Seeking Bliss

What are we after? What are we here for? What’s it all about? According to the true mystics, we come from bliss, and in one form or another we continually seek bliss from the womb to the tomb. Certainly the new born babe is blissed out suckling at its mothers breast. We’re blissed out when we’re in love. We’re right over the moon with it all. The new job, new house, new car, new shoes etc, can send us on that joyous ride of bliss and happiness. But of course we know that all these forms of bliss never last long, and often times we’re flung off our high horse and land with a heavy thud face first into the muck. Once again we arise, brush off the dirt and go for round two, three or four, only to find the same sad ending of old age, infirmity, degradation, impoverishment and other forms of humiliation. Ultimately we get up out of here when we leave the mortal coil, with a long, lengthly trail of accumulated karma’s that we add to the enormous stockpile that we have amassed throughout countless lifetimes, with no apparent way out of this very confusing spider’s web of fate, spun by our own actions ad infinity. What to do, you might ask? First let’s get down to what is really wrong. Mainly we’re seeking bliss in all the wrong places, and placing too much importance on transient baubles that we consider to be valuable. Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to seek  a good life, and all of us would love to live as comfortably as possible. Not a bad a thing. What is truly wrong is that we will go to no ends to accumulate materialistic treasures, but continually ignore our spiritual needs. As my beloved Sat Guru, Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj would say, “we feed the horse, but starve the rider”. When the fourteenth century Saint Kabir stepped onto the Earth he realized that no one was happy, the kings, queens and on down the line were unhappy. The key and secret to it all, is that we are not nurturing our spirit, and no amount of money, fame, name or power will help to alleviate the hollowness and emptiness that is the result of all our efforts to attain happiness. Me, I’m just a lowly parrot, parroting the words of my great guru. He gave us a way out, and a resolution to it all. It was to find a competent Guru, meditate daily, live non violently, and give love and respect to all of God’s creatures.


MARCH 21 – April 19

When the Sun moves through Aries you’re in your solar high of the year. When the Sun moves through Libra it’s your solar low time, and you may be lacking energy. Accommodate this by taking it easy, taking a vacation, and basically taking care of yourself. Energy picks up at the end of the month.


April 20 – May 21

It’s time to get your ducks in a row. It’s also time to find a new row, and possibly a new way of life. Things are changing, and you cannot stop it, but you can dance with it, and make creative changes. The full moon on October 24, will illuminate which way to go.


May 22 – June 20

The New Moon on October 8, lights up your solar fifth house representing new enterprises, children, romance and entertainment. Two other areas of importance are health and finances which you should not ignore. Your instincts will be high regarding just what to do. Take the days as the come, and do one thing at a time.


June 21 – July 22

Home, family, land, and real estate are strong topics this month. A probable move is in store. You may be strongly moved by a new romantic energy that is manifesting now. A special child is born, and the child may be a symbolic new ideal, or a series of innovative ideas that are very exciting.


July 23 – August 22

Although we’re moving into the cooler fall season, you may find that all kinds of things are heating up in your life. The relationship area could become an arena in which jousts and bouts take place. Romantic energies are hot, and so are its complications. Creative energy is strong, real estate opportunities manifest, health needs attention.


August 23 – September 22

Two areas of your solar chart are strongly activated. The first one is your money house. You can expect that resources will increase throughout October.  Values deepen and you become even more determined to make things work. Watch for overworking. The other area is that of creativity, music and the arts. Maybe you will be creative about making money.


September 23 – October 22

It’s your time to shine. The Libra new moon on October 8, signals a new start. Recent news should give some hints regarding the direction to go in. Money area is well lit up by Venus and Jupiter bringing opportunities for self betterment all kinds of ways. Strive for harmony now.


October 23 – November 21

You’ve won the astro lottery with lovely Venus and abundant Jupiter visiting your sign. The main key is to truly utilize this special energy by moving towards whatever brings you contentment and happiness. Love, and creative energies are manifesting now. Don’t waste this valuable time on frivolous activity. Make hay while the sun shines.


November 22 – December 21

If you put your ear to the rail, you’ll hear the train coming. We used to do that when we were kids, and it was always exciting when the train showed up. Soon your train will be arriving in the form of Lord Jupiter spending a year in Sagittarius starting next month. Start planning, scheming and dreaming.


December 22 – January 19

It’s a special time in your life, well sort of. Most people start squirming when Saturn pays a visit, as generally he’s not much fun. But for Cappy, Saturn is like daddy coming home. He brings what you need, not what you want. He provides and protects, and cares for you in a deep way.


January 20 – February 19

It’s time to head out for destinations unknown, or known and fantasized about. Travel is indicated, so is everything to do with education and spiritual liberation. Your career house is rocking as well. Maybe the travel will be career related. Whatever the case, get a move on, and seek your destiny.


February 20 – March 20

Life’s meanings deepen, and wisdom garnered through these times will last for the rest of your days. Venus and Jupiter are casting good energy into your sign and will help guide you in the right direction. Have faith, and know that the lord’s strong and long arm is guiding you along the way. Creative energy is at a peak.