August 27 – September 2, 2009

Thursday August 27:
Tensions are bound to be running high as a tight T-square involving Mercury, Mars and Pluto dominates the day. The Sun and Moon are squared off as well and the combination spells out tension. Heated words will be exchanged, mishaps will occur, and incidents and accidents will manifest. The best bet is to keep this knowledge at the forefront and don’t get roped into doing stupid things like reacting to inconsiderate people on the road. A lot happens today and the dice are loaded and rolling.

Friday August 28:
Mercury and Venus are harmonizing bringing the spirit of good will and helping in many ways to alleviate the tensions of the last few days. Mercury and Mars have locked step and they are squared off throughout the first week of September. It tells of a time in which we will be hard at work, sleeves rolled up and the midnight oil burning as we strive to accommodate society’s concerns. Choose your hobby horse and jump on for a wild ride through time.

Saturday August 29:
Fantasies of a relaxing weekend evaporate like champagne bubbles as a series of trying planetary aspects command our attention throughout the day. The potential for clashes and crashes is strong so be wise, slow down and pay attention to what you are doing. The day ends well as the Sun and Moon harmonize and we can let down and enjoy some peace and rest.

Sunday August 30:
The Moon moves through the middle of Capricorn bringing somewhat of a pensive mood in which we ponder our plight, fate and destiny. Emotions are blocked or hidden as a reluctance to share our feelings is prevalent under the Capricorn Moon. It is a day to weigh up and work with what has to be done in order to bring things around to their proper course.

Monday August 31:
The Moon and Saturn form a triangular pattern early in the morning bringing the best opportunity to implement the plans that you put together yesterday. This is the best day to conduct all activities, especially tasks related to career, health and education. Remember to be polite, kind and patient as the potential for heated reactions is strong. We’re serious and in the mood to get things done and done properly as the times are demanding that we do so. Sing the verse, “I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go.”

Tuesday September 1:
Well we’ve got a bee in our bonnet about something, and we cannot seem to rid ourselves of its irritating effect. Mercury is slowing down and will turn retrograde on September 6. Mercury is in square with Mars as we head for a full Moon on September 4. In essence it means that we will be totally involved and probably galvanized by the concerns of the days. Taxes, the economy, transportation, well just name your favorite topic as it is sure to have its full share of controversy and concerns. Really it’s just life coming down the pike, but somewhat intensified and dramatized.

Wednesday September 2:
The Aquarius Moon hooks up with Jupiter mid day enhancing and uplifting our spirits. Jupiter is the planet of good will, trust, hope and faith, while Aquarius is the sign of humanitarian love. Hopefully the combination will help with some form of grace directed towards all those that suffer. The Moon – Neptune conjunction late in the evening carries a similar tenor and quality of compassion and caring. The combination enhances psychic experiences and intuition and dreams become vivid. The bright Aquarius Moon promises memorable times spent with unique or unusual people.

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Aries A powerful T-square takes shape involving Mercury in Libra, Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. They all make a connection to Aries indicating a time of great activity and challenging circumstances. The pressure is on and you must perform. The best remedy is to be prepared and do your homework so that you can be up to speed, confident and competent. Otherwise, surely you will get called up for any missteps along the way. A challenging time has arrived that you may enjoy.

Taurus Things to do, and to take care of this week: sort out inner family tensions as the squawking amongst siblings and young ones will be notable, deal with trades people and possible enemies, and pay attention to ongoing health concerns lest they become chronic. August 29 to 31 are the best days this week. Sunday August 30 is a day of rest and recreation. Plans for renovations or buying or selling properties are in the works.

Gemini September 1 and 2 are the best days this week. No doubt you will be busy and out and about gathering and disseminating information. It’s a perfect time to mix and mingle. Lively and heated debates may take place to your chagrin or delight. Jousting, bluffing, retorting, good fun, planning, partying and gossip fill the days.

Cancer August 29 could have its travails, challenges and tribulations too. You may be in a touchy mood and brewing for a fight. Others will accommodate this vibe if taken too far. The whole week carries a fair amount of tension and angst. It’s just the energy of the times and we must cope and work with it. Your ability to care, nurture and protect others may be called upon and you may not mind as it is instinctual for you to take care of those in need.

Leo Venus makes her presence known as she continues her visit to your sign for the next few weeks. Venus rules over matters of the heart, love, beauty, creativity and elegance. There is a deeper side to her nature beyond the world of appearances and outer beauty. Ethics, purity and morality are strong Venusian traits. You may find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering what must be done in order to bring fairness and balance into your life. August 28 is the best day of the week, especially for romance and adventure and all matters of creativity and communications.

Virgo It’s your time of the year as the Sun continues his journey through Virgo, invigorating and energizing you. It is likely that you may need a boost as Lord Saturn has had his heavy hand in the play over the last two years. Saturn has a correcting and sobering quality often experienced as a time of restriction and limitation, frugality and frustration. Then again, for the bright and duty bound Virgo people, they love nothing better than rising to the challenge of making something work and bringing it to perfection. August 29 and 30 are the best days this week.

Libra A lively time has arrived and the days will fly by at lightning speed. Boredom is not a word that you will be rolling around on your tongue. If anything you may seek some solace and peace as the hubbub of activity and pressure can consume your energy. Mercury and Mars are in square aspect with Mercury visiting your sign. It won’t take much of a spark to set off a real barn burner as heated exchanges, challenges and other controversies pop up on the screen. Venus casts fine energy into the mix helping in many ways and bringing good times along with the ongoing concerns. August 29 carries its challenges and opportunities to set the scales to a proper balance. September 1 and 2 are much better days.

Scorpio Career and home activities get a boost. Opportunities for creative advancement may materialize. It is time to move towards your goals and objectives. Groups and organizations along with new friendships figure in somehow. A certain tension is on board for all signs as Mercury and Mars are in square aspect throughout the first week of September. Fiery debates or clashes take place. Scorpio’s gift is controlling fire and directing its energy appropriately. Your spirit may shine through the fog.

Sagittarius August 27 could be a demanding day as you conduct business, hold court, climb a mountain or whatever that Sagittarius envision in their broad view of life. August 28 is more like the kind of day that you would enjoy. A series of fine planetary aspects take shape along with a couple of trying aspects. You may have to deal with some form of concern or restriction that could be upsetting, and interestingly a breakthrough or series of positive experiences comes up, just to balance the day out. He who laughs last, laughs best.

Capricorn The Moon visits Capricorn from August 29 to 31. Things could be touchy and explosive on August 29 as heated exchanges take place. The day ends well and August 30 unfolds peacefully. The possibility for battles to erupt is strong throughout this week and you will have to proceed with caution while certainly regarding the rights and feelings of others. Failure to do so comes back like a boomerang. Nothing is done in half measures now. Travel, career and home activities keep you on the move.

Aquarius The Moon visits your sign on September1 and 2. She makes a series of delightful aspects that may please you in many ways. Possibly your wisdom and insight will be called upon and your humanitarian qualities shine through with good sense and sound judgment. On another level, September 2 could prove to be a special day in which a miracle could occur. Great times and profound experiences may be had.

Pisces The full Moon On September 4 occurs in your sign. It is an important time in which revelations and realizations come flooding in. Mercury and Mars are in square aspect on September 3 creating a series of agitating or irksome experiences. When the Moon travels through Pisces from September 3 to 5 people will open up and share their fears and concerns. Possibly your wisdom and wise counsel will shine through the cacophony and bustle of the times.

August 20 – 26, 2009

Thursday August 20:
The Leo new Moon takes place today. The new Moon signals a fresh start as she commences her monthly journey around the Earth once again. Whatever destiny we are to experience lays dormant in seed form and is released as the Moon gains in light and influence throughout the first two weeks of her waxing phase.

Friday August 21:
We will be glad and probably relieved when this Friday begins to wind down. Mercury and Uranus form an opposition early in the morning indicating that we will hit the streets running. Mercury rules all matters of business, commerce and communications, while Uranus rules such things as electronics, aviation, computers and the whole internet phenomenon. Trucks and trains and all other types of transportation come under the heading of Mercury and it’s higher octave planet Uranus. We may anticipate a few shocks or surprises possibly in the markets. It may pan out to just be an extra busy day than most.

Saturday August 22:
The Sun enters Virgo prompting us out of our dreamy summer days and awakening us to the coming realities of the fall season. We start to plan and anticipate what needs to be done. Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Uranus have formed a T-square that will be in effect from August 21 to 26 amping up the tension considerably. Accidents and mishaps are likely and we know that they are a fact of life anyway, but we might want to be extra cautious and considerate during these somewhat volatile days.

Sunday August 23:
The Sun and Pluto form a cooperative triangle indicating possible breakthroughs among the power brokers, politicians and dealmakers wherever they be. Coalitions are formed, backroom deals, secret handshakes, winks and nods take place. With the other big planetary aspects in place they may over-rule the good will of this Sun – Pluto triangle, but it will have its effect. The Libra Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius form a trine as well towards evening time bringing the best of their offerings in the form of happiness and harmony and hopefully peace and love.

Monday August 24:
A series of positive lunar aspects make this the best day of the week. The day may start off a bit bumpy and some of our loved ones may be crabby in the morning but the day gets better as she goes and finishes nicely. Get your business done today for tomorrow may not have the same flow and ease that is available today.

Tuesday August 25:
Mars enters Cancer and a few hours later Mercury enters Libra, they square off and the sparks are flying. Plus the Moon is traveling through Scorpio intensifying emotions such as anger, resentment and jealousy. It might be a good day to stay home and out of the fray. Then again sometimes we cannot avoid the inevitable confrontation that may be long overdue. Heated words expressed in anger may be regretted and lamented in the future. A soft reply turns away wrath. It’s a flashing amber signal that reads “proceed with caution.”.

Wednesday August 26:
The heavy energy of yesterday is still on board and we will have to be extra courteous and kind to all that we meet and encounter today. Power games are likely, clashes nearly inevitable. Fortunately a series of positive lunar aspects will help out and alleviate some of the negativity that may be experienced. Venus enters Leo and visits for nearly four weeks, which is a great combination for all forms of entertainment, adventure, romance and other assorted pleasures. Although it looks like a heavy week, I imagine that most of us will just yawn and focus on our pursuit of happiness with our dreams and diversions intact.

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Aries The urge to get things together comes on pretty strong in the following weeks. Career and home activities, health and fitness are just a few topics that will capture your attention. A shift is taking place and life is destined to intensify in many ways. Avoid contentious issues if you can as the probability for clashes and heated exchanges is very strong from August 21 to 26. Keep that sword sheathed, or not. It may be time to confront any uncomfortable issue, if you must.

Taurus The Sun casts good rays your way over the next four weeks as he travels through Virgo from August 22 to September 22. When the Sun harmonizes with your sign, life seems to run a little smoother. The pieces of the puzzle fall into place easily. Overall this week is running a little heavy for all signs in general and there may be quite a lot of stressed out folks running around. Possibly you will be able to bring your earthy solid reasoning into play and save the day. August 25 and 26 are just such days.

Gemini Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Uranus are in a very contentious pattern from August 21 to 26. Life can get hectic and stressful and you will have to move through the days with care and caution. This planetary combination indicates a high output of energy as a whipped up state of affairs takes place. We may not know exactly how this configuration will manifest because the variety of possibilities is endless. But we do know that you are going to be busy and possibly challenged in order to complete all that is on your platter. Heated words can come flying out in a surprising way at this time.

Cancer Mars enters Cancer on August 25 heating life up in many ways. Mars can bring valor and bravery, confidence and strength our way, or Mars can indicate mishaps, accidents, fights, fires and other not so pleasant energies. Just a few hours after Mars enters Cancer, Mercury enters Libra and the two square off bringing potently loaded situations. Pluto is involved in this configuration as well and it means that things can get heavy quickly. Choose your battles wisely. Whatever comes up at this time could carry on for a few weeks or more. Honor and honesty along with compassion and forgiveness will help untangle the knots.

Leo The new Moon on August 20 takes place in your sign giving out the signal of a new start. It’s somewhat like your own personal springtime in which everything is fresh and new. Venus pays a four week visit starting on August 26 enhancing the desire for renewal and beautification. Love and resources are ruled by Venus as are creativity, ethics and morality, and it may enhance these topics throughout this time. It’s a good time to take care of yourself. You may be the one person that is making any sense in the days and weeks to come.

Virgo The Sun enters Virgo on August 22 bringing you into your solar high of the year. It looks like a busy and demanding time is upon you. Actually you may thrive on all of it. While others complain and moan about their concerns, you may be hard at work, sleeves rolled up to the tasks at hand. You will have to be attentive and careful as a planetary combination is taking place that may bring high stress for all signs in the last days of August and the first two weeks of September. Frayed and frazzled nerves could be the case from overwork or high stress. Remember to take some time daily for rest and recreation and try to stay out of acrimonious disputes if you can.

Libra The Moon visits Libra from August 22 to 24 creating a mixed bag of planetary influences to deal with. The general tenor and vibe is a bit edgy right through the week and it may be hard to keep the peace. The Libra Moon forms a triangle with Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius on August 23 bringing the best of their combined gifts to the table. In other words, a pleasant and happy time develops in which you are surrounded with loved ones and friends or some type of pleasing social situation takes place. If there are any ruffled feathers, it will provide an opportunity for you to find the balance and restore order and sooth those that are distressed.

Scorpio The time for networking and connecting has arrived. The Sun’s passage through Virgo from August 22 to September 22 lights up the area of your solar chart related to friendships, groups and associations, hopes wishes and dreams. Plus Lord Mars is heading for the travel sector indicating possibilities for journeys of all sorts to develop over the next several weeks. The general astro weather is a bit choppy for all signs throughout this week, and it will take some forbearance and fortitude to not get roped into any form of emotional entanglements or traps that leave little room for escape. You may be the friend indeed, for the friend in need.

Sagittarius The wind is up, things are stirred up and so are your instincts on every level. Intense planetary activity throughout the week will bring a series of scenarios that will need to be handled with care and patience. August 21 to 27 are intense days for all signs but with a stronger focus for Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. Although this sounds a tad ominous it may not play out that way at all. But certainly the dynamics for fireworks are present and potent. Keep those swords sheathed and wait until the picture is clear before you act. Travel, which is often the best remedy for Sagittarius is highly probable in the weeks to come and romance may find its way as well.

Capricorn Mercury, Mars and Pluto form a T-square that most likely will have a strong effect especially on August 25 and 26. Pluto is visiting Capricorn bringing your sign into the planetary play. It means that intense scenarios will develop and heated words may be exchanged and it could be worse if people don’t keep their cool. Generally Capricorn is very good at maintaining their cool, but you may be tempted to let it all hang out and get all the cards on the table. This astro heat wave will last practically till mid September. Getting people onside may prove difficult and changes are in the wind.

Aquarius We have happened upon interesting times, and your humanitarian wisdom and energy may be needed. A series of dynamic and somewhat stressful aspects have taken shape and an all signs alert is posted. It means that the potential for discord and disruption is strong and we will experience and relate to the days in accordance with our own lights and individual and collective karma. Fortunately Aquarius is one of the signs that may sidestep whatever others are going on about. It may be that cool head and clear heart that many Aquarius folks possess that are able to bring a sense of reality to a situation. Opportunities to heal, bond and love are available now in true Aquarius style.

Pisces The Sun’s passage through your opposite sign Virgo from August 22 to September 22 signals your solar low of the year. It means that this is a time to nurture and care for yourself. Pisces are natural givers and healers, but often will forget about their own welfare. We might need some healing in the wake of the intense planetary energies that are taking place from August 21 to 27. Misunderstandings and other various calamities could come up suddenly in these days. Venus forms a triangle with Uranus on August 22 bringing unique developments, surprises and possible romantic energies your way. Go slow and easy because the dynamic planetary energy which is exciting and exhilarating is also edgy and iffy.

August 13 – 19, 2009

Thursday August 13:
Today’s last quarter square of the Moon will create opportunities in which we can minimize our problems and concerns. Projects that started a few weeks ago will be tested. It’s like a shakedown cruise in which the final adjustments make the vessel seaworthy. Mars and Jupiter form a triangle that will increase our confidence and enthusiasm. It’s a mixed day, chock full of all kinds of unusual occurrences.

Friday August 14:
The tempo picks up as the Moon commences her journey through Gemini early in the morning. The Gemini Moon is excellent for all matters of communication and commerce. The marketplace and the coffee shops will be buzzing. The Sun and Jupiter form an opposition bringing their combined energies of light, laughter and confidence into the mix. Be it politics, money or matters of the heart and spirit, it will be discussed today.

Saturday August 15:
The Gemini Moon continues, and boy is she busy. She connects to seven planets before the day is done. Yesterday held great potential for all kinds of unique events to take place and today the vibe is even stronger. Possibly it will just be us, out there doing our thing and enjoying the balmy summer days. But dinner time could be touchy and mishaps are likely. Otherwise it is a time to celebrate, rejoice and give thanks for our lives.

Sunday August 16:
The Moon enters Cancer early in the morning and promptly forms an opposition with Pluto. This isn’t the nicest way to start the day. Crabby remarks cause sparks and the tears flow if we are not careful and considerate. Actually the Moon is at home while she traverses Cancer and all matters related to home and family become important. Reunions, feasts, weddings and whatever it takes to get the loved ones together are best under the Cancer Moon. The past comes up and we may reminisce and reflect on days gone by.

Monday August 17:
Yesterday’s memories fade fast as reality strikes and out the door you go, coffee cup in one hand, cell phone and car keys in the other. A series of lunar and planetary aspects create quite the mix for us to work through. Mercury and Saturn conjoin bringing on the worries and realities of the work place and the economy. The Sun and Mars cast good energy boosting our confidence and giving us the will to meet the day with the determination and resolve to get things done

Tuesday August 18:
The Moon moves through Leo guaranteeing at least a few displays of histrionics and drama if not gaiety and laughter. Mars and Uranus square off in the early evening and it is a touchy aspect to say the least. Accidents and mishaps, shocks and surprises are the common venue when these two malcontents decide to not get along. The antidote for their energy is to err on the side of caution and pay attention to what you’re doing. Get off the cell phone and drive your car.

Wednesday August 19:
The Moon continues her journey through Leo. She forms an opposition with Jupiter towards evening time heightening feelings of joy and pleasure. The Moon is soothing and Jupiter is healing and the combination sure is good for the soul. It is also good for fun times and high adventure. The Moon opposes Neptune late in the evening which may be excellent for parties and entertainment. It may be one of those nights that just seem to have that special sparkle and magic quality to it. Watch your consumption.

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Aries August 13 to 15 are good days in the sense that the planets are harmonizing with Aries. It doesn’t mean that everything will be effortless but it does mean that you will overcome hurdles and hindrances easily, if they come up. August 17 is another unique or unusual day with dynamic highs and lows experienced. Use caution with machines and tools on August 18 as the potential for mishaps is strong.

Taurus The last quarter square of the Moon occurs on August 13 in your sign, providing opportunities to work out pesky ongoing problems. Try not to overstate your case and allow room for others that might do exactly that. August 16 and 17 are important days full of all kinds of contrasts. Illusion and reality may collide, bringing an awakening in their wake.

Gemini Get ready for a wild weekend as the Moon moves through Gemini on August 14 and 15. Okay, so it doesn’t have to be wild, but whatever happens on these days it is bound to be dynamic and intense, crazy, zany and possibly very enjoyable. Mercury and Saturn meet up on August 17 causing some deep contemplation regarding home, family and career concerns. Pay attention to what you are doing on August 18 as the possibility for mishaps is strong.

Cancer The Moon visits your sign from August 16 to 18 bringing you into your lunar high of the month. Family issues that run deep may come up on August 16. Life runs a little easier or possibly you’re more in touch and tuned in as the Moon passes through your sign. August 17 is a special day as the Moon creates a series of good aspects that bring love and creativity your way. You are able to dig deep into any topic that captures your interest and passion.

Leo August 14 could prove to be a lucky day. Your timing is spot on and your intuition will be working overtime. A journey begins, possibly one of discovery. August 17 to 21 are important, active and busy days. The Leo new Moon on August 20 heralds a new beginning. Dreams and spiritual experiences figure into the picture now. Your direction may be a bit clouded but soon you will see the way.

Virgo Lord Mercury and Saturn meet up in your sign on August 17, helping you to do what you do best, which is to organize and harmonize certain aspects of your life. Delays and other concerns may pop up now along with a few bumps in the road right through August 15 to 19. Caution with machines, tools and automobiles is a necessity, as is patience and tolerance.

Libra Your travel and career sectors get a boost and you may feel inspired with the developments that have taken place recently. August 15 to 17 are good days especially regarding work activities. New friends that share similar interests appear now and you may find yourself mesmerized by one of them. Spiritual and creative energies are running high. Dreams and diversions take up your time.

Scorpio August 13 carries a few challenges as the last quarter square of the Moon takes place in your opposite sign Taurus. Plus the Moon squares off with Jupiter and Neptune escalating minor problems out of proportion. Of course confusion throws his hat into the ring and it may take a while to sort it all out, so go easy until you have the facts. August 17 to 20 carries similar energy and although it does not have to mean that bad stuff happens it does mean that a confused or foggy state of affairs may be happening. Without being paranoid, it may be wise to watch for deception as the planetary energy indicates that it may be going on. Travel, publishing and spiritual considerations are in the works as well.

Sagittarius August 14 and 15 are hot, regardless of the weather report. Travel, philosophy, publishing and spiritual matters are onboard now. Marriages or divorces take place and those that are for or against you show up now. Battles take place if you allow. Deception and confusion play a part. Career changes are indicated. Dreams and visions come in strong, illuminating the way to go. Those born close to December 17, March 17, June 16 and September 17 must be careful throughout the week as the likelihood of mishaps and accidents are strong at this time.

Capricorn Take some time on Sunday August 16 to reflect on all that has come to pass. It is time to assess the most important factors of your life such as family and relationships. August 17 is an important day as the Moon continues her visit to your opposite sign Cancer. Letters and calls regarding future adventures, or education, publishing etc come in. You may be lost in a quandary as you try to figure the best way to go. Take your time and think deep.

Aquarius August 14 to 21 are unique and somewhat unusual days in which all kinds of changes will take place. Pay attention to your dreams and follow your intuition as both are sending strong signals now. A new chapter is opening in your life and you will be embarking on a journey of discovery. Creative and artistic energies open up. Dare to be bold and brave.

Pisces August 15 could prove to be a bumpy day full of surprises. August 17 carries similar energy and you may have to deal with some type of perplexing problem, delay or cancellation. Bring a good book along just in case. Mars and Uranus square off on August 18 and it is a precarious aspect that can bring mishaps and incidents. Be wise and play safe. Use caution with fire and machinery, driving etc. Pay a visit to someone that may need your help and care. The urge to organize and harmonize is strong now. Relationships and health considerations get a work over as well.

August 6 – 12, 2009

We have a busy week ahead, with lots of challenges, hurdles and changes to deal with. Let me break it down for you.

Thursday August 6.
Yesterday’s lunar eclipse will have amped up our emotions in all areas of life, especially in the human welfare department. Today the Moon passes over Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius bringing strong feelings of euphoria, altruism and spiritual healing. Intuition, visions and dreams become important factors in figuring out life’s concerns.

Friday August 7.
The Pisces Moon enhances our emotional receptivity and sensitivity. People tend to talk about their problems when the Moon is in Pisces, and with the Moon opposing Mercury today the phone lines will be burning, texts and emails flying, twitters tweeting and such right off the map. The Moon, Mercury and Venus harmonize in the evening smoothing things out nicely and enhancing all forms of communications. Plus it’s a Friday evening and all entertainment venues will flourish. It is a night to mix and mingle.

Saturday August 8.
The Pisces Moon squares off with Mars and Saturn changing yesterday’s vibe of “easy come, easy go”, to a time of stop and go in which emotions and frustrations overflow. It might be the night to stay home and avoid the potent volatility, especially if it were to be mixed with alcohol or drugs.

Sunday August 9.
Although Sunday is the traditional day of rest, I doubt that this day will pan out that way. The Moon clicks into Aries early in the afternoon and promptly squares off with Pluto. I can imagine the scenarios that will unfold regarding yesterday’s activities. Secrets are revealed and some of them may be shocking.

Monday August 10.
Mars and Saturn square off today. Mars says go, and Saturn says no. Plus the square aspect creates dynamic tension and just like the tectonic plates pushing up against each other, something has to give. Actually giving and remaining flexible is the key for how to deal with the frustrations and anger that may boil up today. A soft reply garners no wrath, while pushing your way through can cause powerful reactions. Riots, demonstrations and such will be witnessed today.

Tuesday August 11.
A much better day comes our way. The Moon forms a series of positive aspects to the planets creating good will and cooperation. I guess it’s the day to go about healing yesterday’s wounds and setting things right in order to heal. The Moon moves into Taurus late in the evening, which is her exaltation sign bringing a steadying and harmonizing effect.

Wednesday August 12.
The Taurus moon continues throughout the day offering opportunities for all kinds of creative and excellent things to happen. The Moon harmonizes with Venus late in the evening bringing warmth, love and affection our way. Of course we can never get enough love, and it is the only commodity that increases when we give it. So go out and give some love, and then give some more love, and when you cannot give any more, just give a bit more and look for no return.

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Aries The Moon visits Aries from August 9 to 11 bringing a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows to deal with. The lows come in the way of frustrations, power trips and changes on August 9 and 10, with much better circumstances on August 11. Lord Mars is square with Saturn throughout these days so take your time and try not to blow a fuse. Of course things will get worked out; hopefully you’re not burned out in the process.

Taurus August 12 and 13 are important days in which you make a final attempt to sort out the kinks and problems that have accrued in the last few months. It may be time to put it all on the table so to speak. Rewards come for the brave hearts that are willing to bare it all and get on with their lives.

Gemini Your need to communicate is strong now, almost to the point that you’re becoming quite anxious about it. August 8 and 9 may have their frustrations and limitations that you will have to bear, all the while striving to maintain your cool. Others may not be so cool and battles may ensue. August 10 doesn’t fare much better and it may be wise to take some time out, let your hair down, cool down and wait for better days.

Cancer August 9 and 10 have their challenges that must be met. It may seem like others have a chip on their shoulder, and they may perceive you that way as well. In essence there are myriad opportunities to create harmony or not. Strong challenges, personal and professional are building like giant waves out at sea. You may be edgy already as you anticipate the rest of the summer. Be on your A game and move towards your goals.

Leo Revelations continue to roll in as the Moon moves through your opposite sign Aquarius on August 6. She hooks up with Jupiter and Neptune and the combination may bring on some type of special circumstances. Magical and mystical experiences may be had. August 13 is another important day in which you clear things up in a major way. It is time to put the past away and look to the future.

Virgo August 7 and 8 could prove to frustrating days, while August 9 and 10 doesn’t look a whole lot better. It doesn’t mean that the sky is falling, but it just tells us of a time in which your patience may be in short supply. Generally you do not suffer fools gladly, and now, not at all. You have the power to choose how to deal with whatever comes your way. Go easy, take it easy. Forgiveness is the answer.

Libra August 9 and 10 are days in which particular challenges must be met. All signs will feel the pressure of the Mars – Saturn square on August 10 bringing a sense of limitation and frustration. The Moon moves through your opposite sign Aries bringing contrasting and opposing situations and producing opportunities for you to get people to come to an agreement through fairness and justice.

Scorpio August 7 may prove to be a special day that you won’t soon forget. Plus it’s a Friday and you should do something special as a lively flow is indicated. The next few days may be way different as all signs cope with the limiting and frustrating Mars – Saturn square taking place on August 10.The Moon moves through your opposite sign Taurus on August 12 and 13 bringing a series of events that could prove difficult to deal with. There is an element of confusion in the mix and it may be wise to wait and see how things work out in the last half of August.

Sagittarius Smooth sailings could turn into choppy waters emotionally and literally on August 8, 9, and 10. Mars and Saturn are in square at this time creating limitation and frustration. It will be felt by all signs but in particular Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. Curb your impatience and allow others to find their way, and hopefully others will allow you the same grace. Yes, strong words no doubt, but necessary in order to inculcate the vibe of this planetary situation.

Capricorn August 7 is a good day in which a nice flow of energy is experienced. It may be a different energy completely as Lord Saturn and feisty Mars square off on August 10 and along with an Aries Moon there may very well be some fireworks, power trips and varying other frustrating circumstances to contend with.

Aquarius The Moon joins up with Jupiter and Neptune in your sign on August 6 bringing an uplifting energy your way. The Moon is full, bringing a wave of revelations. It is also a good time to party, connect and socialize. Humanitarian endeavors interest you strongly now and you may not be able to resist signing up and chipping in however you can.

Pisces Friday August 7 is your day. The Moon is in Pisces and she is making a series of positive and harmonious connections to the planets that will benefit you in a variety of ways. It is a perfect time to connect with people and socialize. Others find you fascinating and want to get to know you. August 8 is a whole different energy. Possibly Prince Charming turns into a toad or the fairy Princess turns out to be a shrew. It might be best to go slow and easy as the energy on this day is fraught with difficulty, delay and worry if you allow. Mars and Saturn square off on August 10 bringing some type of concern for all signs. August 12 and 13 are much better.