June 29, 2010

The time has arrived to move on. Astrology has been my ruling passion, but writing about it has extracted its toll. I will be available for personal consultations always. I want to thank the readers for their wonderful support throughout the eleven years with the Georgia Straight and also to those that have followed my column on the website. I hope that I have delivered solid astrology to the public, at least as far as sun sign columns go, which hopefully would inspire the seekers to look a little deeper at the profound wisdom that lies hidden within the starry sky.
One people, one planet, one love.

Mac McLaughlin

June 12 – 25, 2010

Each month we experience a new Moon and a full Moon. We marvel at the brightness of the full Moon and we know that life’s activities are heightened, emotions tend to run high and all kinds of lunacy manifests from bar room brawls to all out rioting in the streets. Wonderful and memorable occasions take place as well. The full Moon phase includes the two days approaching and two days after the full Moon date. Often times we will look up at the bright Moon and wonder what the big deal is. It may seem to have no effect on you whatsoever. Then a full Moon comes along and lands on one of your planetary positions according to your birth chart. All hell breaks loose and you catch a glimpse of the full Moon glaring at you through your venetian blinds. Even a feeling of not being able to escape its light and influence can be experienced.

The new Moon takes place two weeks after the full Moon. At the time of a new Moon time there isn’t much light to be seen and we don’t pay much mind to the energy. The new Moon in Vedic astrology is considered weak and inauspicious, while the full Moon is considered auspicious.

Western astrological thought leans towards the full Moon as being inauspicious. My take on it that the new Moon is just as important, and just as impactful as the full Moon in both western and eastern systems. The new Moon carries the karma to be released and experienced over the lunar month. The karma is in seed form, latent in its potential until released at the proper time in the cycles of the Moon and planets. When a new Moon lands on a personal planet in your birth horoscope you will get a strong play in accordance to the position and condition of that planet. A new Moon on your Venus will indicate a month of creative and romantic energies taking place. You may feel good about yourself, money comes in and you’re into beautifying yourself and your surroundings. A new Moon on Saturn could bring up a gloomy time or a time of increased responsibilities, hard work and financial concerns. The new Moon gives birth to what is written and what is destined for mankind to experience collectively and individually. The full Moon brings the monthly activities to their peak and then the energy wanes until the next new Moon takes hold and on we go, ad infinitum.

The new Moon on June 12 takes place in Gemini, while Mercury lord of Gemini rises in the east in its own sign at new Moon time. It tells of a time in which business, commerce, trade and all factions of life get a boost as Gemini is the sign of communications, agreements, contracts and negotiations. Lord Mercury is in square with Mars at new Moon time and the fur will be flying, people will be crying, possibly lying and of course some dying. Great debates regarding education, travel, and all other considerations of how we get along will come to the fore. Mercury is in good aspect with Jupiter and Uranus as they form a powerful conjunction in the first degree of Aries. It is another indicator of breakthroughs and great humanitarian efforts to help out in the troubled regions of the planet. A busy time for all signs is indicated.

The full Moon lunar eclipse on June 26 is conjunct Pluto and if we are not successful in our negotiations to bring peace we may witness a horrific loss of life as an eclipse with Pluto is a harbinger of darkness and misuse of power. It is essential that we strive to become one people on one planet, serving and helping one another. The tyrants and terrorists are on the move and our ecology is suffering as we kill off our oceans. We haven’t learned a damn thing yet, and we continue to dine on a constant diet of fear and paranoia, while we build bigger and better bombs to handle our insecurities. The Jupiter Uranus conjunction in early Aries indicates great movements are taking shape as powerful and dynamic changes are about to take place on the planet. As fearsome as it all sounds, God’s grace is around and always will be here. As it gets darker and darker, it gets lighter and lighter. Only love will do. As my beloved Guru, Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj would say, “We cannot wash away blood with blood, but only with the waters of forgiveness.” Love is the answer, and only love will do.

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Aries Ever jumped off of a high cliff into a lake? You know that feeling you get, like butterflies in your tummy? You may get that feeling now as you anticipate the possibilities that are heading your way at lightning speed. Have no fright, it’s all right, you are heading towards the light. It’s all good. Muster your courage, gird your loins and be ready to step into the future. No time to question, no time to wrangle. Be who you are and live in your truth. The universe will lay out its plan soon enough.

Taurus It may occur to you that not much is happening. But that is not really the case. Life is coming together in a good way and although it may not be visible outwardly you may experience an inner satisfaction which can only be achieved when you have yourself together and living the lifestyle that suits you best. Your solar money house is lit up strongly throughout June, but it may not be money as much as contentment that comes your way. It is time to reach for the values that are most important to you as they are achievable now. Much is happening internally and the universe is in a generous mood. Watch for what you want, for you may get it now. Curiosity and creativity are at a peak. Go forth and learn.

Gemini The ball on the cosmic roulette wheel has dropped into your sign and the payoff is great. The new Moon on June 12 occurs in your sign. Mercury lord of the new Moon rises in his own sign Gemini at new Moon time. It is your time to shine. All matters of importance, negotiations, transactions, short journeys, publishing and everything to do with the media and internet may come into play in a strong way throughout the month of June. It’s your kind of time. Jupiter and Uranus throw good energy into the mix bringing a plethora of creative ideas and innovations that will catch the attention of those for whom they were intended. Mercury and Mars square off and contentious issues may surface in order to get some resolution. Angry retorts and accusations bring more resistance. June 11 to 14 are the most intense days. Hard work, dedication and devotion get you through a demanding time. June 23 to 26 important developments take place that help you in your decision making.

Cancer Your solar twelfth house is activated by the new Moon on June 12. Now is a time of preparation. Behind the scenes work, burning the midnight candle, and honing and perfecting your skills are the activities of the times. The Lunar eclipse on June 26 involves your sign and it indicates important changes and developments taking place especially if you are born close to June 26. The Summer Solstice on June 21 heralds your solar high of the year. The planets are casting fairly positive energy into your sign in the coming months and you can achieve your goals by persistent and tenacious attention to what must be accomplished. Many aspects of your life are in the throes of change now. You must stay sharp and keen in order to make the best choices in the upcoming days.

Leo Venus spends the last half of June in your sign. She brings peace and wisdom your way. The urge to beautify your surroundings may send you on a shopping spree. June 14 and 15 are special days, possibly even magical. Be sure to do something great on these days. Your interest in philosophy and spirituality will increase as will your curiosity regarding exotic places to visit. Travel is indicated strongly as is the urge to discover what is hidden. Inheritances and joint money situations may come into play in the coming months. New circles and new friends are developing. It is time to hook up with like minded people.

Virgo Mars spends the rest of the month in your sign indicating excitement and challenge. You may be way too busy, but enjoying it anyway. Big demands are upon you and you must perform. Caution is needed especially around tools and machinery. Watch for fires, mishaps and accidents. Measure twice cut once is the mantra of the times. Saturn finally leaves Virgo in late July to your relief no doubt. Good lessons learned though, will serve you well in the future. Go with flow and set a pace in order to avoid stress and burnout. Otherwise fill your pockets as the opportunities for positive developments continue to present themselves over the next few months.

Libra The new Moon on June 12 lights up your solar ninth house ruling topics such as travel, politics, publishing, education, law, philosophy and spirituality. No doubt they are heady topics, but Libra is a cardinal air sign that thrives on intellectual curiosity and can devour a library in a short time. Life will continue to change at a rapid pace throughout the year. A time has come to renew and refresh, or should we say a time has come to balance the scales once again. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is the mantra of the times for your sign over the next couple of years. Be the conscious co-worker of your own divine plan. Do your part, and the universe will do its part.

Scorpio The Gemini new Moon on June 12 takes place in your solar eighth house. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. It might be one of the reasons that Gemini and Scorpio will sometimes bond. Matters of inheritance, joint monies, taxes and the goods of the dead may come up. The Summer Solstice on June 21 brings an easier rhythm into existence as the summer Sun harmonizes with Scorpio. Discoveries in health and medicine could help you in some way. It is also probable that you’ll want to help, serve and heal other souls that are suffering. Travel is indicated along with a new longing for adventure and freedom to wander and wonder and create as only a Scorpio can.

Sagittarius Your solar seventh house of relationships is getting a strong workout these days. The seventh house in one’s chart rules all forms of relationships. It represents all those for and against you. People that love you and people that oppose you are seventh house topics. The heat is on. Issues, debates, meetings and frustrations can boil over especially from June 9 to 14. Generally you have the overview and often a good sense of humour as well. Now is your time to work out the kinks in the program. It is also important to ensure proper rest and recreation as this is your solar low of the year until June 21.


By the light of the full Moon On June 26 revelations come rolling in. It’s a lunar eclipse and the Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The combination can be an indication of some type of abuse of power. Rogue nations can lash out and the dark forces will be about. Our imaginations can do the rest. The oil spill disaster is at the top of the list of things that are destroying our planet and it seems like our hands are tied. Now you must be perceived as a team player. Outright bids for power or abuse of it can cause a serious backlash. The wand of power may be in your hands and now you must act according to the wishes of the majority. Big plays are in the wind, personally and collectively. Stay in the light and let your works be seen. Endings and beginnings are taking shape.

Aquarius Soon Saturn will enter Libra as he climbs towards the top of your solar chart. It tells of a time in which you may do your best and your success may run for many years. You may have lost your way in a Neptunian haze over the last several years. Now the fog is lifting and new vistas appearing along with a headful of new ideas and untraveled, untrodden places are awaiting your discovery. Romantic energies come up as Venus visits your solar seventh house of partnerships in the last half of June and early July. Pleasant surprises and discoveries take place especially on June 14 and 15.

Pisces Life continues to shift and shape itself as Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn make their contributions to your evolution and growth. Jupiter brings luck, fortune and freedom, Uranus revolutionizes you and Saturn wizens you. All in all the next several months will be important in the shaping of your destiny. Go with the flow and reach for the stars. Go for the highest, believe in yourself and the universe. Back here on Earth, you might want to take special care from June 11 to 19 as controversies and concerns come up. Heated scenarios can come up quickly. Kindness and patience gets you through. All in all, it is an exciting time for your sign as many unique discoveries are destined to come your way this year.