July 2015

We can expect a very hot July and I’m not talking about the weather. Actually, it’s the astrological weather that will cause the heat to rise all the way around. Fiery Mars throws his hat into the ring and he always creates a disturbance or ruckus of some sort. The Canada Day full Moon is potent, hopefully for the good. We know that a full Moon carries high energy as we witness people coming unglued; it’s tricky enough to navigate a full Moon without losing our cool, but when Mars gets involved, it acts like a high octane fuel where only a minor spark is needed to set off a bonfire of emotions and knee-jerk reactions.

“What to do?” you ask. Forewarned is forearmed. We always have choices and we can choose to step aside and let the testosterone junkies have their way. We know someday they will pay, but today, just let them go by. If we react to their rudeness, we get sucked into the drama and people’s lives may be at stake. Is it worth it? The whole month has a testy buzz and edge to it and it will take our best behaviour to get through unscathed. The new Moon on July 15 carries its own potency in the sense that Mercury and Mars are opposite to Pluto. The combination tells of aggression, manipulation and control. The creepy crawlers with an agenda to carry out their malignant forms of violence will dominate the headlines. Fires, accidents and incidents will be notable.

Here’s another take on the astro dance. Venus and Saturn are in square aspect throughout the month and instead of looking out for the bad guys and bad incidents, we could find ourselves simmering away with some form of resentment or discontent with our near and dear. I’m sure the divorce lawyers will be licking their chops after the smoke clears and the summer antics are revealed. Now that I have you totally depressed, we can throw in the very positive and counterbalancing Venus/Jupiter conjunction that will also be in play throughout the month. It’s probable we will work though all sorts of concerns as we unravel the complicated double knots we have tied ourselves with over myriad lifetimes of karmic exchange and indebtedness. Imagine you can work though your difficulties and come out of it closer, tighter and more loving than ever before. As Shakespeare said, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” It’s up to us to make conscious choices.

Aries Read the introduction regarding your ruling planet Mars being involved with the July lunation cycles. When planets are moving through Cancer, they form a square aspect to your Aries planets creating tension and awareness. This may not be a bad thing; if anything, there are all kinds of opportunities for you to resolve ongoing disputes and concerns.

Taurus Now is the time to sort out what works or doesn’t work, what stays and what has to go. You have a strong sense of values and now you will be keenly aware of making the difference that brings contentment. Communication and exchange, visits, journeys and an all-round busy time make the month fly by.

Gemini Health, home, family and friends are topics that dominate the scene for the twins this month. It’s all about values – what you value and what is most important to you. Some choices will have to be made as you find ways to economize and streamline wherever necessary. It’s a time of hellos and goodbyes.

Cancer This month is loaded for bear. Although sounding a tad ominous, it may not be that way, but the potential for high gear activity and movement is strong. Cancer folks are relentless when they want something and will work very hard in order to attain their objectives. Well, gird your loins and get at it.

Leo Venus and Jupiter cast their benevolent and uplifting energies into your sign. Make sure you know what you truly want for you may get it. There is the likelihood of going overboard as well and taking on way too much. Some situations or relationships may end and you may very well walk away.

Virgo October’s going to be hot. Wait a minute; the astute Virgo’s dynamic sense of discrimination and observation knows that Mac should be writing about July. Sorry, I got excited when my eye caught a glimpse of the October skies. July looks very good as well although it is time to sort and sift through what makes you happy or not.

Libra Career objectives are the big focus. You might want to get a move on and make a decision as to what you truly want to do. Work your magic and charms as July offers great opportunities to mix and mingle. You can win the trust and admiration of others easily now.

Scorpio There’s a two-pronged energy prevailing now. It’s a time of laughter and tears, joys and fears, great memories and regrets. My hint is to embrace it all. Give your love and devotion to those that matter and say goodbye to those leaving your inner circle. Travel is highlighted, spirituality as well.

Sagittarius The Scorpio paragraph fits in a way, as this is a time of expansion and contraction. You will move forward and meet some success in some areas and will have to acquiesce and bow out in other areas. Money and abundance may come, but at a price, for as we know, nothing is for free.

Capricorn Very intense energy is on-board throughout the month and it will take some manoeuvring to sort it all out and get though safely. Keep in mind that a soft reply turns away wrath, while the cut from a sword will heal in time, but a cut from the tongue can fester for a long time.

Aquarius The sands of time continually shift and we can hardly recognize the landscape of the past. We’re here to sort through what we have created in our past lives and now the opportunities are on-board to do exactly that. Before you dive for cover, know that it may be about love and lots of it.

Pisces Your solar fifth house of romance, entertainment and children is lit up like a Christmas tree. There’s nothing like the love we have for our children that melts our hearts. Creative energies are very high and you should make good use of the times. You’re at your best when giving, serving and loving.