August 2011

The Vancouver riot was sheer lunacy and it had to have been a bunch of lunatics that instigated it and participated in it. How could our very own kids, wholesome ‘Canucks’ that they are, with all the privileges of the very free and permissive society they live in, engage in such mayhem and destruction? After some severe ass chewing and major finger pointing among the power types, everyone walked away scratching their heads in wonderment as to what the hell happened to our beautiful city.

Even among the competent astrologers, no one knew that game seven was heading our way on June 15, until it was nearly upon us. While it is too late to close the barn door on this one, it might be possible for us to learn from our mistakes and use all of the facilities and tools available when we’re in the midst of long-term planning for future major events.

The ancients had this stuff figured out and you can bet your bottom loonie they kept a keen eye on what the stars had to say. They were well aware of the Moon’s effect upon all of life’s activities and events. Full Moons, eclipses and such were harbingers of positive or negative experiences. Every day, the Moon moves about 13 degrees of longitude with the fixed stars in the background. The ancients called these 13-degree increments ‘nakshatras’ or lunar mansions. They noticed that, when the moon moved through some of these lunar mansions, there were happy and peaceful times while other nakshatras would bring an evil chill to the air with horrendous events taking place.

Well, guess what folks? The full Moon lunar eclipse on June 15 took place while the moon was moving though the 19th nakshatra named Mula. The goddess Nirritti presides over this nakshatra and she is the goddess of destruction and mayhem. Anger, violence, hostilities and riotous energies prevail when the Moon moves through this nakshatra. Add to the equation the full Moon eclipse energy, a massive crowd fuelled by alcohol and a disappointing loss and, as they say, the rest is history.

Now the spin masters have us voting yes or no on the HST and as we know, “Yes” means no and “No” means yes. The stars will assist on this one as Mercury goes retrograde on August 2 while in opposition to Neptune. This configuration stays in place throughout the first half of August, bringing confusion, obstruction, deception, delays, misconception and other confoundedness that will make our collective heads spin. I don’t know about you, but I’m heading to the beach.

Aries Hanta Yo. It means, “clear the way.” The August stars are swaying in your favour. It is important you live in your truth. Although you may want to play, you may find there are many hurdles and challenges for you to overcome.

Taurus Abundance, popularity and good timing, along with fortuitous and serendipitous events, are just a few of the many blessings Jupiter brings your way throughout the year. Gambling, speculation, overspending and sloppy thinking can bring trouble though. Moderation in all things is best.

Gemini Dear old Mercury retrograde takes place and its effects will be felt throughout the month. Behave like the three monkeys: Hear, see and speak no evil. Even with that, others are likely to get you wrong. Otherwise, let the good times roll.

Cancer Mars pays a visit for several weeks stirring up all kinds of excitement, restlessness, action, attraction, danger and drama. Take it easy or take it hard. It’s a great time for adventure and discovery and also a time to tread lightly.

Leo Daddy’s home! The Sun, Venus and Mercury move through your sign bringing, light, love, laughter and news. However, retrograde Mercury opposite to Neptune can bring misunderstandings, misdirection and downright fraud. Honesty is the only policy and love is the only currency.

Virgo Remember that guy Murphy? Well, he’s around. Murphy’s law will be in effect throughout the month. Concentration, deliberation, honesty and patience will get you through. The Virgo new Moon on August 28 is special and will bring forth unique circumstances and opportunities throughout September.

Libra Many people dread the cycles of Saturn as it is said he brings impoverishment and illness. Yet, contrarily, Saturn brings the greatest rewards and the sweetest freedom once his seemingly astringent lessons are digested and assimilated. A profound wisdom dawns like the Sun’s rays on a new day.

Scorpio Opportunities regarding employment and travel come up. August is a month filled with complexities and mysteries. Many Scorpios are deeply intuitive and now is a time this gift will come into play. ‘Truth and honour’ is the mantra of the times.

Sagittarius Your travel and romance sectors are alive and active. Family outings, times of great entertainment and laughter bring you through August nicely. Health and joint finances figure into the play. Foreign cultures and matters of the higher mind take precedence. A great learning curve takes hold.

Capricorn August may prove to be hot. Mars, Uranus and Pluto form a T-square with your sign involved and the combination brings stress and certain dangers to the fore. You have your work cut out for you, but you might not mind.

Aquarius The full moon on August 13 takes place in your sign. Venus, Mercury and Neptune are involved bringing a very dynamic and possibly magical time in which cupid’s arrow finds his mark. Illusion and confusion have their play. Honesty, patience and clarity help immensely.

Pisces The Mercury/Neptune opposition involves your sign and it might take awhile to sort through all that comes to pass in the first half of August. Dreams and intuition help in figuring out the way to go. Take your time before signing anything of importance.