November 2016

Hopefully this will be the last blurb on Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, oops, I mean on Trump and Clinton. As of this writing in mid-October it looks like Clinton will be the next President of the U.S. When I look upon the stars for any type of sustenance and security my eyes come upon the upcoming Jupiter, Uranus opposition that will take place from December 2016 to April 2017 and then again from August to October 2017. Jupiter is moving through Libra and this is a very dynamic mixture of planet and sign energy. Jupiter is the planet associated with our higher attributes of vision, truth and freedom. Libra is known as the sign of fairness and balance, justice and equality. In the time periods mentioned above Jupiter casts his glance across the sky into Aries and onto Uranus the planet of revolution and resistance to all things that have become stale, old and stultified. This powerful, potent planetary combination of Uranus in Aries signals a time in which great movements will be afoot, and the people will be on the march protesting everything under the Sun. When you put this potent planetary combination into the cosmic mixing bowl we can expect anything to happen, such as revolutions, and all kinds of social upheaval. It may not matter who’s at the helm, because it is likely that no one singular person can clean it up, and clear up the problems that are presenting themselves these days.

Has there been injustice, is there racial inequality, is there religious bigotry and fanaticism? Well we know the answer to that. Now the karma gods, or planetary deities are signaling a time to sort it out, and sort it out we will. We cannot have madmen wherever they are, threatening to push the button. We need to eliminate the button itself. The bigger stick mentality has to go, and all major weapons should be removed from the face of the earth forever and ever, period, end of story. Ultimately, love will prevail some day, and we must learn to love one another right now. Man already has gone too far, and it is now in the hands of God.

Next month we will take a look at the cycles of Pluto in Aquarius from 2024 to 2044, and Neptune in Pisces, as these long cycles may be the time that Man has a change of heart, and a true spiritual change may come to Earth at that time. It may be mid-century before we get it right, or at least get on the road to getting it right.

Aries You might want to read the introduction this month regarding the Jupiter / Uranus opposition unfolding in Aries and Libra. It talks about revolution, upheaval and great movements of the people. Apply it to yourself, and after doing some deep soul searching it might be high time to truly make life changing dynamic decisions.

Taurus November really is not your best time of the year. Generally, Taurus goes into a bit of funk at this time. It’s called your solar low, when your vital energies are ebbing and you have to work harder to get things done. The remedy is to nurture and nourish yourself and get some rest.

Gemini The last eight days of November and the first few weeks of December constitute your solar low of the year. Gemini is often in high gear with much to do, so it might be time to slow it down a few notches, and let go of a few things that have been dragging you down.

Cancer The Sun’s passage through your solar fifth house this month stirs up all kinds of activity surrounding pleasure, romance, children and enterprise. Jupiter continues his journey through your solar fourth house which rules real estate, home and family. This would be the best year for a family reunion, or the purchase of a home.

Leo Important decisions come up regarding home and career choices. It would be rare for a bright and sunny Leo to tremble in their boots, so go ahead and make the moves that you must make in order to meet your destiny. It might take a while to steady the ship, but you will land on your feet.

Virgo Circle November 22 and 23 on your calendar. They will be the days of important decisions, or of news arriving of some importance. Do what you do best which is to analyze everything under that Virgo microscope. Communications, negotiations, secret and not so secret come into play. Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Libra Read the introduction regarding the Jupiter / Uranus opposition as it is bound to have a huge effect on your sign. Home, family and real estate are features. Jupiter brings great and gracious blessings, while Uranus brings opportunities to sort out whatever needs sorting out, especially in the relationship department. Shocks and surprises are in store.

Scorpio Whatever has been bouncing around in the deeper part of your psyche will come up on your conscious screen around full moon time on November 14. Lord Mars is also stirring the pot, and all things related to family dynamics must be considered now. Go long, and go deep and the answers will come.

Sagittarius Mercury, the planet of communications and negotiations, conjuncts Saturn on November 23. Saturn rules all serious considerations. You may have to sign on the dotted line, and live with the decisions. It’s not a bad thing, such as when you’re committed to studying a hefty topic and you want to quit but you can’t.

Capricorn Venus moves though Capricorn from November 11 to December 7, bringing her pleasantries to the table. Mysteries and romance come into play as well. Birthing and dying, laughing and crying. Sounds like life to me. All things intensify, some things beautify, and sometimes we say goodbye. You won’t be bored, but you will be busy as a bee.

Aquarius Fiery Mars pays a visit from November 8 to December 19, stirring things up and getting you fired up, and hopefully not fired. Although Aquarius is very fair minded, they can dig their heels in, and become very resistant and stubborn when riled up. You might be fed up. Be kind with your responses.

Pisces Your solar money houses are hot, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a windfall comes your way. It may not come in the form of cash, but it could be some type of grace and good fortune from the far past. Nebulous Neptune continues to shape and mold you in all kinds of different ways.