October 2012

A blindfolded Goddess with a sword in one hand and scales in the other rules over the sign Libra. She represents impartial justice, balance, order and harmony. The Sun transits Libra until October 22. Libra is a Cardinal/Air sign bringing intellectual and artistic gifts to those born in this sign. The Sun forms a triangle with Jupiter in the first half of October, bringing opportunities to set things right. The Sun-Jupiter triangle brings hope, faith, trust and a cooperative spirit into the mix. The point of the drill is in using planetary awareness (astrology) to help assist us in dealing with the myriad complicated social and political concerns of the day. When we come across a giant boulder that needs to be moved, we know our human strength will not get it to budge one inch. If we apply a long enough pole and fulcrum, we can move the boulder easily. The planetary aspects, such as the Sun trine Jupiter, are our fulcrum and pole and when used wisely we can literally move mountains. Yes, there is magic in the stars. It is God’s handiwork.

In Ecclesiastes, it is written we have a time to weep and a time to laugh. A time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace. Astrology is the cosmic clock and timekeeper for all terrestrial activities and events. Speaking of events, we have the US presidential elections taking place on November 6. After a lengthy study of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s horoscopes, I have come to the conclusion Obama will win. But hold on a minute. Remember the Bush/Gore race? It took place on November 7, 2000. Mercury, the planet ruling communications, was standing still, which is an indicator that things could go wrong and they certainly did. Well, guess what folks? Yep, good old Mercury retrograde takes place on November 6 and Mercury is standing still again as he prepares to back up along the ecliptic for a few weeks.

We know Mercury retrograde phenomena is strongly linked to all types of communication and transportation concerns. It may be a concern if Romney does get elected, as he is hawkish and willing to fight. Let’s keep an eye on this one and see where the world gets to, post November 6. Saturn will be in Scorpio starting on October 5 and this combination will bring its secrets, plans, plots and machinations to the surface over the next couple of years.

Aries Your Sun is in Aries and the Sun moves through through Libra for the first three weeks of October. It’s your solar low of the year. It is time for some introspection, reflection and possible redirection of your energies and efforts to find the balance in all things. You may hunger for something deeper.

Taurus Saturn casts his stern glance from your opposite sign Scorpio over the next couple of years. It’s all about time and how you use it. Taurus, being a fixed sign, has its blessings and curses. The blessing is steadfastness, the curse, obstinacy and stubbornness. You may want to comply and concur rather than oppose and suffer.

Gemini I wish I were a Gemini in order to take advantage of the opportunities that Jupiter is bringing while he visits Gemini. He brings warmth, confidence, good luck and good timing. It’s highly likely that life’s activities are going to get ramped up as Mars casts his energy your way along with Jupiter in October and November.

Cancer It is time to prepare for the future. By your birthday next year, Jupiter will have entered your sign bringing untold blessings and opportunities for growth and advancement. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, but start now. Move towards your goals, study and work hard and it will pay in its own way and day.

Leo Mars and Jupiter throw good energies your way throughout the month. The Sun assists as well, Uranus too. All combined, the equation is that you are able to relate and communicate with all kinds of people from all aspects of life. Your timing is good and your resolve is strong and others pick up on it.

Virgo Lovely Venus pays a visit for most of the month. Well, she’s lovely most of the time; at other times, Venus helps us to reflect on how we’re really doing and some of the material may not be comfortable. There’s nothing like a good catharsis to re-align our values, principals, goals and ideals.

Libra It’s your time to shine as the Sun moves through your sign. Saturn moves out of Libra in early October. The stern taskmaster has left some powerful impressions and deep lessons that may have carved some wisdom into your soul. A whirlwind fall season speeds by in a blink of an eye. Enjoy and rejoice.

Scorpio Scorpios are old souls. In this incarnation, Scorpio is inclined to truly help mankind as they themselves have garnered a deep wisdom from the hoary past. The events destined to come to pass in the next two years will set your course for many years to come. Now is a time of correction and redirection.

Sagittarius Talk about intense. This is it. Mars visits Sagittarius throughout the month bringing an injection of energy, excitement, action and competition. Plus lord Jupiter casts his energy your way as well, bringing luck and fortune into the play. Mars and Jupiter oppose in the last days of October ramping up everything. Think twice, cut once.

Capricorn Your career sector is hot. You learn a lot from secret sources throughout the month. No one can really outwork you or put in the same devotion to any subject at hand. Your instinct is to go deep and you should; think long-term while you’re at it. Shed the past and move forward.

Aquarius Seize the day, seize the month and if you don’t, no big deal, but a very precious window of time has arrived, especially in the first half of October. If you want to get somewhere with your life, use the stars as your fulcrum and pole and make leverage now. Read the introduction.

Pisces Mercury and Saturn cast their energy into your sign bringing helpful news and information throughout the month. Now that Neptune has settled into Pisces for a very long visit, you can utilize Neptune’s energy to align yourself with your higher principals of compassion, love and service to all those who are suffering. New realities are dawning.

September 2012

We start and finish the month with full Moon energy. The blue Moon on August 31 carries its effects into early September. The Moon is bright. The combination of being full and in Pisces is bound to bring up some strong emotional energy. People tend to talk about their problems, fears, hopes and dreams under the Pisces Moon. We open up and let it all out.
It may be wise to keep careful watch over alcohol and drug consumption, as things can get crazy in a heartbeat with this dynamic energy unfolding. The end of the Month has similar vibes as we experience the harvest Moon on September 29. This full Moon is loaded and potently mixed with some strong planetary aspects throughout the day and it won’t take much to spark all kinds of action/reaction scenarios. The whole point of the drill is within the understanding that fore-knowledge of planetary situations can help us objectify energy and work with it, rather than against it. On a day such as September 29, it would be very wise to behave with restraint and caution. Not fearfully so, but in the sense that we can work towards positive resolution rather than adding more indebtedness karma-wise.
Although we’re having fun lying on the beach or hovering over the barbie, our minds are elsewhere – we’re thinking about school, the kids, work, career and myriad other things we know we must get to, tend to, soon. The summer is coming to an end and we can feel it. The fall equinox takes place on September 22. The instinct, Virgo instinct that is, is to organize and prepare for the coming colder seasons, thusly we have the harvest along with the impetus to order up, clean up, prepare and repair before winter sets in. Organize and systemize is the Virgo vibe. It’s back to the books; well, at least it used to be books. Now it’s some tiny, handheld device created by the Virgo nerds themselves, no doubt. He he, just kidding, sort of. Virgo is all about the details of any particular thing. They say that Virgo cannot see the forest for the trees, but Virgo will probably know everything about that tree and its environment and its needs and requirements to keep it healthy. What would we do without our Virgos to guide us along the proper path, err, correct path, right path? Anyway, dear Virgo often has the right answers. Virgo gone wrong is another story. Let’s save that one for another day and roll up our sleeves and get at it.

Aries Lead the way! How, you ask? Stay true to yourself, honest and original. Aries types make excellent leaders because they are able to cut through the red tape and get directly to the point. Remain open and alert, as this is a time of great revelations and internal revolutions. Fate and destiny guide the way.

Taurus You will have to play nice as Mars spends the month in your opposite sign Scorpio. Contention, tension, competition, attraction and aggression are just a few keywords that describe the September vibes. All kinds of mini battles and disputes may arise. Home, family and real estate activities are featured. Excitement and good times go into the mix.

Gemini Home, family and career activities dominate the calendar. Expansive Jupiter is practically standing still in the middle of Gemini throughout September and October bringing Jupiter’s blessings of abundance and good fortune. You can enjoy the good times, but you would be wise to go for the gusto and attain your goals and dreams.

Cancer You will have some important decisions to make as September kicks into gear. Financial, professional and personal hurdles must be overcome. Once that is settled, whatever it is, you will be able to concentrate on making the best use of your time and energy. Opportunities for advancement are in place. Stay keen and alert.

Leo Venus pays a visit for most of the month bringing her special energy on board. Resources may get a boost and so too will your personal magnetism. Mars squares off with Venus indicating all kinds of intense attractions and reactions. If you love the spotlight, which most Leos do, then this is your time to shine.

Virgo You’re in your solar high of the year, plus you start the month off with a bright full Moon bringing all kinds of revelations and realizations into your awareness. The Virgo new Moon on September 15 hints at a new start and a new leaf turned over. Opportunity awaits thee. Move forward with confidence.

Libra The Sun enters Libra on September 22, bringing you into your solar high of the year. You may be adjusting to the change of circumstances in your life that has taken place over the last 30 months. The full Moon on September 29 brings important revelations your way and a few surprises to boot.

Scorpio Mars moves through Scorpio throughout the month bringing courage and stamina. Mars also stirs things up and heated battles may come into play. Think long-term as Saturn visits Scorpio for the next two years and it may be wise to learn to live with less, especially less stress. Now is truly the time to make some changes.

Sagittarius Jupiter casts his blessings in the form of opportunities for advancement and spiritual growth. Travel, education, publishing and gambling are featured. Politics and law are topics that may flourish while this transit is going on. September offers hurdles and some tension that must be overcome. Career and family are feature topics throughout the month.

Capricorn Travel, law, along with writing, publishing and education are featured. You may long for a deep drink of spirituality to slake your thirst for something higher, something transcendent. No matter what you acquire, you’ll only want more. It never ends and we are never satisfied. What to do? Let go and let God run the show.

Aquarius Jupiter and Saturn cast their blessings, Uranus and Venus too. Jupiter brings good luck and good fortune. Saturn brings harmony, balance, rhythm, wisdom and sobriety. Uranus brings a form of originality and creative fluidity. Venus brings love and affection, resources and a whole lot of creativity. All we need now – is you!

Pisces The full Moon on August 31 takes place in Pisces. It will bring an understanding of how things are and how things will be. Pay attention to your dreams, as the symbolism in them may offer significant clues to your daily concerns. You may have to work a bit harder to accomplish your goals in September.