The first quarter square of the Moon takes place on April 2. The square aspect is formed when two planets are ninety degrees apart on the zodiac. Square aspects often provoke feelings of dread or some type of upset as tensions run high and challenges just seem to materialize throughout the day. In older astrology books the square is described as evil.

Another approach to getting your head wrapped around the square aspect is to compare it to an intersection. Now we know that the intersection is not evil in itself, but things sure can go wrong if we ignore the rules of the road and insist on blasting through. A prudent and sober person approaches the intersection carefully with full attention and gets through safely. In essence the square provides tension and awareness and how we handle it makes all the difference in the world.

Now we will get a chance to flex our astro wisdom as a series of squares and oppositions take shape over the next several days. Venus and Pluto square off on April 3 bringing strong attraction and reaction, intermingled with desire, fire and passion. Plus, the Moon is moving through Leo, dramatizing life to the fullest. Those secret crushes may not withstand the day as jealousy and other forces that seem to not be in our control come up.

Mars opposes Saturn on April 4, while Pluto stands still and begins to retrograde. Mars, Saturn and Pluto are not light, easygoing planets. They carry fairly heavy reputations in the pantheon. Mars is associated with war and aggression, Saturn with restriction, delay and frustration while Pluto weighs in as the planet associated with death and destruction. In their most obvious forms we will witness this planetary phenomena via the violence surrounding the G20 summit, with the Plutonian underground types continuing their battle for dominance in the streets. The Saturnian types represented by the police and the legal structure are certainly having their troubles as they are caught between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes one wonders who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. No doubt we have jumped out of the frying pan right into the fire and the heat is on.

April 6 and 7 are important days in which life’s unfolding drama continues to capture our attention as the Moon moves closer to her full status on April 9. We must learn the lesson that the guru’s have been trying to impart to us, that we cannot wash away blood with blood, but only with the waters of forgiveness. If we only knew how precious life really is we would be way more careful before we willingly waste a life chasing fool’s gold. God’s love and mercy far outweigh the negatives of this world and light and love will always win while the rest just keeps us indebted and suffering under the karmic load.

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You may want to hold off on any rash decisions as the Moon moves through your opposite sign Libra from April 7 to 9. The full Moon on April 9 will help illuminate your path, allowing you to see what’s what and what needs to be done about it. Relationships feature prominently, or to put it another way, how you relate to people will be of importance.

April 3 and 4 are important days in which you come to terms and deal with matters of the heart and home. Anything that has been making you unhappy will probably be dealt with now or at least changed significantly. Although there are some tough decisions to be made, at least you will have peace of mind in the long run. You may sense that the clock is ticking and time is passing by, all the more reason to get your act together, especially on the internal, spiritual side of things.

Stormy days are brewing in which you have important decisions to make regarding home and career interests. April 5 to 7 are the trying days and then the storm abates and the Sun shines through brilliantly on April 8 and 9. Friends near and far feature in the days to come. Travel opportunities materialize as does your longing for a higher pathway to tread. Blessings of all sorts are close at hand.

You may be questioning your values these days. An undercurrent of restlessness pervades your psyche and has you wondering if you have made a wrong decision in your choice of mate or career path. I wouldn’t be overly concerned about it, as it is a natural process to re-evaluate your true values once in a while. You may be in the mood to make some changes though. On a more positive spin, imagine being pregnant and going through the overhaul of what stays and what goes in order to bring the new one into a healthy environment.

The Moon passes through Leo from April 3 to 5 just in time for the weekend. The Sun and the Moon form a triangular pattern on April 4 enhancing life all around. A couple of frustrating aspects are happening on the same day and although others may be pulling their hair out you may be soothing their rattled nerves. You shine through just like the rays of the Sun. Leo Rules. I’m convinced of it. Do your thing.

Mars and Saturn clash on April 4 leading to the probability of frustrations running higher than normal. Take the hint and lay back a bit rather than trying to force the issue. Keep a cool head in traffic and allow yourself lots of room and time to get where you’re going. April 6 and 7 are touchy days as well and you will have to tread lightly, tip toe if necessary, but stand firm if backed against a wall. Aside from the fearful approach it may work out as a time in which you are just working hard with not much down time.

The full Moon on April 9 takes place in your sign. Just as the full Moon illuminates the night sky, you may find that this full Moon illuminates your inner sky. In other words the light goes on and problems and concerns are dealt with. At times Libra stands accused of being indecisive. At those times you are in “fact gathering mode” and once you have weighed it all up you can act decisively and with authority. You may be pleased with the outcome of events.

Mars and Pluto, co-rulers of Scorpio are both kicking up their heels as Pluto begins to retrograde and Mars opposes Saturn on April 4. All this action, although intense is affecting your sign in a positive way. You may even enjoy the process of recreating or reinventing yourself in some way. It is a time to plan, organize all aspects of your life. Many Scorpios are naturally inclined to work out and burn off their excessive energy. Plan for a hot spring and summer which is all the more reason to get it together now.

Career frustrations seem to be at the top of the list for dear Sagittarius. April 4 to 7 are days that carry a certain intensity to them and you will have to use your Jupitarian abilities to come through unscathed. Fortunately you are most adept at seeing the big picture and along with your sense of humour, will come through with a joke or two to sum up the times.

The first ten days of the month will hardly provide much of a break. If anything your cup runneth over with too much to do, but you may not mind at all. Actually Capricorn thrives on industry of any sort as long as things are getting done and some sort of progress is recognized. With that you will untiringly move forward, onward and upward. The full Moon on April 9 brings career and home activities to the forefront.

Have you ever had that feeling that something is missing, but you just don’t know what it is? Even if you have the whole enchilada it may not be enough to fulfill the emptiness or longing that won’t go away. Possibly you are destined for a higher reality. In fact, it is a reality that you are destined for a higher road to tread in the future. Now the universe is helping to pry your fingers off the things that you once so dearly valued. Fear not, for there are much higher, brighter realities and adventures in consciousness to be had. Your work is to let go of the past and face the future.

April 3 to 7 are intense days and it won’t take much to set off a round of uncomfortable scenarios. Tensions rise to the surface and the gloves come off. Sometimes it’s just good to blow off some steam, but it may be better to take a steam and sauna and sweat out the toxins in a positive way. It might be that too much work has cropped up or you’ve had no luck finding work and has set your jaw tight. Relax and let the days pass and all will be well once again.