October 2015

Let’s take a look at the stars of the three wise men – oops, I mean the three politicians competing for Canada’s top spot. The three wise men were astrologer/astronomer kings that knew the star of Bethlehem was a portent of the birth of a great spiritual master. Now, our three wise men seek to become king and hopefully lead and guide us along a thorny and complicated pathway for the next four years.

Let’s start with the prime minister, Stephen Harper, born on April 30, 1959. He’s a Taurus, slow and steady, unchangeable, habitual and very much in control. Some say he’s a control freak and has everything locked down and under his thumb. Nothing moves without his nod and approval. Sounds very much like a Taurus to me. Good with numbers and knows the value of anything and everything. Like the Bull that rules Taurus, he can be pleasant and easygoing until riled, prodded or opposed. We have heard about the people that have gone against Harper only to meet their demise. Mr. Harper has the Moon in Aquarius and an Aquarius rising as well. It means he can be humanitarian and caring on the positive side, however, on the negative side, Aquarius gone wrong can evoke the harshest dictators, devoid of any care for what others may think or feel. “My way or the highway” is the hidden mantra for dear, old Taurus.

Thomas Mulcair was born on the first day of Scorpio on October 24, 1954, with the Sun conjunct with Saturn at birth. This indicates his rough and tough childhood that has no doubt shaped and instilled some very powerful values of responsibility and accountability into his soul. Like Taurus, Scorpio is a fixed sign and does not change readily or easily. Although Scorpio has true grit, great resilience and determination, they are not all that forthcoming with what is truly going on. We may be kept in the dark, as we cannot expect secretive Scorpio to spill the beans too much about what is going on. Mulcair has Mercury conjunct Saturn, another harbinger of one who may be a deep thinker and great planner, although not gushing over with a lot of information for his subjects. He has a Libra Moon, which is really great for fairness, smarts, justice and balance. Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct at his birth, a great marker of someone who may very well be willing to truly make profound changes on a humanitarian level. Many of the great revolutions in history had Jupiter and Uranus conjunctions in play.

Justin Trudeau has the Sun in Capricorn and although young in years, he may very well have a deep wisdom, something that Capricorn is known for. They are born rulers and come under the rulership of Saturn, which confers great responsibility and accountability. They take their job very seriously. Trudeau has Jupiter in Sagittarius, which bestows great vision and sometimes prophecy. He may very well see the future. His Aries Moon opposes Uranus in his birth chart indicating a willingness to go along with the will of the people. He will not be afraid to make changes when they are truly needed. Lord Saturn sits high in his chart and is another indicator he could rule for a long time. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry carry the same signatures in their birth horoscopes.

If we re-elect Harper, we know what we’re in for, which is more of the same – same old same old. If we elect Mulcair, he may lead with a steady hand and an old-school style in which papa knows best. If Trudeau is at the helm, we may see some truly progressive changes and possibly a wild ride for a while. What do you want, Canada? Slow and steady, no changes Harper? Slow and steady with some changes and a firm hand at the helm Mulcair? Big changes and somewhat maverick and very progressive Trudeau? See you at the polls.

Aries The probability of changes is fairly strong around Thanksgiving Day. It’s decision time and the events that come to pass may help you make some moves and changes in your life that are overdue.

Taurus It’s that time of the year again when those late October blues set in. This year may be a bit different, though, especially at the time of the full Moon on October 27. Expect revelations to come.

Gemini Take the first two weeks of the month to figure out what you’re going to do. No doubt, the answers will come and you will figure it out, but only after some deep soul searching.

Cancer Circle October 4, 5 and 19 on your calendar as special days in which high energy takes place. You’re in the midst of making long-range plans and changes. Everything’s up in the air now.

Leo Although intrepid and rarely hesitant, it is not always easy for Leo types to make overall changes. Now, the stars are in good position for you to do so. Time with friends and associates and sweethearts figures into the play.

Virgo It really is your time to shine. Don’t spend too much time trying to figure it out. Just go for it and see what the stars decree. Timing and opportunity, along with bravery, bring rewards.

Libra You’re in your solar high of the year. It brings energy, hope and enthusiasm. It’s also time to rethink the plan or make a plan and follow through with it. Correct whatever needs correcting now.

Scorpio Your solar high begins on October 24. You can come out of your dark cave now, open up and begin to socialize again. New scenarios are developing along with new circles of friends and connections.

Sagittarius Some of you will be chafing at the bit and casting about for some changes. Career objectives figure prominently and off you go on another journey of discovery. It’s time to eliminate what is not worthy.

Capricorn October 19 and 20 are the best days this month for you to see your way and to make way for the future. It’s a time of churning and changing, cleansing and clearing.

Aquarius Travel plans may be in the wind and you may be pining for matters of the higher mind. Visits from afar may take place and it may be time for you to research, learn and study.

Pisces Relationships figure prominently now. Personal, professional, marital and social relations are highlighted. You may feel emboldened, ready to reach out and truly make some changes in your life. Ego clashes may occur as well.