“The stars incline, they don’t compel” is an age old adage passed around freely in astrological circles. But I must protest, for my experience of nearly forty years of studying astrology has taught me otherwise. The stars compel big time and all of the time. There is never a point when we are not being compelled, moved, affected, attracted, hindered and blessed by the stars, or should I say, by the handwriting of God.

Another take on this material is that whatever comes our way throughout our lives, positive or negative, was created not by the handwriting of God, but penned indeed by the one and only you. No doubt we have spun the web on which we live with our own hands. What appears to be a blow against us may very well be something that saves our lives. We wince and moan under the heavy hand of Saturn when losses and difficulties come up, and we rejoice with the abundance that Jupiter can bring under brighter skies and times. We can react heatedly and sometimes violently when Mars pushes our buttons, and other times we can become the hero as we overcome our fears and limitations. Venus brings elegance, beauty and love our way and when afflicted, may spell the end of a relationship or other similar losses.

A fellow that had just served several years in prison said that it was the best thing that had ever happened to him because it saved his life. Before he was incarcerated he was drinking a half gallon of vodka a day and what appeared to be an unfortunate Saturnian incident turned out to be the blessing that saved his life.

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Venus slows down as she prepares to retrograde in Aries on March 6. A planet’s influence becomes very strong during this time when its movement slows, then appears to stop and reverse direction in the night sky. Venus traditionally is the planet associated with love, affection, creativity, beauty and abundance. Now while she retrogrades until mid April you have an opportunity to re-evaluate many aspects of your life. Take some time and weigh up what is most important to you. Then you can start moving in the direction that will bring you peace and happiness.

You might want to keep your horns tucked in a bit as you may be tempted to use them on March 1 and 2. Confusing issues come up and it may take some time to sort out what is real and what is not. Confusion has its cause and costs, all the more reason to take your time. Fireworks of the vocal kind manifest in the workplace. Now is a time for an overhaul as Venus backtracks through your solar 12th house until mid April.

Laughter and tears are both distortions of serenity. You may wear both masks, one with a smile and the other with a frown. Life is like that these days. In true Gemini fashion you have a dual concern on your hands. Although the pull of spiritual life is strong and very compelling, you may be just as inclined towards the earthly world and all of its attractions. Finding the balance and making room for both may be the remedy, for one without the other is neither worthy nor balanced. Too much work and too many distractions can lead to the sense of painting yourself into the proverbial corner. In many ways it may be an outstanding time in which many great changes take place.

It looks like you are on a powerful learning curve these days. Everything is in-depth and comes with a great impact. Nothing light and easy, but all that does come to pass will be memorable and profound and will have the effect of truly strengthening your character. It is time to be on the move as you seek your destiny and pleasure. A legacy comes your way and it may or may not be of the material kind. The stars are right for you to meet your Guru if you have evolved to that point in your journey. Career changes are percolating as opportunities present themselves.

Relationship energies heat up, both on the positive and negative side. Fiery clashes could be the case amidst a cacophony of confusion, misdirection and downright lies throughout the first week of March. Superman had to be a Leo and no doubt Wonder Woman was his twin sister. You may have to don your cape and in superhero fashion, sort out the concerns of the day. Ethics and morality come into play. A truly exciting time has arrived and you can put your own spin on it, but it is time to be the hero and help us out!

Saturn continues his journey through your sign. He is not one of the light planetary deities and often we feel quite saddled with our burdens and responsibilities when he is in the neighborhood. Recently I told a client that is experiencing Saturn in a strong way, of a time when Saturn was passing through my Sun sign Aries. I told her that I don’t remember if I cried more or meditated more in that time period. She wrote back and said the comment gave her a good laugh because she was going through the same thing and realized that she was not alone at all. Often our burdens turn into blessings. On the upside, yes there is an upside, often Virgo people are naturally inclined towards a disciplined life and Saturn’s pinch is not felt as much. If it is, then Virgos just bear down a little more and get the job done.

Your ruling planet Venus presently is backtracking through your opposite sign Aries until March 6. Even then she is moving very slow and will take weeks to get up to speed. It means that you are involved in a time in which a deep inner perusal takes place, or situations happen that cause you to do some deep reflecting on your values and what is truly important in your life. Of course Libra is the sign of justice, fairness and equality. Cooperation and getting to the win-win is what it is all about. Romantic and creative energies are high and may be the reasons behind the introspection.

Stay keen and aware on March 1 and 2 as the dynamics for a misunderstanding are strong. Actually the first two weeks of March hold the same energy. Your body could be unusually sensitive to any form of drug and caution is indicated with all substances. The Sun moves through your solar fifth house bringing a raft of ideas and innovations. Romantic energies may come up as well, and again it may be advised to go slow until you know.

The past looms into the picture and you may harken back to the days of whatever. Normally Sagittarius has their eye on the future. Possibly they will both play a roll these days. If you have a writing gene in your body now is the time to call upon it. Children, young people and all kinds of entertaining events take up the days. Romantic energies are strong as well. Philosophic debates rage on in your head which seems to be a Sagittarius pass time. It is high entertainment and exceptionally funny when you get on a roll regarding all the crazy things that you have experienced in your life. We need your levity now.

Lord Saturn holds court as he sits on his throne and casts his judgments from Virgo, which is a sign not too unlike Capricorn in the spirit of things. Lord Saturn says we have been wasteful and greedy in our ways and not careful with guarding the sacred temple of the body, mind and soul. Now a correction has to take place. You are an emissary of Lord Saturn and your work is to help out in the cleansing and clearing processes that are destined to come our way. A great mantle of responsibility is upon you and the work must be done in order to bring peace and harmony into our world.

It is a tremendous time for your sign in which everything takes place, from the wild, weird and whacky to the sublime and divine. Reality takes many forms and you may wonder which way to go. Let your spirit be your guide. It may be wise to stay away from the spirits as well, especially the kind in a bottle or pipe. Actually your body could be very sensitive to any form of drug throughout the first two weeks of March so use caution and keep it clean.

Behind the scene work carries on. A retreat of some kind would be worthy throughout the month. Life is taking on new dimensions as old realities fade away and new horizons appear not too far off. The next two weeks will tell quite the tale in which all kinds of changes take place. Take the days as they come and ride it out. Exciting and unusual developments propel you into the future.