June 2012

The full Moon illuminates the night sky and also illuminates our inner sky if it aligns with sensitive points in our horoscopes. We experience the full Moon every month and most of the time not much comes to pass; it’s just not a big deal. Then all hell breaks loose and you have a heated falling out with your partner, co-worker, boss or kid and even the cat looks at you funny. When the dust settles and you wipe the tears away and look up, sure enough, there’s the full Moon staring you in the face.

The scenarios described above indicate the full Moon probably connected with Mars in your horoscope bringing intense emotions to the surface. Unsolvable problems, snags and seemingly immovable situations get built up under the tension of the waxing full Moon phase. At the height of the lunation, epiphanies come as our internal drummer, the sum total of who we are, points us in the proper direction. When we’re not sure of what we should do in a given situation, we can throw our inner drummer our problem. When the time is right, the answers come winging back and we know exactly what to do and how to go. The truly sensitive, watery, receptive types among us need no explanation of the Moon’s antics. They know full well what can happen.

Being born in the sign of Cancer or having one’s Moon in Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio are just a few factors that make one more receptive to the influences of the Moon. We’re all receptive to her influences in varying degrees. We react to circumstances the best we can and hope for a good outcome, but forewarned is forearmed. Let’s say you have no idea of an upcoming full Moon aligning with your Mars. Sure enough, all kinds of drama unfold and the fur is flying. Being aware of an upcoming full Moon aligning with your Mars, you are able to avoid or at least minimize your involvement in any situation. Being extra cautious in traffic and not mixing it up with the hot-heads, blowhards, braggarts and swaggerers will get you through the day unscathed. The upcoming lunar eclipse on June 4 has Mars involved with it and we will receive the opportunities to utilize our wisdom as life gets heated and contentious issues arise. Mercury and Saturn are in triangle at the time of the full Moon offering solid, reasonable suggestions to the concerns at hand. The time for honest negotiations has arrived.

Aries Short and long journeys are indicated as well as an expansion along the lines of communication and education. Regardless of your age, you are moving through a time in which it may be hard to stick to any type of plan. Stay open and remain original and honest. Pay attention to your intuition.

Taurus Your ruling planet Venus joins up with Jupiter as they travel through your solar second house throughout the last half of June. You may gain monetarily, but the best benefit is within, weighing what is of true value and what truly gives you peace of mind. Work at eliminating stress in the home. Pay attention to dietary concerns.

Gemini Your ship just came in and you’re in the win. Creative energy and good timing bring success. Travel plans congeal. You can enjoy the hazy, crazy days of summer and live off the fat or you can strive to truly make something of yourself. In true Gemini style, do it all.

Cancer It’s not the time for the big splash on Broadway, but it is time to do your homework; study, train and research. Take some time to reflect on what makes you happy or not. It is time to pay off old debts and serve those that need assistance. You may be compelled to help out.

Leo It’s time to mix and mingle and enjoy the coming summer season. Your solar house of friendships is strongly activated. Meet with others that share your passions and interests. The full Moon on June 4 lights up your solar fifth house of business and pleasure. Others pick up on your sense of humour and style.

Virgo The full Moon on June 4 is pretty dynamic and will have an effect on your solar fourth and tenth houses. These are the areas related to career and home activities. Mars is in Virgo and closely tied to the full Moon energy, meaning the waters can get choppy and tensions could run high.

Libra Mercury, lord of the lunar eclipse on June 4, forms a triangle with Saturn in Libra. This will serve you well. Your ability to weigh up what is fair and what is right is strong now. Having gathered a humbling wisdom in the past two years, you can put it to good use now.

Scorpio Into the mystic you go. The June skies represent a time in which you are gathering information that is hidden. Your hunger for knowledge and seeking wisdom is stronger than ever. It might be time to deal with wills, legacies, joint monies and secret agreements. “A stitch in time saves nine” reflects the times.

Sagittarius The lunar eclipse on June 4 takes place in your sign. Answers come along with more questions. A powerful series of events come to pass that changes your direction. Mid- month, lord Jupiter enters your opposite sign Gemini enhancing life all the way around. Take care and nurture yourself as exciting times are approaching.

Capricorn The summer solstice on June 20 heralds your solar low of the year. It’s time to take a break, relax, repair and take stock. The new and full Moon this month take place in your solar sixth house relating to one’s attitude and values concerning health. It is time to organize and harmonize your life.

Aquarius A lively time comes about as your solar fifth house is lit up like a Christmas tree. This house relates to romantic and creative energies, children, entertainment and business. You’ve got your thinking cap on and you’re connecting the dots, as your ability to reason and intuit is very strong. Throw a party, dance and rejoice.

Pisces The first half of June can be somewhat distressful, especially near the full Moon date on June 4 and until June 10. Intense encounters take place and you may have to defend yourself. Challenges at work may be the case. Whatever it is, you will have lots of opportunities to forgive those that trespass.