Well I’ve been sitting here for two hours and nothing’s coming, so I’m just going to wing it, and tell you about the days ahead in this week’s column. We start the week with a full Moon on April 9 along with a series of harmonious planetary aspects. The Sun becomes exalted in the nineteenth degree of Aries which happens to be the degree of the full Moon. Spring is truly here and we can see the evidence of what the Sun brings to us throughout all of nature. An Aries Libra lunation is very dynamic. It is a lively time that is met with full enthusiasm. Somewhere, somehow we must find the balance between independent action and cooperative co-existence. Aries’ key words are “I am” while Libra’s key words are “I balance.” The full Moon will assist us in finding the balance in accordance with our own birth charts.

Good Friday on April 10 may indeed be a very good day as the Sun and Jupiter harmonize as do Mercury and Pluto. It means that there will be agreements struck, alliances formed and other good news that helps lift our spirits. Retrograde Venus backs into Pisces which is her sign of exaltation, bringing more love and more compassion into our lives. Yes, we all need more love and we can never get enough love. Oddly, it is the only commodity that increases when we give it. All other forms of giving lead to depletion. Pisces is a sign of mysticism and spirituality and now the co-rulers of Pisces, namely Jupiter and Neptune are heading for a conjunction in the late degrees of Aquarius which I believe will bring a flood of compassion and spiritual awakening to many souls. The whole drama is in the hands of the Lord and we dance to the tune of our own making and now a window of opportunity to truly receive enlightenment is at hand. We may witness the genesis of all sorts of new social and spiritual groups popping up. A back to the land movement could be strongly in the picture. We kind of get the picture as a dawning new reality sets in that there is no road back but only the ever living present and the future to anticipate.

Keep in mind that love and happiness does not come from outside, but only from within ourselves. We are faced with the task of how to care for and nurture Mother Earth as we learn to care for her inhabitants. Just as a loving mother cannot resist the cry of her child, God’s love will descend as he hears our cries.

Easter Sunday is about Jesus’ resurrection and it is also a time for us to consider our own resurrection into a spiritual life. Jaded and satiated in varying degrees we need some purification, simplification, love and devotion. Awake, arise and meet the day with all that you can.

By Monday the Moon squares Saturn changing the tone and snapping us back into the reality of having to feed the kids and take care of business. April 14 and 15 are mixed days chock full of surprises, shocks and other sorts of unusual phenomena. Concerns regarding natural or manmade disasters come into play. An exciting time has arrived in which many wonderful, magical and mystical experiences will open us up and hopefully open up our hearts a bit. It is time to set the cornerstone. Not the one for a building or structure but the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle that brings purity, peace, light and love into our beings and radiates outwards to all those around.

We seek God’s love. We want his attention.. My Guru taught us that God is love and love is God and the way back to God is through love. Nothing else will do.

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The Aries – Libra full Moon on April 9 will illuminate many facets of your life. Breakthroughs and epiphanies inspire you onward. April and May heat up significantly. You will be busy and active with much to do. Life shines brighter than it has for a while. You are the first born and must lead the way. It is time to find your holy grail.

Mercury visits Taurus from April 9 to 30 bringing an increase in all kinds of activities. It is a very good time for research and discovery. Topics of interest are tackled earnestly. Designing and planning along with learning all that you can fills the days. Stay on the case with a positive attitude and make good use of the promising springtime energy.

In true Gemini style two distinct planetary patterns are having some sway in your life. On the one hand the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune are casting fine energy into your sign, especially at full Moon time on April 9, bringing breakthroughs and lucky breaks. Travel and educational opportunities materialize. On the other hand you may experience April 14 and 15 with a bit of irony, as things work out differently than expected.

Your social status gets a boost as all kinds of unique alliances take shape. A lively and productive time is indicated and it would be wise to be proactive. The full Moon on April 9 may bring work offers or career opportunities. Someone from afar pays a visit, possibly an old love, or maybe you will go on a journey.

If you have been longing for that special partner that fills the bill on every level, it could happen soon. Other forms of relationships, (non sexual) may blossom, especially with spiritually minded people. Travel features strongly now and again the likelihood of romantic or spiritual connections is increased. You may be restless and seeking a boost to the next level.

Life could go a little haywire from April 13 to 15 and you may have to scramble in order to keep it all together. Without making it sound too dramatic it just may be wise to keep in mind that others may be short tempered and short sighted, and you could get roped into reacting in a similar manner. Avoid confrontation and danger on these days. Then again, if you are the daredevil type, fill your boots.

The full Moon on April 9 occurs in your sign. Just as the full Moon illuminates the night sky, your inner sky becomes illuminated. Problems and concerns that have been on your mind come to a resolution. A purging of sorts takes place. Blessings in many forms are coming your way. If you long for a deeper more spiritual love and life, then now definitely is the time to seek it. You have taken flight and must learn to ride the currents in order to attain the heights that you desire. Life deepens in every way from here on in.

Mars and Pluto are the co-ruling planets for Scorpio. Mars is called the cutter and is associated with all forms of sharp cutting instruments. Surgeons, sculptors, carvers and welders are often Scorpios. Now is the time to learn your craft and perfect your skills. The planets are swaying in your favour and all efforts will be rewarded in the future.

Fortunately Sagittarius is amenable to change and often finds changes refreshing. Now is one of those times as changes are in the wind. A move could be in store for some, while others find changes occurring in their family structure or somehow the past comes into play. The full moon on April 9 will help illuminate what it is all about. Career and home life feature at this time. A pinnacle has been reached and accolades come your way. Otherwise a career change could take place or a fall from a high place could be the case.

Home and career sectors are activated by the full Moon on April 9 bringing strong activity in those areas. I nearly fall silent when I attempt to sum up Capricorn’s plight these days. Not from a negative or fearful point at all, but from the point of the heights, power and wealth that are available and attainable. You may walk the path of Siddhartha from wealth to renunciation to wealth, fame and power and seduction back to renunciation all in the next 10 years.

Jupiter and Neptune conjoin in your sign and will be in close proximity over the next four months. You may embark on a journey of discovery and it could be one of internal, spiritual discovery. Possibly flights of fantasy or other forms of escapism may manifest. Know that it is a divine opportunity to truly acquire what you desire, especially in matters of the spiritual heart. The full moon on April 9 along with the planarity positions are in harmony and it just makes life a bit easier with an easy flow.

Mars and Uranus meet up in Pisces on April 15 and it is something you should make note of and pay heed to. Possibly nothing major will take place on that day, with it and the days either side of it going by easily. But with these two rabble-rouser planets meeting up I certainly would err to the side of caution and would be more attentive before making any important moves. Venus reenters Pisces for a 10 day visit starting April 11 and she brings her love and wisdom to the table. Go with the flow and see what the universe offers up.