November 2017

The dominant planetary aspect that will be in effect throughout November is Saturn trine Uranus. Triangular configurations are very harmonious, and are just about the best that we can expect from planetary behaviour. The triangle aspect gives a dovetailing effect in the sense of cooperative energies prevailing. Let’s break it a down a bit. Saturn is in Sagittarius. Interestingly Saturn represents all aspects of law and judgement. He’s a stern and somewhat dour taskmaster. Somewhat like castor oil, it doesn’t taste good, but it’s good for you. He brings hard and harsh lessons, and sure enough once we pass through them we garner great wisdom and are usually better off for the experience. Sobered and cleansed we move forward.

Sagittarius is the sign most related to the spirit of the law, along with our broad societal, medical, and educational philosophies. This combination of Saturn in Sagittarius will help us to bring our collective ship to its correct headings. Along with this energy we have Uranus moving through Aries, which is a powerful marker for all kinds of social unrest and volatility, along with revolutionary activity. I’m not going to stoop to harping, whining and preaching, but I think we know what time it is. We have to grow a backbone, and bite the bullet, and grievous as it is, we have to mop up, and clean up the very serious problems that plague our world these days.

As we move towards the end of the month Mercury begins to slow down and retrograde in early December, and generally this may throw a stick into the spokes, and present us with myriad concerns regarding communication and transportation, along with business negotiations. This is standard fare for Mercury retrograde, but this time around Mercury is traveling alongside Saturn and this may prove to bog things down considerably until mid-December. If you’re out and about, traveling on the skytrain, or bogged down in serious traffic, or sitting in an airport and their systems are down we will know that Saturn and Mercury are up to their hijinks. The remedy is to have yourself together, and allow plenty of time to get where you’re going, and even with that you can expect a few glitches with dates, schedules, and all other kinds of delays that we didn’t expect. Book early, and don’t leave things to the last minute, and get your snow tires now. Be kind and patient, and most of all, speak the truth, live honourably, and help out where you can. Forewarned is forearmed, and a stitch in time saves nine.

Aries There’s bound to be some fireworks throughout the month as lord Mars moves through your opposite sign Libra. Contentious relationships, loose lips, and any kind of inconsiderate behaviour will not pass unnoticed at this time. It might be time to have a good confession session and set the record straight. Love heals all.

Taurus Be kind to yourself and others as November is generally not the best of times for Taurus. It is the right time to look in the mirror and truly see who is staring back at you. Deep reflection will do. Some interesting lucky breaks could come into play and love could grow very strong.

Gemini When planets are in your opposite sign they cast their light into your sign bringing illumination and clarification. That’s the story now as Mercury and Saturn move through your opposite sign Sagittarius. Read the intro for more info about it. Mainly it’s a time to clear out and clean up tangled situations however you can.

Cancer Venus and Jupiter cast lovely energy your way all month. They are very beneficial planets. Make the best use of them by mending, healing, giving and loving however you can. There are new mountains to climb starting in 2018 so it’s best to settle with the past now and prepare for some new challenges.

Leo Two sets of planetary energies are pulling you in opposite directions. Acquiring a bigger house, or finer car won’t really cut it. These are merely trinkets and baubles, and will not bring any lasting satisfaction. On the other hand, doing some deep meditation and striving for light and love will work wonders.

Virgo The times are a bit tricky especially towards the end of the month and heading into December. Expect delays and complications. When a silken scarf is caught in the rose vine you take it off the thorns carefully, else you risk tearing it. That’s the answer now. Disentangle yourself from complicated knots.

Libra Fiery Mars is in the house, and when the god of war is around we can expect sparks to fly, right into early December. Things could get a bit sketchy and tense. Use it, or be abused by it. Positive use is being bold, honourable and brave. Negative use is frustration, inconsideration, impatience and anger.

Scorpio It’s your time to shine as the two beneficial planets Venus and Jupiter travel through your sign. Be proactive, and do your best to make things happen. Put lots of irons in the fire, and if one gets hot, you’re on your way. Lucky breaks and good timing figure in the play. Do something now.

Sagittarius Go deep, and go long in your search for freedom, peace and happiness. Shake off any form of fear and negativity. Undoubtedly the hard knocks that you have been receiving have had their effect. Brighter times are just up the road a bit. Hang in there, and see what the universe provides. Study hard.

Capricorn Pay attention to the energies on board on November 7 and 8. Intrigue, mysteries, surprises and challenges may come up through to mid-month. Stay out of the darkness, stay in the light, and mostly, fight the good fight. Of course, the best fight is within ourselves in overcoming anger, ego, lust and greed.

Aquarius Circle November 25 as a special day in which some interesting news may come your way. Pleasantries and good times with friends and family will do. November represents effort and challenges on the work front and changes may occur. It’s highly likely that you will land on your feet and in very good circumstances.

Pisces Magical and mystical Pisces types may enjoy the energies that unfold in November. Travel is highlighted, as is spiritual growth. Career-wise, you may be honoured for your achievements or you could be ushered out the door. Much depends on how you have conducted yourself over the last fifteen years.