March 2015

The spring equinox takes place on March 20 at 3:45 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time (PDST). It is an auspicious astrological event and many cultures in ancient times used the spring equinox chart as their cosmic indicator as to how the year would go. I set the chart for Vancouver and the indications are excellent. Maybe “excellent” is a little over the top, but in the language of the stars, the equinox chart is radiating very positive and harmonious qualities. I wouldn’t expect lollipops to be falling out of the sky, but if we lean into the tasks that lie before us, we stand a very good chance of doing rather well.

Just before I lull you into passivity with dreams of sugarplums and mega-dollar projects unfolding, know that life will be hot, dramatic and intense, as it should be when you dwell in a metropolis the size of Vancouver. Thirteen hours before the equinox, a solar eclipse takes place and it will cast its astrological shadow throughout the rest of 2015. Eclipses are associated with karma and in addition to personal karma, we have collective karma as well. On March 21, the Moon eclipses Mars and Uranus and we can expect some type of fireworks to manifest in the form of fires, earthquakes, accidents and violent incidents. It doesn’t necessarily mean these events will take place, but the stars are showing the potential for some type of calamity to manifest. It could come about as gang activity, political turmoil and other sorts of mayhem. No new news here. It’s the same old story.

Let’s get back to the sugarplums. As I was saying, the stars are indicating a fruitful year ­– a year of abundance and growth – and that we need to be a bit more revolutionary and bold in our approach to our concerns. We are truly blessed and live in the land of plenty, with a beautiful culture and geography, peopled by a vast assortment of souls from every corner of the globe. We must strive to join hands and form a giant circle that includes the benefit of all for we are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. We can be the role model for other cultures to follow, as even with all of our problems and blemishes, Vancouver is still the greatest place on the planet in which to live. She protects and nurtures us; in turn, we need to nurture and protect our sacred land and waters. We must count our blessings, knowing we are the caretakers of this beautiful land.

Aries It’s your time to shine; it’s an epoch time in which many new beginnings are taking root. Find your direction and head off into a most adventurous year. 2015 is your year to pioneer. Don’t know what to do? Start by eliminating what you know is not worthy, real or true and proceed from there.

Taurus The past comes into play and it is now time to pay it forward as you clear up old accounts and various forms of indebtedness. The action begins mid-month and continues throughout March and April. All kinds of excitement await thee. Love and adventure, along with other forms of dynamic creativity, manifest now.

Gemini You are a dual sign and can handle multiple tasks at the same time. You will need that skill as 2015 unfolds. One part abundance and one part scarcity; one part gathering and one part letting go takes place. Embrace it all and fear not letting go of anything; new energy fills the void.

Cancer Your career status is on an upward trajectory and you should assist this energy enthusiastically. Social circles expand as well, probably in proportion to your career activities. Muster your courage, don’t look back and know the energy is right and ready to help you in achieving your objectives. Meet all challenges head on.

Leo You can groove along in a mellow way and do okay or you can roar like a lion and make yourself heard and be loved and respected for the various talents you can bring to the table. In other words, you’re hot, even more so if you believe in yourself and have no shame in your game.

Virgo The full Moon on March 5 will illuminate the pathway ahead for you. It will become obvious as to which way you should go and what you should do. It may not be a cakewalk and clarity will be needed to sort through the confusion mid-month. Do one thing at a time.

Libra A time of contrast and controversy has arrived and you will have to use that super bio computer sitting on your shoulders to sort through the myriad complexities that will arise. It’s really not a big deal unless you make it so. No sense turning molehills into mountains. All kinds of exciting challenges manifest.

Scorpio You may feel a little weathered by the events of the last two years or so and now you just have a bit more to go before you can really rest and let down. You are gifted with great resilience and recuperative powers. Don’t give up or let up, but keep moving towards your goals.

Sagittarius It’s time to weigh up what is real and what is true. Use your archery skills to pinpoint the target and concentrate before you let loose your arrows. There’s great planetary support going on and you have even more luck than usual. Count on that luck to see you through the times when you cannot see clearly.

Capricorn Play the long game by giving yourself a few years to see the realities coming your way for certainly they’re coming. Life is changing at a rapid pace and it’s hard to know just what to do. Fear not; your karma has you covered. Poverty, wealth or whatever is destined is already written.

Aquarius Beat the drum a little louder in the first 10 days of March, as you are likely to be heard then. The planets are lending great support and any effort on your part will not go unnoticed. Plus Jupiter the great benefactor is casting his glance your way indicating that your timing is right.

Pisces Communications become enhanced this month. It would be to your benefit to first hammer out your words and what you want to say and then say it, portray it and wing it if you have to. Pay attention to your dreams and psychic impressions around March 18. Your psyche speaks rather loudly at that time.