May 2017

The Saints and Mystics teach us that our fate and destiny is decided even before our bodies are formed. Our fate – destiny, a.k.a. karma is formed by our own hand, written by our thoughts and actions in the previous lifetimes. Karma represents our indebtedness, what we owe, and what is owed to us. Negative thoughts and actions are chains of iron, and positive thoughts and actions are chains of gold. Both are chains, and are designed to keep us on the wheel of transmigration in a never ending cycle of births and deaths mounting to millions of years, and millions of incarnations in the 8,400,000 species of life forms on dear old planet Earth. Then in his great mercy the creator sends his Sat Gurus to the Earth to emancipate and free our souls and start us on our journey back to our true home, in a place where there is no dissolution, no death, and only eternal love, light and bliss exist. None of this was designed by man. It has existed as long as the creation itself, and was designed by the creator, and most of it is far too deep and complex for our limited human brain to even comprehend. Astrology in its true usefulness represents the roadmap of our karmic journey through time from the womb to the tomb. The karma that we carry is inexorable, unalterable and must be worked through. Positive or negative, it is all a blessing designed to bring us into the light once again. If we were to live a life of peace, kindness, compassion and forgiveness, by the by we would surely evolve into true humane beings. As my beloved Guru Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji would say, “you cannot wash away blood with blood, but only with the waters of forgiveness”.

How many leaders run the various countries on the planet, and how many minions do they have? What is the number? Let’s say 7 thousand. 0.0001% of 7 billion is 7 thousand. Yet this amount of people carry our fate in their hands. With all of our technology, and all of our ability to be connected and communicate we continually fail miserably to attain any lasting peace. I feel a deep shame about this. These men who continue to threaten our very existence, continue and insist on pointing their insidiously dangerous and destructive weapons at each other. Seven thousand people saying what is going to happen to the seven billion people that live here. When will we ever learn, and why do we allow these weak, short sighted, paranoid souls to run the show?

Aries A unique combination of planetary influences light up your life. Innovative ideas materialize at an alarming rate. You and others may be shocked or surprised with what you come up with. Plus, you are able to put things together in a cohesive fashion. Popularity is on the rise, and love is on the horizon.

Taurus Just as the full moon lights up the night sky, the full moon on May 10 will light up the night sky of your psyche. Epiphanies and aha moments take place. You’re energized, collected and directed. Someone from the past, possibly an old flame shows up. Maybe someone from another lifetime comes back into your life.

Gemini You’re on the move, on fire, and ready for all kinds of excitement and adventure. A plethora of innovative ideas stimulate your imagination. You better write them down, lest you forget half of them. Go easy, take your time, as the chance for incidents and accidents is rather high. Measure twice cut once.

Cancer Your solar career sector is hot. If you’re seeking a career change then this might be the time to look around, and maybe submit an application or two. Health concerns may pop up now that have to be dealt with. Don’t procrastinate. Slow and steady wins the race.

Leo Travel is indicated, possibly regarding career or business ventures. It’s also a great time to visit friends and family. Seeking enlightenment may be on your list as well. All intellectual endeavours are favoured. Publishing, promoting and proselytizing are highlighted. It may be time for high adventure and visits to far off exotic places. Basically, a new restlessness begins to seep into your soul.

Virgo Wills, legacies, mysteries, hidden and secret matters, obscure facts and a whole lot of other unusual topics are on the cosmic menu for your perusal. Your solar eighth house of sex and death is lit up like a Christmas tree. Hmmm, sounds interesting. Possibly you will set off on a journey of discovery, self discovery that is.

Libra Plan something special for May 6 and 7. Even if you don’t plan anything, those days may turn out to be special anyway. A whirlwind of activity is indicated throughout the month. Jupiter is practically stopped right in the middle of Libra. It’s a strong indicator that some type of good fortune may manifest.

Scorpio You’re in your solar low until May 20. It may be time for some rest and recreation. Scorpio people are driven sometimes to exhaustion and burnout. Nature and nurture sounds about right. Actually this is a good month to create new plans and to decide how to put it all together.

Sagittarius Read the Scorpio message and apply it to yourself, especially in the last half of the month. Life’s demands intensify, and there may be more than a few battles going on. No sense being too anxious about it. Take things one day at a time, and by the by the storm clouds will pass. patience is key.

Capricorn Lord Saturn lingers in your solar 12th house until the winter solstice. The 12th house is the cosmic dustbin in which we have stored all kinds of karmic attachments. It’s your time to do some Spring cleaning on a cosmic level. Clear out everything that truly does not pertain to your health and happiness.

Aquarius Ketu the south node of the moon has started his journey through Aquarius. Basically, Ketu seeks freedom, knowledge and enlightenment. Curious Aquarius never could resist touching the ‘Wet Paint’ sign. Now a journey of discovery has commenced. Eighteen months from now you will be amazed at where you got to, and how much you have learned.

Pisces It’s a time of gathering and learning about all kinds of things. Many Pisces are otherworldly types that are not always connected to mundane matters, but are wonderfully dynamic when it comes to the spirit of compassion, caring and love. It’s thought that Pisces carries the collective wisdom of the other 11 signs combined.