November 2014

Every child is precious and special – and, of course, my child is the most precious, cute, smart and beautiful of all. That’s how we all feel – and should feel – about our offspring. You might ask, “What makes a child special and by what power are they gifted with special talents and abilities?”

The stars incline and compel us towards our destiny throughout our lifetimes. If your child is destined to become a musician and you project your will onto the young one and insist they become a scientist or a doctor, you are not helping the child’s destiny. If anything, you are hindering it. If your child is destined to be a doctor and you hand him a violin, again, you are hindering and blocking his/her natural abilities. In this same train of thought, if your child has musical and artistic gifts and you feed that by giving her those toys and objects that relate to her gifts, she will grow and flower at an exceptional rate of speed.

We carry our gifts and talents with us throughout our incarnations and they form our predilections in our present lifetime. My guru taught us that every king wants his son to be a king, not a minister, and we all want the best for our beloved children. The reason for my rambling is that a very special time has just passed, in which the planets held very strong and powerful positions. The Jyotish (Vedic astrology) teaches that if a person is born with three planets in their own signs – or signs of exaltation – they will do well and will hold good positions in their families. A planet is exalted in the zodiac sign in which it can do its best and wield its power freely. A person born with four planets in their own signs or exaltation signs will become very powerful and wealthy. A person with five planets in their own signs becomes equal to a king and will be wealthy and a leader.

In order for a person to truly reap the power that the planets in their own signs or exaltation signs offer up, there are all kinds of rules and varied stipulations to the above qualifications. If your child was born between August 17 to September 20, 2014, they will have either three, four or five planets in special positions; you might want to check into it because little Mozart, Einstein, Shakespeare, Mother Teresa or Joan of Arc might be sitting in front of you, right now.


Lord Mars spends the month at the top of your solar chart. It’s an indication you should get a move on and strive towards your goals. You are very capable and ofttimes will only do things to prove to yourself you can do them. Well, let’s see what you can do.


It’s time to nurture the inner self. Taurus works very hard in order to bring security and abundance its way. Now you must put in the same effort in order to achieve inner harmony and wealth. The full Moon on November 6 helps in illuminating your circumstances, especially regarding relationships and finances. Trim away the excess.


Lord Mercury joins up with Saturn as they traverse your solar sixth house ruling such topics as health, debts, enemies and those that can help you in overcoming your problems. It’s time to go long and to think deep about what needs to be done in order to bring health, harmony and happiness your way.


You can expect some fireworks in the first half of the month and possibly some resistance to your ideas and plans. You might not mind though; you might be in the mood to get it on and get things done. Romance could be in the works as good times are indicated. Find the balance. It’s important.


Win some, lose some, win some more, lose some more – that seems to fit the rhythm of the times for dear Leo. Things lighten up a bit after November 22 and you might be relieved once November passes by. It’s all about checks and balances and not going overboard with any particular thing.


Money, name and fame won’t get you where you want to be. Man cannot live by bread alone for his spirit needs to be nurtured as well. Now is the time to do exactly that. The full Moon on November 6 lights up your solar ninth house ruling such topics as spirituality, philosophy and travel.


Communications and negotiations work well in the first week of November. Words come easily and your thoughts are put together nicely. Libra does possess the gift of grace when it comes to solving concerns and problems. November 3, 4 and 18 are days in which your patience may wear thin and sparks may fly.


It’s all the way or no way – never half-way as far as Scorpio is concerned. You are learning things on a deep level and most likely gaining some wisdom through the powerful experiences of late. Looking to the future and clearing out the past is the work at hand now.


The new Moon on November 22 heralds a new start. You may have grown tired of the status quo and are restless for change. Accommodate the changes best that you can and do what you can while you can. Powers beyond your control are looming on the horizon. All the more reason to make your moves now.


Power plays and powerful days will manifest on November 4 and 10. It is best to be perceived as a team player and not a power tripper. Any abuse of power is likely to backlash strongly on these days. If you display fairness and integrity in a leadership role, you will gain power, respect and influence.


News pertaining to career objectives comes in on November 6. The relationship area is hot. Partnerships and alliances are formed and a win is likely regarding legal matters. Home, land and real estate concerns are dealt with now. A gathering or family reunion is likely. The last week of this month is more to your liking.

Pisces The November stars are hinting at travel, publishing, writing and education. Career interests spike towards the end of the month and into December. Many Pisces people are spiritual and now the stars are bringing more of an interest in spiritual and philosophic matters. It is also a time to work on health and dietary issues.