April 2013

All of life’s activities are synchronized with the movement of the Moon and planets. Each month, we experience a new and full Moon. The new Moon signals the start of any new activity. It’s sort of like a seedling bursting forth from its shell, reaching towards its potential. The full Moon indicates a time of great activity, excitement, fulfilment and completion. Any planet connected to the new or full Moon will show its effects throughout the month and especially at the new and full Moon times. Interestingly, Mars sits close to the new Moon on April 10. This is an indicator of vigorous spring activity. Mars represents effort, action and aggression. This dynamic new Moon takes place in the fourth house, which represents land and real estate and where we live. The fourth house also has to do with family life, homes, parents, education and according to the Vedic scriptures, vehicles as well. Maybe it’s time to purchase that new car or home.

My bet is that we’re going to be very busy with our spring tasks and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a strong spike in the real estate markets. We can expect a fair amount of jousting and fighting when the competition heats up as the power types seek their destiny. Fires, incidents and accidents are on the menu, as Mars has the propensity to stir things up. On the positive side of the coin, Mars invigorates, inspires and fuels us with passion, energy and strength. Venus is very close to Mars at the time of the new Moon and is another indicator that we will be full into whatever captures our attention and interests.

Love is in the air and life here in La-La land hums on nicely. It’s especially nice in the sense that Venus and Mars are the traditional planets of love, romance and passion. The full Moon lunar eclipse on April 25 also has Mars strongly in the picture, Saturn too. It’s not pretty when Mars and Saturn are involved with a lunar eclipse. We’re faced with limitations and frustrations and the pickings are not easy. Heads will roll and some of the power types will step aside as controversy and conflict hit the front pages throughout the month. The last 10 days of April are especially fraught with great tension and concern. But while somewhat painful, the process is necessary. Mid-May, when the dust settles and the air clears, we will see who is still standing. It’s time to roll up our collective sleeves and get to work.

Aries You are intuitive and instinctive and now you must use those gifts in order to get where you’re going. The Aries new Moon on April 10 signals a new start and fresh opportunities. Action and attraction and love and romance, along with some high adventure, are on the cosmic menu. Destiny is heading your way.

Taurus By the light of the silvery moon on April 25, many realities coalesce. Your inner psyche becomes illuminated and you see the pathway ahead. Powerful and profound lessons are on-board and you gain great wisdom. Gains and losses are in the play. It’s time to let go of what is no longer worthy or useful.

Gemini The new Moon on April 10 takes place in your solar eleventh house, which is the house of friendships, groups and societies. A whirlwind of events, gatherings and other social commitments keep you hopping throughout the month. Jupiter continues to pour on the abundance, bringing precious gifts into your life. Embrace it all.

Cancer You can expect a busy and demanding time throughout April. You may not mind and might actually enjoy it. The pace mellows after the Sun enters Taurus on April 19. The last half of the month is more to your liking and good times are indicated. Mix and mingle, wheel and deal, as opportunities for advancement come up.

Leo When we put the boat in the water at high tide, the task is easy. At low tide, we struggle, strain, cuss and wrestle with the task. The first half of April is your high tide time while in the second half of the month, it will be tougher to get things done.

Virgo Life becomes more meaningful and its mysteries deepen. You may be in wonderment about it all and the urge to seek understanding, knowledge and wisdom will be very strong. Go with it; go into it. Seek and you shall discover. Your solar career sector is hot and you should apply yourself accordingly. Your timing is good.

Libra The Aries new Moon on April 10 has Venus and Mars involved and they cast their energies your way. Love and adventure, action, excitement and attraction are on the cosmic menu. Set a pace that you can handle, as the demands on your time will be amped to the max. Clashes may occur.

Scorpio The full Moon lunar eclipse on April 25 takes place in your sign. It is an important time. The two heavyweights, Mars and Saturn, are involved, indicating an intense turn of events that will need your full attention. Your inner psyche is illuminated and you see the reality of your situation. Late April tells the tale.

Sagittarius Your solar fifth house is lit up like a Christmas tree. Topics that rule the fifth house are children, romance, business, enterprise, gambling and entertainment. Lord Jupiter casts his benevolent glance your way as well, indicating that your timing is good. Partnership potential is strong, romantic or business-wise. Watch for overstating the facts, though.

Capricorn It’s time for some work around the house and some in-house work as well. The instinct to put it all together is strong. It is also a time for some deep inner reflection and re-evaluation of your values. Keep an open-hand policy and don’t be afraid to let things go, if they must go.

Aquarius You may be at an impasse, a crossroad or a fork in the road; serious decisions must be made in order for you to release the burdens you have been carrying in that urn on your shoulder for many years now. The April stars are aligned in a way that will help you to see the way.

Pisces April starts off with a bang. Possibly, you bang heads with someone and unkind works are exchanged. The first half of the month has its challenges. Late April is more to your liking. Finances may be on your mind. Home, family and real estate activities are indicated. Diet and health considerations come up.