July 2014

If you notice you’re growing a little extra hair on the back of your hands and that you’re walking on the balls of your feet, don’t worry; it’s just the full Moon effect on July 12. We’re under the Moon’s spell at all times for the Moon rules over our emotions, mind and feelings. The Moon also has rulership over our family connections and all other emotionally based relationships. As we know, we experience a dozen or more full Moons every year and most of them are not that much of a big deal, but life does become more exciting and our emotions do become heightened especially if the full Moon lands on any sensitive points in our personal horoscopes.

If a full Moon lands near your Mars, you can bank on experiencing some type of heightened activity and it does not have to be negative, by any means. On the other hand, if you have been experiencing a lot of tension and repressed anger in a particular area of your life, the lid will likely blow off the pot around full Moon time. It is important to give a five-day timeline with the full Moon energy – two days before the full Moon and two days after it. If Mars, Saturn, Uranus or Pluto accompany the full Moon, again, you might very well anticipate some type of intensification of life’s activities in which you go through a range of emotional challenges and changes.

Mars has figured significantly over the last several months with his long retrograde cycle in Libra, the sign of relationships. Since last fall, we have certainly had our full share of incidents, fires, accidents, wars and other forms of terrorism to dine on. Mars is very associated with anger and lust and it has driven many people over the edge as witnessed by the daily reports about people who have fallen into the deadly traps of lust, anger, greed and ego. Mars still has his hand in the cosmic pie and we are destined to hear all about it as July unfolds her mysteries and misadventures.

The only real way to stave off the intense and fiery Mars energies is to stay safe, play safe and strive to be a good, caring, humane being. If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. Mars is associated with the new Moon on July 26 and the full Moon on July 12. Lay off the gas pedal and be kind to all of God’s creatures.

Aries The mark of a strong man is that of kindness, patience and consideration. The mark of a strong woman is that of compassion, forgiveness and caring. There will be lots of opportunities throughout the month to see what you are made of. You can lash out in anger or choose to make peace where you can.

Taurus As long as we’re living on the Earth plane, the karmic wheel continues to spin. We can forge chains of iron or chains of gold by our thoughts and actions. You have an opportunity to sort out the old indebtedness you have carried with you into this life. Love and compassion will get you through.

Gemini Lord Mercury and Venus, the goddess of love, ethics and morality, are helping you come to terms with what must be done in order to attain peace, happiness and serenity. It seems you have lost your way and now must get yourself back on track and find the balance once again.

Cancer Revelations come flooding in by the light of the full Moon on July 12. No doubt, the days are intense, but you may not mind and might very well attain some success. Give it your all and your best and see what the universe decrees. Timing and good karma work hand in hand now.

Leo Well, I hope you’re ready as things are bound to get hot. The Leo new Moon on July 26 is accompanied by Jupiter and you cannot get much better than that. You can party now and pay later or pay now and play later. Do all that you can in order to realize your dreams.

Virgo You should be busy as a bee. Career activities dominate the days. It is also time to do some internal work, behind the scenes. Money, fame and success will not be enough. You need to nurture your spirit as it needs exercise as well. Extend yourself to help others and you will be fulfilled.

Libra You may breathe a sigh of relief as Mars finishes his lengthy Libra visit at the end of the month. He’s like the nosy relative that likes to stir up trouble. Now, a new form of restlessness begins to gnaw at you. It’s time to seek that which will bring you happiness.

Scorpio Saturn is moving dead slow in the middle of Scorpio this month. He’s a dreary character and often brings disenchantment, detachment and sometimes downright depression. He may also bring fame and success, but the same feeling of disenchantment lingers anyway. Saturn helps point us in a spiritual direction in which true fulfilment may be realized.

Sagittarius Your solar ninth house of travel lights up and it is likely you will be on the road again at the end of the month. There may some disputes and controversies that need to be cleared up before you go, though. Take the high road and soften your replies with kindness and consideration.

Capricorn The full Moon on July 12 takes place in your sign bringing revelations and understanding that were previously hard to come by. You get your answers now and you can move forward once again. Other concerns are brewing and they will show up in the last half of the month providing opportunities to set things right.

Aquarius The new Moon on July 26 signals the start of some down time. Take it and nurture yourself as you are a high roller and probably push yourself too much. It is unlikely you will get a chance to let down as life has a way of stoking the fire and stirring the ashes.

Pisces The instinct to organize yourself and everything around you is strong throughout the month. This is a good time to deal with health issues and other concerns that need attention. Life mellows out in the last half of the month and so should you. Nurture yourself and be aware that love may be close at hand.