April 2011

A most profound and provocative time has arrived. The planet is spinning faster, much faster, and no, not the rate of motion, but if the activity of our collective karma could be measured, it would be right off the scales. Big movements are in the wind. It is not the time to talk nicely or politely; it’s time to take the gloves off and get down to some bare-knuckle exchanges. My, my, what is he going on about, one might ask?

Now that you have asked, let me run it down for you. The new moon on April 3 tells the tale of the energy that will prevail throughout the month. A new moon indicates new starts, fresh beginnings and launches of any type of activity or enterprise. Mars’ lord of the Aries new moon is conjunct with Uranus in the first degree of Aries, while Saturn makes an exact opposition to the new moon. It means that we have entered a time that is highly volatile, shaky and explosive. Mars is the planet of war, violence and aggression while Uranus is the planet of revolution, upset, shock, shift and change. Saturn is pretty much the grim reaper and he casts his heavy hand into the play. Possibly, the trouble spots will ignite; maybe they already have. At the time of this writing on March 4, all eyes are on the mid east. Near or far, everything is in flux, as a new churning and burning desire to get things right for the sake of humanity inspires us to do something about it, now. It is not time to cower in fear; it is time for movement and protestation across the land. All fiefdoms will get a shakeout and they may be destroyed. Personally and collectively, now is the time to get it on and reach for the moon, sun and stars.

Did you read David Suzuki’s interview last month? He is an Aries and I’m an Aries and Aries people are on the move, holding the torchlight and pointing in the direction we must move towards. Save the humans, whales and every other thing that needs saving.

Okay, relax, breathe in, breathe out and do it again. The good news is that Jupiter, king of the gods, is conjunct with the new moon and gives a promise of faith, good will and lucky breaks all around. In other words, it is not doomsday, but it is a time in which we must arise and put our collective shoulder to the grindstone and cleanse, streamline and correct the problematic areas wherever and whatever they are. I know it all sounds ominous, but, in actuality, we have a grand opportunity to truly make some giant steps. Presently, we’re winnowing the Neanderthals and removing the despots and the deeply ingrained power pockets that have become insanely abusive and hugely detrimental to our well being. The full moon on April 17 will tell the tale. It is just as impactful as the new moon and once again we will be incensed, as we move toward freedom and justice for all.

Aries Ram or lamb, what will it be? From one Aries to another, you will never come across a time like this again in your life. Fate and destiny impatiently await thee. Move or be moved; take charge or get out of the way.

Taurus Much is happening behind the scenes and it will soon be revealed. One of your best years is taking shape and you must make the best of it. Start now and strive for the high ground by clearing and cleansing wherever it is needed.

Gemini Practically the whole of the heavens is casting warm and positive glances your way. With a slight effort on your part, the universe will respond abundantly while with a major effort, you can achieve more than you imagined.

Cancer Oh passionate one, it is your time to impact the world. Presently, it is your stage. It may not be easy and the demands are heavy, but you might not mind. Everyone’s watching on this one. Make your moves now.

Leo High adventure is on the horizon and great times are indicated. Trinkets and baubles may no longer interest you, but seeking love and spirituality may very well capture your heart and soul. Move toward the light.

Virgo Something deep and moving takes place. Discoveries, including self-discovery, may come your way. Grace, love and harmony cast their glances. Inheritances, mysteries and a deep longing stir your curiosity.

Libra A bucket chart has formed on April 3 and the handle is in Libra. The six-planet alignment in Aries is funnelling into Libra, bringing a profound time of movement, controversy, contrast and change. Work within it.

Scorpio Your main objective throughout April is taking care of yourself, health-wise. It is also a time to sort through and rearrange everything. Getting others onside and working collectively may bring success your way.

Sagittarius Your solar house of business, entertainment, children, love and romance is totally activated throughout the month. It means you can make your way with ease and style, as unique opportunities crop up now.

Capricorn Home and family feature stronger than ever. Perhaps they have been ignored as you climbed your mountain toward success. Now is the time to repair and renew and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Aquarius A new attitude is developing. Creative levels are on the rise and opportunities to show your stuff emerge. It is a good month to mix and mingle and extend yourself to others. Muster your courage and bust a move or two.

Pisces It may be time for a deep evaluation of your situation. It is the time for a new direction to manifest. Health, relationships and resources are the main topics and you may experience a windfall or increase of sorts.