t value astrology. A week before the 2010 Vancouver riot I was telling people that it was highly likely that a riot would take place at that time. Even an amateur astrologer would have seen the great potential for danger if presented with the birth chart of the man that killed all those dear souls in Orlando. Mars was moving very slowly, nearly stationary and passing over the Sun in Omar Mateen’s birth horoscope. Mars is the planet ruling war, violence, weapons, aggression and anger, and when moving slowly a planet becomes very powerful for good or ill. If given one hundred birth charts with the identities hidden, an astrologer would probably have picked out his chart knowing that the energy was red hot and if he was a terrorist he would be on the move and very active. Lives could have been saved, and so much suffering avoided if our people in charge only had the wisdom to use the stars properly. It’s a known fact that astrologers have been employed in helping their countries during times of war, as recently as World War II.

Aries In mythology, Aries the Ram had supernatural powers. You might be quite interested in developing your own supernatural qualities. You are a diamond in the rough, and with a little bit of practice you may do wonders. The past figures prominently now. While other signs struggle through August you may sail through the month easily.

Taurus If we conducted a study of top-notch chefs, Taurus would be at the top of the list. Family gatherings, picnics and parties are featured. Action and attraction and possible friction are strong probabilities this month. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter cast fine energy your way throughout August, making it a fine month indeed.

Gemini Honesty is the best policy. The path ahead could become distorted or confusing. It might be time to let go of things that are no longer worthy, wholesome or healthy. The reward for letting go is freedom, harmony and happiness. Home,land and real estate feature prominently throughout August. Family gatherings are featured.

Cancer The New Moon on July 4 indicates a fresh start. You’re in your solar high of the year. Don’t be afraid to make changes, because changes are in the wind, and it is time to do it. Positive planetary energy is onboard, far outweighing any negative influences. Communications and health considerations are on the cosmic menu throughout August.

Leo The pace picks up mid month, and your social calendar fills up as well. It’s never easy for Leo to make changes, but now through August the stars are offering up a time in which you can make changes readily and easily. Mars and Saturn bring energy, courage and sustained effort throughout August.

Virgo Here’s a heads up. Take the month of July and seriously contemplate what it is that you would truly love to do. Then implement those plans in August and September. You might even have to readjust your goals along the way, but that’s okay, because you will be on your way to attaining your overall target.

Libra A fruitful time fast approaches. Now it’s summertime and a time to play and enjoy the days. All that changes in September as we take a more serious approach to life’s tasks. August is the time to work behind the scenes, making your plan for Fall. It may be a very good year overall.

Scorpio Your ruling planet Mars stays in Scorpio until the end of the month. Use this energy to catapult yourself into the future. Move forward fearlessly. Be assured that if you don’t promote yourself, nobody else will do it for you. August is a time to seriously align with the people that you truly resonate with in order to solidify your future.

Sagittarius You might find yourself delving into some pretty deep stuff as Saturn brings on some stark realities. Things get lighter in the second half of the month. Mars joins up with Saturn in August bringing a stronger sense of commitment and determination as you exert your willpower to battle the forces lined up against you.

Capricorn Some things will go, and some things will stay, but it is a time of letting go, and growing in a new way. The Full Moon on July 19 illuminates the situation. You can gain a lot of yardage in August with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter casting good energy your way. Strike while the iron is hot.

Aquarius It’s time for a tune up physically and spiritually. You may feel that you’re running on empty, and it would be wise to refuel and refurbish. Conflicting and contrasting energies dominate till the end of the month. Mysteries come up, and secrets are exposed in the month of August. It’s a time of research.

Pisces You may be restless, and desiring change. A career shift is likely. Interestingly, you could meet your significant other through your work. Someone that has a good light in them and understands what your all about could be close now. A very active month unfolds throughout August. Read the fine print and listen carefully regarding business deals.