We have a busy week ahead, with lots of challenges, hurdles and changes to deal with. Let me break it down for you.

Thursday August 6.
Yesterday’s lunar eclipse will have amped up our emotions in all areas of life, especially in the human welfare department. Today the Moon passes over Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius bringing strong feelings of euphoria, altruism and spiritual healing. Intuition, visions and dreams become important factors in figuring out life’s concerns.

Friday August 7.
The Pisces Moon enhances our emotional receptivity and sensitivity. People tend to talk about their problems when the Moon is in Pisces, and with the Moon opposing Mercury today the phone lines will be burning, texts and emails flying, twitters tweeting and such right off the map. The Moon, Mercury and Venus harmonize in the evening smoothing things out nicely and enhancing all forms of communications. Plus it’s a Friday evening and all entertainment venues will flourish. It is a night to mix and mingle.

Saturday August 8.
The Pisces Moon squares off with Mars and Saturn changing yesterday’s vibe of “easy come, easy go”, to a time of stop and go in which emotions and frustrations overflow. It might be the night to stay home and avoid the potent volatility, especially if it were to be mixed with alcohol or drugs.

Sunday August 9.
Although Sunday is the traditional day of rest, I doubt that this day will pan out that way. The Moon clicks into Aries early in the afternoon and promptly squares off with Pluto. I can imagine the scenarios that will unfold regarding yesterday’s activities. Secrets are revealed and some of them may be shocking.

Monday August 10.
Mars and Saturn square off today. Mars says go, and Saturn says no. Plus the square aspect creates dynamic tension and just like the tectonic plates pushing up against each other, something has to give. Actually giving and remaining flexible is the key for how to deal with the frustrations and anger that may boil up today. A soft reply garners no wrath, while pushing your way through can cause powerful reactions. Riots, demonstrations and such will be witnessed today.

Tuesday August 11.
A much better day comes our way. The Moon forms a series of positive aspects to the planets creating good will and cooperation. I guess it’s the day to go about healing yesterday’s wounds and setting things right in order to heal. The Moon moves into Taurus late in the evening, which is her exaltation sign bringing a steadying and harmonizing effect.

Wednesday August 12.
The Taurus moon continues throughout the day offering opportunities for all kinds of creative and excellent things to happen. The Moon harmonizes with Venus late in the evening bringing warmth, love and affection our way. Of course we can never get enough love, and it is the only commodity that increases when we give it. So go out and give some love, and then give some more love, and when you cannot give any more, just give a bit more and look for no return.

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Aries The Moon visits Aries from August 9 to 11 bringing a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows to deal with. The lows come in the way of frustrations, power trips and changes on August 9 and 10, with much better circumstances on August 11. Lord Mars is square with Saturn throughout these days so take your time and try not to blow a fuse. Of course things will get worked out; hopefully you’re not burned out in the process.

Taurus August 12 and 13 are important days in which you make a final attempt to sort out the kinks and problems that have accrued in the last few months. It may be time to put it all on the table so to speak. Rewards come for the brave hearts that are willing to bare it all and get on with their lives.

Gemini Your need to communicate is strong now, almost to the point that you’re becoming quite anxious about it. August 8 and 9 may have their frustrations and limitations that you will have to bear, all the while striving to maintain your cool. Others may not be so cool and battles may ensue. August 10 doesn’t fare much better and it may be wise to take some time out, let your hair down, cool down and wait for better days.

Cancer August 9 and 10 have their challenges that must be met. It may seem like others have a chip on their shoulder, and they may perceive you that way as well. In essence there are myriad opportunities to create harmony or not. Strong challenges, personal and professional are building like giant waves out at sea. You may be edgy already as you anticipate the rest of the summer. Be on your A game and move towards your goals.

Leo Revelations continue to roll in as the Moon moves through your opposite sign Aquarius on August 6. She hooks up with Jupiter and Neptune and the combination may bring on some type of special circumstances. Magical and mystical experiences may be had. August 13 is another important day in which you clear things up in a major way. It is time to put the past away and look to the future.

Virgo August 7 and 8 could prove to frustrating days, while August 9 and 10 doesn’t look a whole lot better. It doesn’t mean that the sky is falling, but it just tells us of a time in which your patience may be in short supply. Generally you do not suffer fools gladly, and now, not at all. You have the power to choose how to deal with whatever comes your way. Go easy, take it easy. Forgiveness is the answer.

Libra August 9 and 10 are days in which particular challenges must be met. All signs will feel the pressure of the Mars – Saturn square on August 10 bringing a sense of limitation and frustration. The Moon moves through your opposite sign Aries bringing contrasting and opposing situations and producing opportunities for you to get people to come to an agreement through fairness and justice.

Scorpio August 7 may prove to be a special day that you won’t soon forget. Plus it’s a Friday and you should do something special as a lively flow is indicated. The next few days may be way different as all signs cope with the limiting and frustrating Mars – Saturn square taking place on August 10.The Moon moves through your opposite sign Taurus on August 12 and 13 bringing a series of events that could prove difficult to deal with. There is an element of confusion in the mix and it may be wise to wait and see how things work out in the last half of August.

Sagittarius Smooth sailings could turn into choppy waters emotionally and literally on August 8, 9, and 10. Mars and Saturn are in square at this time creating limitation and frustration. It will be felt by all signs but in particular Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. Curb your impatience and allow others to find their way, and hopefully others will allow you the same grace. Yes, strong words no doubt, but necessary in order to inculcate the vibe of this planetary situation.

Capricorn August 7 is a good day in which a nice flow of energy is experienced. It may be a different energy completely as Lord Saturn and feisty Mars square off on August 10 and along with an Aries Moon there may very well be some fireworks, power trips and varying other frustrating circumstances to contend with.

Aquarius The Moon joins up with Jupiter and Neptune in your sign on August 6 bringing an uplifting energy your way. The Moon is full, bringing a wave of revelations. It is also a good time to party, connect and socialize. Humanitarian endeavors interest you strongly now and you may not be able to resist signing up and chipping in however you can.

Pisces Friday August 7 is your day. The Moon is in Pisces and she is making a series of positive and harmonious connections to the planets that will benefit you in a variety of ways. It is a perfect time to connect with people and socialize. Others find you fascinating and want to get to know you. August 8 is a whole different energy. Possibly Prince Charming turns into a toad or the fairy Princess turns out to be a shrew. It might be best to go slow and easy as the energy on this day is fraught with difficulty, delay and worry if you allow. Mars and Saturn square off on August 10 bringing some type of concern for all signs. August 12 and 13 are much better.