Thursday August 13:
Today’s last quarter square of the Moon will create opportunities in which we can minimize our problems and concerns. Projects that started a few weeks ago will be tested. It’s like a shakedown cruise in which the final adjustments make the vessel seaworthy. Mars and Jupiter form a triangle that will increase our confidence and enthusiasm. It’s a mixed day, chock full of all kinds of unusual occurrences.

Friday August 14:
The tempo picks up as the Moon commences her journey through Gemini early in the morning. The Gemini Moon is excellent for all matters of communication and commerce. The marketplace and the coffee shops will be buzzing. The Sun and Jupiter form an opposition bringing their combined energies of light, laughter and confidence into the mix. Be it politics, money or matters of the heart and spirit, it will be discussed today.

Saturday August 15:
The Gemini Moon continues, and boy is she busy. She connects to seven planets before the day is done. Yesterday held great potential for all kinds of unique events to take place and today the vibe is even stronger. Possibly it will just be us, out there doing our thing and enjoying the balmy summer days. But dinner time could be touchy and mishaps are likely. Otherwise it is a time to celebrate, rejoice and give thanks for our lives.

Sunday August 16:
The Moon enters Cancer early in the morning and promptly forms an opposition with Pluto. This isn’t the nicest way to start the day. Crabby remarks cause sparks and the tears flow if we are not careful and considerate. Actually the Moon is at home while she traverses Cancer and all matters related to home and family become important. Reunions, feasts, weddings and whatever it takes to get the loved ones together are best under the Cancer Moon. The past comes up and we may reminisce and reflect on days gone by.

Monday August 17:
Yesterday’s memories fade fast as reality strikes and out the door you go, coffee cup in one hand, cell phone and car keys in the other. A series of lunar and planetary aspects create quite the mix for us to work through. Mercury and Saturn conjoin bringing on the worries and realities of the work place and the economy. The Sun and Mars cast good energy boosting our confidence and giving us the will to meet the day with the determination and resolve to get things done

Tuesday August 18:
The Moon moves through Leo guaranteeing at least a few displays of histrionics and drama if not gaiety and laughter. Mars and Uranus square off in the early evening and it is a touchy aspect to say the least. Accidents and mishaps, shocks and surprises are the common venue when these two malcontents decide to not get along. The antidote for their energy is to err on the side of caution and pay attention to what you’re doing. Get off the cell phone and drive your car.

Wednesday August 19:
The Moon continues her journey through Leo. She forms an opposition with Jupiter towards evening time heightening feelings of joy and pleasure. The Moon is soothing and Jupiter is healing and the combination sure is good for the soul. It is also good for fun times and high adventure. The Moon opposes Neptune late in the evening which may be excellent for parties and entertainment. It may be one of those nights that just seem to have that special sparkle and magic quality to it. Watch your consumption.

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Aries August 13 to 15 are good days in the sense that the planets are harmonizing with Aries. It doesn’t mean that everything will be effortless but it does mean that you will overcome hurdles and hindrances easily, if they come up. August 17 is another unique or unusual day with dynamic highs and lows experienced. Use caution with machines and tools on August 18 as the potential for mishaps is strong.

Taurus The last quarter square of the Moon occurs on August 13 in your sign, providing opportunities to work out pesky ongoing problems. Try not to overstate your case and allow room for others that might do exactly that. August 16 and 17 are important days full of all kinds of contrasts. Illusion and reality may collide, bringing an awakening in their wake.

Gemini Get ready for a wild weekend as the Moon moves through Gemini on August 14 and 15. Okay, so it doesn’t have to be wild, but whatever happens on these days it is bound to be dynamic and intense, crazy, zany and possibly very enjoyable. Mercury and Saturn meet up on August 17 causing some deep contemplation regarding home, family and career concerns. Pay attention to what you are doing on August 18 as the possibility for mishaps is strong.

Cancer The Moon visits your sign from August 16 to 18 bringing you into your lunar high of the month. Family issues that run deep may come up on August 16. Life runs a little easier or possibly you’re more in touch and tuned in as the Moon passes through your sign. August 17 is a special day as the Moon creates a series of good aspects that bring love and creativity your way. You are able to dig deep into any topic that captures your interest and passion.

Leo August 14 could prove to be a lucky day. Your timing is spot on and your intuition will be working overtime. A journey begins, possibly one of discovery. August 17 to 21 are important, active and busy days. The Leo new Moon on August 20 heralds a new beginning. Dreams and spiritual experiences figure into the picture now. Your direction may be a bit clouded but soon you will see the way.

Virgo Lord Mercury and Saturn meet up in your sign on August 17, helping you to do what you do best, which is to organize and harmonize certain aspects of your life. Delays and other concerns may pop up now along with a few bumps in the road right through August 15 to 19. Caution with machines, tools and automobiles is a necessity, as is patience and tolerance.

Libra Your travel and career sectors get a boost and you may feel inspired with the developments that have taken place recently. August 15 to 17 are good days especially regarding work activities. New friends that share similar interests appear now and you may find yourself mesmerized by one of them. Spiritual and creative energies are running high. Dreams and diversions take up your time.

Scorpio August 13 carries a few challenges as the last quarter square of the Moon takes place in your opposite sign Taurus. Plus the Moon squares off with Jupiter and Neptune escalating minor problems out of proportion. Of course confusion throws his hat into the ring and it may take a while to sort it all out, so go easy until you have the facts. August 17 to 20 carries similar energy and although it does not have to mean that bad stuff happens it does mean that a confused or foggy state of affairs may be happening. Without being paranoid, it may be wise to watch for deception as the planetary energy indicates that it may be going on. Travel, publishing and spiritual considerations are in the works as well.

Sagittarius August 14 and 15 are hot, regardless of the weather report. Travel, philosophy, publishing and spiritual matters are onboard now. Marriages or divorces take place and those that are for or against you show up now. Battles take place if you allow. Deception and confusion play a part. Career changes are indicated. Dreams and visions come in strong, illuminating the way to go. Those born close to December 17, March 17, June 16 and September 17 must be careful throughout the week as the likelihood of mishaps and accidents are strong at this time.

Capricorn Take some time on Sunday August 16 to reflect on all that has come to pass. It is time to assess the most important factors of your life such as family and relationships. August 17 is an important day as the Moon continues her visit to your opposite sign Cancer. Letters and calls regarding future adventures, or education, publishing etc come in. You may be lost in a quandary as you try to figure the best way to go. Take your time and think deep.

Aquarius August 14 to 21 are unique and somewhat unusual days in which all kinds of changes will take place. Pay attention to your dreams and follow your intuition as both are sending strong signals now. A new chapter is opening in your life and you will be embarking on a journey of discovery. Creative and artistic energies open up. Dare to be bold and brave.

Pisces August 15 could prove to be a bumpy day full of surprises. August 17 carries similar energy and you may have to deal with some type of perplexing problem, delay or cancellation. Bring a good book along just in case. Mars and Uranus square off on August 18 and it is a precarious aspect that can bring mishaps and incidents. Be wise and play safe. Use caution with fire and machinery, driving etc. Pay a visit to someone that may need your help and care. The urge to organize and harmonize is strong now. Relationships and health considerations get a work over as well.