May, 2011

Between the poles of the conscious and the unconscious, there has the mind made a swing: thereon hang all beings and all worlds and that swing never ceases its sway. Millions of beings are there: the sun and the moon in their courses are there: millions of ages pass and the swing goes on. All swing! The sky and the earth and the air and the water and the Lord Himself taking form: and the sight of this has made Kabîr a servant.

Sant Kabir’s words take my breath away. His poem puts things into perspective and brings us to the realization that whatever our present day troubles and concerns are, they are fleeting ripples in the sands of time. As the great poet William Blake penned, “Eternity is ever in love with the products of time.”

We won’t be able to measure the impact of the radioactive material being dumped into the ocean for a while, but we do know the outcome cannot be good. It may very well change the course of our lives and the planetary indicators are saying the same thing.

Regardless of how much we acquire, it is never enough. Greed, lust, anger, ego and pride trip us up all along the way. Soon, we will grow weary and we will have had enough of this hectic and stressful lifestyle. Neptune has just commenced his 15-year journey through his own sign Pisces and is a harbinger of a spiritual awakening. The negative connotation is within the realm of any form of escapism, such as drugs and other forms of addictions. The positive side of this Neptune transit is that it will open our eyes and hearts to humanity’s sufferings. Our yearning for peace and love will increase and we will long for the day in which we rest our head in the lap of the creator. We have all the technology in the world to stay in touch with each other, yet we confoundedly fail miserably at it. We have not figured out or come to the realization that we are one people on one planet. Instead, we continue sabre rattling, strutting and showing off our powers to annihilate one another. Well, we sure showed those guys, didn’t we?

The short of it is there will be no rest and then we’re put to rest and the cycle of awagawan continues throughout time. Awagawan is a term describing the transmigration of the souls through the myriad 8,400,000 species, called the cycle of “84.” Only love will do.

Aries Aries is known as the knight that jumped on his charger and went off in all directions at the same time. Choose a direction and follow your passion. By that effort alone, all kinds of great and lucky breaks will come your way.

Taurus When you’re standing in gasoline up to your knees, it doesn’t matter who lights the first match. The month of May is destined to be hot, possibly very hot. Romance, excitement, action and attraction along with some danger take place. Embrace it all carefully.

Gemini Lord Mercury and lovely Venus hold hands throughout the month bringing untold pleasantries and mysteries for your indulgence. It just gets better in June. Time with friends and family and doing what you love fill the days. Spring is in the air.

Cancer Your solar career sector is heating up and it will serve you well to put a few irons in the fire. If one gets hot, you’re on your way. Friends, groups and associations feature throughout the month. Special lifetime connections are made.

Leo You are a fixed fire sign indicating you have great will and determination. Dynamic challenges in the work place arise throughout the month and you may find you have your sleeves rolled up and going hard it. Internal work calls out for attention.

Virgo Journeys of inner discoveries and/or travel to the far horizon take place. Inheritances, joint monies and investments are topics of interest. A very productive time has arrived in which you can achieve your goals or at least be well on your way.

Libra Your solar seventh house of partnerships is very activated in the first half of May. Out with the old and in with the new may be the mantra of the times. Life’s mysteries deepen in the second half of the month. Go with the flow.

Scorpio Powerful days and powerful plays take place. It is a time of contrast and opposition. This may not be a bad thing and it could spur you on to greater achievements. The full moon on May 17 will illuminate the areas of resistance and static.

Sagittarius A very dynamic month unfolds. Courage and confidence get a boost. Doors open that were previously shut tight. Make the best of it and lead the way in true Sagittarius style. The last half of the month is spent working out the details.

Capricorn A great churning motion is taking place and many challenges and changes lay ahead. Lord Saturn features prominently in this month’s new moon on May 2. Dynamic scenarios which call for action take place. Your wisdom, dedication, determination and grit are needed.

Aquarius Connecting and communicating with others feature big in the spirit of Aquarius. An enhanced time of communications has emerged and one way or the other, you may capture the attention of many souls.

Pisces Lord Neptune’s 15-year visit through Pisces will have a great transformative effect on all those that inhabit the Earth plane. Life will morph into hopefully higher vibrations in which we long for a deeper spiritual existence. Fortunately, you are wired right and will flower in your own unique way.