“May you live in interesting times” is a well known ancient curse. We are undoubtedly living in interesting times and it’s difficult to say just how things will turn out. In many recent columns I have carried on about the Saturn – Uranus opposition dominating the skies until September 2010. Saturn and Uranus could not be in more divergent positions, nor be more opposite in opinion, style, philosophy and ideology. Somehow we must translate, assimilate and accommodate their teachings in order to exist in a somewhat cohesive, healthy society. Not only are Saturn and Uranus totally different in their expression, they are visiting Virgo and Pisces and these two signs are opposite to one another and totally different in their respective takes on reality. Conservation, deprivation, starvation and impoverishment are just a few Saturnian keywords. Virgo is the sign of natural and practical living. Virgo is a no-nonsense sign that is very similar in its character to Saturn. The combination of Saturn in Virgo just magnifies each of their respective contributions to life on dear old Mother Earth.

With the world markets suffering trauma after trauma and Obama promising the Moon as they talk about trillions of dollars of indebtedness we know that we are in big trouble. No sense droning on about how bad and scary that it all is. From the starry perspective the energy unfolding is corrective as we realign the monetary game worldwide once again.

Saturn in Virgo reprimands us for our wasteful, polluting and greedy ways. He also imparts deep lessons which lend wisdom and gratefulness to our souls. We will not fall off the planet and we will continue to feed our kids. Which brings us to another serious topic of the Saturn – Virgo combination, health care, especially for the burgeoning elder population and the overall state of affairs regarding our physical and psychological well being.

We are dealing with obesity, heart disease, diabetes cancer and many other debilitating diseases which probably stem from what we have put into our bodies. Now we may wake up to the reality that we need improved diets, minus the chemical additives and every other thing that robs our bodies of nutrition. I think we are going to become part of the wave of back to the land people as we once again learn the often hard lessons of self sufficiency.

Then we have the maverick trouble maker and revolutionary planet Uranus moving through a sign that has no real form but is symbolized by the oceans and seas. As tightly wound and bound as Saturn in Virgo can be, in the opposite direction Uranus moving through Pisces is completely wild and unhinged. Imagine what happens when the town fathers (Saturn / Virgo) and the punk rockers, rappers, bikers and every other fringe element (Uranus / Pisces) meet up. Well it is happening. We have chaos in the streets with 20 shootings in 30 days. We have the Saturnians which represent all aspects of governing such as the police and those that run the show explaining and promising to get it together and spank the bad guys. Fifty years from now the kids will be watching the history channel to see what happened at the turn of the century and they will marvel at the violence, chaos and crudeness of the times. So if things seem a tad out of control it is because they are out of control and like everything else, it will pass.

The full Moon on March 10 is very much aligned with Saturn and Uranus and we will learn more of what this profound planetary combination has to offer. Allow two days either side of the full Moon date as the most impactful days. In essence dear readers, it is time to get ourselves together and ride out this wild weather. We have already embarked on a new journey of discovery as we strive to revolutionize, harmonize and economize our lives. Look at this as one of healing and balancing, not a time of loss but one of gains on a deep spiritual level. No doubt our lives will be enriched.

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“Let the wild flower grow in the dark and when it is ready, it can show its beauty”, was an apt saying of my Guru. It is your time to grow in ways that others don’t see. Do it now. Do what you must do to bring peace, happiness, love and balance into your life.

Read the Aries message as it applies to your sign as well. No doubt you will be reflecting on matters of the heart as you weigh up your values and prepare to move on to greener pastures or at least to a place where you can live in peace and relative harmony.

March 8 to 10 may be difficult days as tensions are riding high. A journey or a move may be in store, possibly both. Take the high road. It may take you longer to get to where you are going but you will be in way better shape for doing so. Remain open to what the universe offers up in the days to come.

The full Moon on March 10 runs in harmony with your sign, although things may not be harmonious as others get squirrely on you or around you. Unusual and unique circumstances develop which feed your innate curiosity, especially while traveling. Friday March 6 is your kind of day. Make the best use of it.

You have to channel that restlessness into something positive. You may have been pacing the den too much. We are in dynamic and dramatic times and we’re all going to have to let go and readjust to the new realities as they roll in like giant waves. Hard lessons regarding what you value are onboard. Stay flexible and amenable to change, especially from March 7 to 11.

The full Moon on March 10 occurs in your sign. Read the introduction regarding the Saturn / Uranus opposition as it relates to your sign. The trick of the times is within your ability to improvise and create, improve and polish your techniques and skills. Out of the 12 signs you have the natural ability to work with the lessons and hurdles presented in our modern-day world.

You may look back at 2009 as the good old days, especially when you are reflecting back a few years from now. Although you may be caught up in the whirlwind of the times, striving to make ends meet and to make sense of the imbalance, it is important for you to take time to find the balance within yourself.

When times are getting tough, I keep an eye on the Scorpios, mainly because you will live and work from a deep instinctive and intuitive level. What you do, others will probably follow. At the end of the 1970’s I noticed my Scorpio friends selling their businesses and moving to the small islands. Sure enough tough times showed up as we began the eighties. The full moon on March 10 will help illuminate your pathway.

The full moon takes place on March 10 and its effects are felt up to two days either side of it. Use these times in which the full moon energy is most effective to your benefit. You may be cooking on some hot ideas and it is time to make your approach as changes are indicated at home or work, or possibly both.

Journeys long and short take up your time. Journeys of the mind and spirit help you in your internal growth. It is hard not to get rattled with the great amount of rapid changes that we are experiencing these days. I have the greatest of confidence in Capricorn people for they will survive and thrive in good and difficult times. The stars still sway in your favour and hopefully you will help accommodate the concerns of the day.

Purity and simplicity are the requirements needed in order to pick up on the profound offerings from the universe that are heading your way in the late spring and lasting throughout the year. Visions, epiphanies and all kinds of great innovative ideas may inspire you, along with a few miracles thrown in for good measure. Freedom, fairness and happiness may be closer than you think. A spiritual awakening is in store for some of you.

The full Moon on March 10 will illuminate many areas of concern for you. Give a couple of days either side of the full moon as important and impactful days. Surprises and changes come up. Dealing with elders and their concerns could be the case. Overall it is a time in which you can see the direction in which you must move in, or move away from. Read the introduction for more information.