Fall 2020 update

This is a portion of a letter that I sent to a Satsangi brother.

I have done a study on the U.S. election. The charts make me nervous in the sense that Trump is running a not so good cycle at the time of the election, and I do think he will lose, but there is still a lot of power manifesting in his chart. Biden’s chart looks good, and he most likely will be the next President of the USA. But whatever happens it’s going to be hot, really hot. A full moon conjunct Uranus takes place a few days before the election and it will stir the pot. Shocks and surprises are in store, and Mercury stands still on the day of the election. It indicates some type of mass screw up communication-wise. The last time that happened was when they had to do a recount in Florida because of the hanging chads.

Overall Trump’s major cycles are not good, as Saturn has a strong say and play in the unfoldment of his destiny. Even if he does win, I don’t think he will finish his term. Due to illness and probable illegal shenanigans that might come up to bite him on the bum. We are in Kali Yuga, and evil is in the ascendancy. Hopefully Biden wins and we can start the healing process once again. I cannot wait for the Khalsa to run the show some day as Master said this would happen. It’s just a dream brother, just a dream. We have to keep some amount of detachment knowing that our destinies are in the hands of the Master, and in the end it will be all right.

The Khalsa are the enlightened souls endowed with great wisdom, love and compassion. Master Kirpal said that they will rule the world one day. What we need is more love and then more love. God is love and love is God, and the way back to God is through Love. Master Kirpal’s words.