January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, I’m back at it again! I am now writing a regular monthly horoscope called Star Wise that will appear on this site and on Common Ground. Hope you enjoy it!


When a pickpocket meets a Saint, all he sees are his pockets. When an astrologer meets someone, they see their starry constellations, planetary configurations and all sorts of other dynamic features that are helpful in understanding what we’re all about. One such feature is called Gaja Kesari yoga, where the planet Jupiter is in an angular position to the Moon in your chart. This yoga, or planetary configuration brings untold good luck and fortune. There are stories of Jotishis (Vedic astrologers) in India that have the ability to spot someone with Gaja Kesari yoga just by their appearance and shape and size of their foreheads. One story relates about a fellow traveling through India when he was approached by a Jotishi and invited to walk through a cobra pit. The Jotishi knew the gentleman would not be bit. Cobras will bite some people and turn their backs for others. The traveler was also aware that he had Gaja Kesari yoga and was very surprised with the invite. I’m sure he didn’t take him up on it though.

The solar eclipse on January 4 carries very important and potent karmic seeds that will be distributed throughout the year. The position and condition of the planets at eclipse time tells the tale of what’s to come our way. Although this sounds a tad ominous, we must remember that we always have choices, and there is always God’s grace and love. The fates are riding high and this eclipse in Capricorn will stir up the governments, leading parties and all things political. A time to shift, change and rearrange has arrived. Mars, Pluto and Saturn are involved in the play. Everyone seems to be concerned about 2012, while I think 2011 is the year that the poop hits the fan, so to speak. Great movements and profound plans are in the works. Espionage, war and terrorism will not abate. We are witnessing the energy locally, nationally and globally as heads roll, governments fall apart and all kinds of new alliances begin to congeal. Before you get too stressed with this depressing karmic state of affairs know that there is a positive side of the ledger as well.

The Jupiter – Uranus conjunction in Pisces has caught my eye and it is an indicator of great breakthroughs along with a tremendous amount of love and compassion. This energy runs throughout January and the conjunction happens four hours after the solar eclipse which tells us that the effects of the planets at eclipse time will also carry throughout 2011. Venus the planet of love is in perfect triangle with Jupiter and Uranus and is a wonderful indicator of breakthroughs and miracles of the human spirit. The forces of light and darkness continue their illusory dance throughout time. Now is the time to lend a hand and lean in towards the problems that plague us. As it gets darker and darker it gets lighter and lighter and God’s grace and compassion for his children will outlast the negative power every time. Have no fear, be of good cheer. Reach out and help someone, give a bit a more, give a lot more and the rest is history as they say.

Aries Career prospects are hot and if not you should make them so by being pro-active, not aggressive. If you are unsure as to which way to go, then continue to eliminate old, negative pathways. Soon enough, the new direction will manifest itself. Be ready.

Taurus Spiritual changes take place, particularly if you are fed up with the grind. The universe is pleading with you to make the necessary changes that will bring peace of mind. All positive efforts bring excellent returns especially in the last half of the year.

Gemini The journey deepens in many ways as you weigh up all that has come to pass. Inheritances and joint monies come into play, as do a few mysteries for you to solve. Career plans may shift suddenly and in your favour.

Cancer It’s all about relationships right now. Expressed another way, it is all about how you relate to others and how you allow others to relate to you. Power plays and powerful days unfold rapidly. Exciting opportunities for travel, education, publishing and spiritual enlightenment arise.

Leo A stitch in time saves nine. Follow your instincts, as they help you prepare for upcoming ventures. Health, proper diet and balance are the objectives that must be attained and maintained. It is time to organize and harmonize everything.

Virgo Romantic energies are strong as bonds deepen and new souls arrive. Business opportunities and joint ventures dovetail along with good times. Your relationship house is active meaning that new partnerships may develop and old relationships may change suddenly.

Libra The month may not start off with much of a bang, but things develop as the weeks unfold. New friendships pique your interest. It is a time of redesigning your plan to fit with present realities. Powerful and positive relationships are developing.

Scorpio Creative potential is high. Muster your courage and move forward. Popularity and magnetism draw all kinds of interesting souls your way. Keep the door open, especially on the romantic level. Business opportunities present themselves throughout the month. Others find you simply irresistible.

Sagittarius You are the prophet or prophetess of the zodiac. Pay close attention to what comes through your consciousness these days as your internal wisdom is sending strong signals. You are probably right on the money intuitive-wise. Be bold, brave and fearless. Bring it on.

Capricorn Big changes are in the wind. It is not time to dig in and resist; it is time to assist whatever is changing in your life. Powerful forces are at work. Fierce resistance, backlashes, collusions and backroom deals congeal into new realities.

Aquarius January starts off a little sluggish, but things pick up mid month. The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20 and accompanies Mars in your sign bringing courage, enthusiasm, action and attraction. You will feel emboldened, supported and cheered on by your colleagues.

Pisces An energy shift takes place and you may be surprised with who shows up in your life now. All kinds of unusual people, even groups of people who share similar interests, manifest themselves. The stars tell of a time of wonderment and spiritual awakening.