September 2017

In the combined July / August column I predicted that it was going to be a very hot summer regardless of the weather, and that has certainly proved itself out. We get all wound up regarding Mercury retrograde times in which communications, plans, negotiations and schedules go haywire. Mercury stops and goes direct motion on September 5, right on Donald Trump’s ascendant. The ascendant is a most sensitive point in any horoscope. Mars, the planet of exploration, courage, valour and bravery on the positive side of the coin, and war, anger, and violence on the other side, accompanies Mercury, and these two planets do not mix well at all. There’s bound to be trouble and controversy.

Remember the great American eclipse on August 21? It occurred at 28 degrees of Leo, (Trump’s ascendant) which is where Mercury and Mars meet up. That point is a cosmic hotspot, soaked with the fuel of frustration, irritation, and anger, and it won’t take much to set the whole thing ablaze. Let’s hope that it’s a blaze of awareness, consciousness and love. Just to add to the mix, Mercury forms a triangle with its higher octave planet Uranus which will pan out in the form of epiphanies, brilliant strategies, and powerful movements with masses of people involved. Later on in the month we have a Jupiter / Uranus opposition that will be in play until mid-October. Anything goes with this wild card combination of planetary influences. How about a revolution? Certainly a revolution in consciousness is way overdue. There are so many bright and brilliant people out there that know that things must change and change now.

We’re all on the same planet, with the same blood in our veins and all of us born the same way, and all of us estranged from the higher aspects of love and enlightenment. We need love and lots of it. One day this planet will be run by highly enlightened souls that are fully conscious and endowed with the power of love and wisdom. Let’s start this party now. Let’s move the neanderthals out of the way, and all their greedy warmongering friends with them. We have the the power of God’s love with us, and as my great Guru Param Sant kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj has said, “The golden age will not fall out of the sky, but will come from men’s hearts.” It’s a wakeup call folks, and not from the nightmare of war and violence, but of love, light and caring for one another. I’m down with it, are you? Can you love me? I love you.

Aries Pay close attention to your dreams on September 9. Actually, all kinds of powerful information could be flowing through your consciousness from September 7 to 9. If you’re feeling restless consider it a good thing. Sometimes we need to be shaken up a bit in order to shake off the old and get on with the new.

Taurus Your solar fifth house of entertainment, and romance is strongly activated in September. The fifth house also rules over business adventures, gambling and creative endeavours. Embrace it all, and enjoy all that life has to offer. Before you do too much embracing though, know that things are not as they appear to be, especially on September 29.

Gemini Home, family, land and real estate are hot topics throughout the month. It may be time to buy, sell, or renovate. Speaking of renovations, it might be high time for some internal reno’s. The stars are calling for it, and it is always best to stay abreast of what the stars decree.

Cancer Your creative juices may be flowing as all kinds of ideas and epiphanies come your way. Something that you might need to get out of the way first is any type of impediments regarding your overall health. The stars are indicating that it is time to take a long hard look at everything and anything that needs healing.

Leo Love has a beginning but no ending. Love should always increase, but never decrease. Now the love planet Venus visits Leo until mid-month, then it enters your house of personal values and earning capacity. It’s time to dig deep and get to the truth of what is what, and what is real.

Virgo The full Moon on September 6, will bring light and awareness. Actually, September 4 to 7 are very dynamic days and nights. Try to remember your dreams, and pay attention to psychic impressions that come your way on these days as well. September 17 to 20 are dynamic days in which a new start is indicated.

Libra An energy shift takes place on September 22. The autumnal equinox affects the magnetism of the Earth and it most likely will affect your magnetism as well. Important shifts in consciousness take place for those sensitive enough to pick up on them. September 21 and 22 are days in which unique and interesting news arrives.

Scorpio Scorpio people are very keen on the power of the collective. Not only keen on collective power, but many Scorpio types love to be at the head of whatever is going on. They love to run the show. September offers up myriad opportunities to get together with like-minded souls, groups, and affiliations of all sorts.

Sagittarius Saturn lingers in Sagittarius for a few more months. Saturn rules falls from high places. My Sagittarius neighbour fell off his ladder, and my Sagittarius grandson fell off his motorbike. Both are licking their wounds. Brighten up, they’re all good lessons learned in the school of hard knocks. Career opportunities may manifest this month.

Capricorn Spirituality, philosophy and all matters to do with travel and education come into play now. Overall this is a time of transition and regeneration. It’s a long-term thing, and not to be worried about, but the main theme is continuing to let go of the past, enjoy the present, and embrace the future.

Aquarius Oh, what a trail we have left behind throughout the ages. It’s nearly overwhelming to even consider how long our soul has existed, and how many times you have reincarnated on this planet. Heavy and heady as it is, you might be interested in delving into the deeper waters of the soul’s existence now.

Pisces The full Moon on September 6 occurs in your sign. The Moon conjuncts with Neptune opening up a channel of awareness and connectedness with your higher self. Pay attention to all that comes to pass from September 4 to 7. Love and forgiveness, kindness and gentleness will get you to where you want to go.