Thursday August 20:
The Leo new Moon takes place today. The new Moon signals a fresh start as she commences her monthly journey around the Earth once again. Whatever destiny we are to experience lays dormant in seed form and is released as the Moon gains in light and influence throughout the first two weeks of her waxing phase.

Friday August 21:
We will be glad and probably relieved when this Friday begins to wind down. Mercury and Uranus form an opposition early in the morning indicating that we will hit the streets running. Mercury rules all matters of business, commerce and communications, while Uranus rules such things as electronics, aviation, computers and the whole internet phenomenon. Trucks and trains and all other types of transportation come under the heading of Mercury and it’s higher octave planet Uranus. We may anticipate a few shocks or surprises possibly in the markets. It may pan out to just be an extra busy day than most.

Saturday August 22:
The Sun enters Virgo prompting us out of our dreamy summer days and awakening us to the coming realities of the fall season. We start to plan and anticipate what needs to be done. Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Uranus have formed a T-square that will be in effect from August 21 to 26 amping up the tension considerably. Accidents and mishaps are likely and we know that they are a fact of life anyway, but we might want to be extra cautious and considerate during these somewhat volatile days.

Sunday August 23:
The Sun and Pluto form a cooperative triangle indicating possible breakthroughs among the power brokers, politicians and dealmakers wherever they be. Coalitions are formed, backroom deals, secret handshakes, winks and nods take place. With the other big planetary aspects in place they may over-rule the good will of this Sun – Pluto triangle, but it will have its effect. The Libra Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius form a trine as well towards evening time bringing the best of their offerings in the form of happiness and harmony and hopefully peace and love.

Monday August 24:
A series of positive lunar aspects make this the best day of the week. The day may start off a bit bumpy and some of our loved ones may be crabby in the morning but the day gets better as she goes and finishes nicely. Get your business done today for tomorrow may not have the same flow and ease that is available today.

Tuesday August 25:
Mars enters Cancer and a few hours later Mercury enters Libra, they square off and the sparks are flying. Plus the Moon is traveling through Scorpio intensifying emotions such as anger, resentment and jealousy. It might be a good day to stay home and out of the fray. Then again sometimes we cannot avoid the inevitable confrontation that may be long overdue. Heated words expressed in anger may be regretted and lamented in the future. A soft reply turns away wrath. It’s a flashing amber signal that reads “proceed with caution.”.

Wednesday August 26:
The heavy energy of yesterday is still on board and we will have to be extra courteous and kind to all that we meet and encounter today. Power games are likely, clashes nearly inevitable. Fortunately a series of positive lunar aspects will help out and alleviate some of the negativity that may be experienced. Venus enters Leo and visits for nearly four weeks, which is a great combination for all forms of entertainment, adventure, romance and other assorted pleasures. Although it looks like a heavy week, I imagine that most of us will just yawn and focus on our pursuit of happiness with our dreams and diversions intact.

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Aries The urge to get things together comes on pretty strong in the following weeks. Career and home activities, health and fitness are just a few topics that will capture your attention. A shift is taking place and life is destined to intensify in many ways. Avoid contentious issues if you can as the probability for clashes and heated exchanges is very strong from August 21 to 26. Keep that sword sheathed, or not. It may be time to confront any uncomfortable issue, if you must.

Taurus The Sun casts good rays your way over the next four weeks as he travels through Virgo from August 22 to September 22. When the Sun harmonizes with your sign, life seems to run a little smoother. The pieces of the puzzle fall into place easily. Overall this week is running a little heavy for all signs in general and there may be quite a lot of stressed out folks running around. Possibly you will be able to bring your earthy solid reasoning into play and save the day. August 25 and 26 are just such days.

Gemini Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Uranus are in a very contentious pattern from August 21 to 26. Life can get hectic and stressful and you will have to move through the days with care and caution. This planetary combination indicates a high output of energy as a whipped up state of affairs takes place. We may not know exactly how this configuration will manifest because the variety of possibilities is endless. But we do know that you are going to be busy and possibly challenged in order to complete all that is on your platter. Heated words can come flying out in a surprising way at this time.

Cancer Mars enters Cancer on August 25 heating life up in many ways. Mars can bring valor and bravery, confidence and strength our way, or Mars can indicate mishaps, accidents, fights, fires and other not so pleasant energies. Just a few hours after Mars enters Cancer, Mercury enters Libra and the two square off bringing potently loaded situations. Pluto is involved in this configuration as well and it means that things can get heavy quickly. Choose your battles wisely. Whatever comes up at this time could carry on for a few weeks or more. Honor and honesty along with compassion and forgiveness will help untangle the knots.

Leo The new Moon on August 20 takes place in your sign giving out the signal of a new start. It’s somewhat like your own personal springtime in which everything is fresh and new. Venus pays a four week visit starting on August 26 enhancing the desire for renewal and beautification. Love and resources are ruled by Venus as are creativity, ethics and morality, and it may enhance these topics throughout this time. It’s a good time to take care of yourself. You may be the one person that is making any sense in the days and weeks to come.

Virgo The Sun enters Virgo on August 22 bringing you into your solar high of the year. It looks like a busy and demanding time is upon you. Actually you may thrive on all of it. While others complain and moan about their concerns, you may be hard at work, sleeves rolled up to the tasks at hand. You will have to be attentive and careful as a planetary combination is taking place that may bring high stress for all signs in the last days of August and the first two weeks of September. Frayed and frazzled nerves could be the case from overwork or high stress. Remember to take some time daily for rest and recreation and try to stay out of acrimonious disputes if you can.

Libra The Moon visits Libra from August 22 to 24 creating a mixed bag of planetary influences to deal with. The general tenor and vibe is a bit edgy right through the week and it may be hard to keep the peace. The Libra Moon forms a triangle with Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius on August 23 bringing the best of their combined gifts to the table. In other words, a pleasant and happy time develops in which you are surrounded with loved ones and friends or some type of pleasing social situation takes place. If there are any ruffled feathers, it will provide an opportunity for you to find the balance and restore order and sooth those that are distressed.

Scorpio The time for networking and connecting has arrived. The Sun’s passage through Virgo from August 22 to September 22 lights up the area of your solar chart related to friendships, groups and associations, hopes wishes and dreams. Plus Lord Mars is heading for the travel sector indicating possibilities for journeys of all sorts to develop over the next several weeks. The general astro weather is a bit choppy for all signs throughout this week, and it will take some forbearance and fortitude to not get roped into any form of emotional entanglements or traps that leave little room for escape. You may be the friend indeed, for the friend in need.

Sagittarius The wind is up, things are stirred up and so are your instincts on every level. Intense planetary activity throughout the week will bring a series of scenarios that will need to be handled with care and patience. August 21 to 27 are intense days for all signs but with a stronger focus for Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. Although this sounds a tad ominous it may not play out that way at all. But certainly the dynamics for fireworks are present and potent. Keep those swords sheathed and wait until the picture is clear before you act. Travel, which is often the best remedy for Sagittarius is highly probable in the weeks to come and romance may find its way as well.

Capricorn Mercury, Mars and Pluto form a T-square that most likely will have a strong effect especially on August 25 and 26. Pluto is visiting Capricorn bringing your sign into the planetary play. It means that intense scenarios will develop and heated words may be exchanged and it could be worse if people don’t keep their cool. Generally Capricorn is very good at maintaining their cool, but you may be tempted to let it all hang out and get all the cards on the table. This astro heat wave will last practically till mid September. Getting people onside may prove difficult and changes are in the wind.

Aquarius We have happened upon interesting times, and your humanitarian wisdom and energy may be needed. A series of dynamic and somewhat stressful aspects have taken shape and an all signs alert is posted. It means that the potential for discord and disruption is strong and we will experience and relate to the days in accordance with our own lights and individual and collective karma. Fortunately Aquarius is one of the signs that may sidestep whatever others are going on about. It may be that cool head and clear heart that many Aquarius folks possess that are able to bring a sense of reality to a situation. Opportunities to heal, bond and love are available now in true Aquarius style.

Pisces The Sun’s passage through your opposite sign Virgo from August 22 to September 22 signals your solar low of the year. It means that this is a time to nurture and care for yourself. Pisces are natural givers and healers, but often will forget about their own welfare. We might need some healing in the wake of the intense planetary energies that are taking place from August 21 to 27. Misunderstandings and other various calamities could come up suddenly in these days. Venus forms a triangle with Uranus on August 22 bringing unique developments, surprises and possible romantic energies your way. Go slow and easy because the dynamic planetary energy which is exciting and exhilarating is also edgy and iffy.