“A wise man rules his stars, and a fool follows them” is a well worn adage among astrologers. Just how does one rule their stars, you might ask? Well now that you have asked, I can answer with my humble opinion. We don’t get to rule our stars, at least in the normal sense of how we think we would rule them. As an example, let’s say that you have the Moon sitting very close to Mars in Aries at your birth. Your local astrologer will most likely query you regarding your hot reactive temper and the trouble it has gotten you into at different times in your life. Professional astrologers know that the Moon in fiery Aries will make a person emotionally reactive and if Mars the lord of Aries is involved as well then we know that there are going to be periodic minor and major eruptions, conflagrations, clashes, battles, and tears if this powder keg is allowed to go off.

Of course we would like to keep a tight rein on this type of explosive energy and the remedy in dealing with it is to cultivate patience, humility and probably more patience. But the real trick is utilizing this powerful dynamic in your birth chart. One could seek out a career in the military or special ops, search and rescue, the ambulance service, firefighting, race car driving, lion taming, pub clearing or the myriad of occupations that thrive on high adrenalin scenarios. One way or the other this aspect of your chart will show its face and it is best if you are in the driver’s seat.

The gist of it all is to know your strengths and weaknesses and harness them in a useful and productive way. This is one way of ruling your stars. Here is another. Keep in mind that the horoscope reflects “mirror like” back to us exactly our karmic state of affairs. The birth horoscope is a road map reflecting past life karmic effects being worked out in this lifetime, all the while spinning our web of destiny for the future according to our behavior and development in our present life.

According to the mystics we are creating karma in one form or another every second of our lives. Chains of iron and chains of gold are forged according to our positive and negative actions, deeds and thoughts. The only true way of ever controlling the stars is when we surrender to the higher powers of love and light. As long as we think we are the doer and that our egos are involved in our actions then we continue to heap more on the pile of karmic indebtedness. When we act within the will of the Creator, God, Guru etc. we become neh-karma. Neh-karma is like when the commander orders the solder to shoot, the karma lays with the leader not the solder. In essence the more that we surrender, forgive and strive to live non-violently in thought, word and deed, then we will gain some headway and come into a time in which the stars don’t hold the sway and grip that we presently experience. Those that abuse themselves or others and generally flout God’s will are most controlled by the starry influences and are often seemingly victims of the stars, and those that live clean and positive lives are released from their bondage.

In coming columns I’ll be shifting gears a bit as there is more of a need to know what is truly unfolding in these very complex days. It doesn’t seem to matter how we dress up astrology it seems that the public just wants to know what we have to predict. In future columns I’m going to tread down that road of predictions for famous people along with what I see for the future regarding the fate of the nations and their leaders.

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Venus and Mars have just entered Aries and the sparks are already flying. Gird your loins and prepare to do battle as life is destined to heat up right through to the end of May. It is time to prove to yourself that you are capable, competent, worthy and desirable. You are a diamond in the rough and a bit of spit and polish will work wonders. Competition, action and attraction are close at hand. Meet the day head on, stay original and be pro-active. The world will respond.

The Taurus new Moon takes place on April 24, just as your ruling planet Venus and fiery Mars meet up in Aries. Fresh starts in new directions are indicated. But first the past has to be dealt with, wrapped up and put away, or it may be someone from the past that becomes very important in your life again. Now is the time to do the behind the scenes type of work that may be needed in order to handle the high energy that is coming your way and will be in full effect throughout the month of June.

Plan something special for Sunday April 26 as the Moon moves through Gemini and makes a couple of fine connections to Venus and Mars bringing lively times into play. It is also a good time to hook up with likeminded people that share some of your interests and passions. April 27 is a busy day in which certain pressures are felt, especially in the work place and you may be glad when the day ends. Hold off on major decisions as Mercury will enter Gemini at the end of the month and then will promptly turn retrograde in early May causing a reversal of decisions and other snafus that will need to be ironed out. Take your time until you figure out where the problem may be.

It’s time to open up and expand your horizons. The new Moon on April 24 activates your solar house of friendships, hopes, wishes and desires. Seek those that are looking in the same direction as yourself and love will surely follow. Work life will really heat up now as well and you may be in demand. The stakes go up as does the strength of the competition and you will have to be strong to stave off the mesmerizing qualities of the power players. You must hold your ground and not mess around.

I must confess that I have always had a great admiration for Leo people There is not a better nor more loyal friend to have than dear old Leo. When the light is on and that radiance from the Sun is beaming out of you the world falls prey to your charms. Spirituality, travel, romance, finance, fame and more are within reach. Take it to the highest level now and don’t look back, but certainly gear up for many years of high adventure. Plan something special for April 30 and May 1 as good energy is onboard as the Moon passes through Leo.

I must confess that I have always had a great admiration for Virgo people. Man, when you get it right, you really get it right and the world works like a finely tuned watch. You have a basic humility that cannot be feigned nor faked. It comes from the essence of your soul and is evident in your daily life. When Virgo gets it wrong, they get it really wrong and all kinds of concerns ensue. Now is the time to come to terms with the rights and wrongs in order to purge, cleanse and purify. The Taurus new Moon on April 24 takes place in your solar ninth house bringing a sense of connectedness to the big picture. Your love for divinity and higher forms of love may increase. Travel, education and publications feature now.

Venus, ruler of Libra has entered your opposite sign Aries and Mars, lord of Aries is right there with her. They start a dance, a courtship of sorts, no less than that of Romeo and Juliette or Cleopatra and her Marc Antony. Venus and Mars stay within close proximity to each other until early July. First they travel through Aries throughout May, and then through Taurus over the month of June. Excitement, romance, competition and challenges are coming your way. Jupiter and Neptune cast fine rays into your sign bringing light, love and spiritual yearnings. A special child (or relationship, or idea) is born, one that carries great light and vision.

Scorpio rises at the time of the Taurus new Moon on April 24, bringing you strongly into the cosmic play that is set to unfold throughout the spring season. With the new Moon taking place in your solar seventh house of partnerships it may very well be a time in which relationships come together or break apart. Your ruling planet Mars and Venus have hooked up and this just adds more fuel to the fire. Your interest in personal development increase as does your awareness of optimum health. Said another way, it is time to deal with old issues and clear them up and get your life on track. Be ready for a hot month of June which promises to be an exciting time in which love and excitement and various opportunities make themselves visible to you.

Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn’t. You are entering a time in which my bet is that it will work, especially if you put in some effort. Just like the spring flowers, opportunities are popping up all over the place. Romantic attractions are highlighted as are all kinds of unique developments such as pregnancies. New realities are dawning and you may be restless to seek out the higher planes of existence. It’s a good thing and you may find yourself opening up in ways unimaginable in the past. It is still a bit of a bumpy ride and you feel jostled a bit. Ride it out and stay in the saddle.

You may have discovered that you have developed a thirst that you cannot quench along with an itch that you cannot scratch. It is your yearning for internal love and peace. Yes, you could have the power and the glory, and the wealth, but you cannot buy your way into heaven nor take your treasures with you, nor will they bring you peace of mind. It is time to gather what you truly want as now the universe is in the mood to give. Make your yearnings and wishes worthy and of the highest order. Home, family and times with friends and celebrations are onboard now.

Jupiter and Neptune have met up in late Aquarius and will be close to each other in varying degrees until January 2010. Jupiter represents our willingness to be involved socially and how we care for society. Jupiter also represents prophesy, wisdom and kingship. Neptune connects us to the astral and psychic realms of consciousness and brings a sense of compassionate love to the table. The combination of these two giants in the sign of Aquarius will bring miracles of all sorts to be witnessed. It is time to follow your star, meet your destiny and teach us how to love one another.

Read Aquarius as it relates and resonates with your sign. The Jupiter – Neptune conjunction involves you as both are co-rulers of Pisces. It is your time to seek your destiny and move towards those things that you have always wanted to do. Just know that 2010 is your year, big time, and you should be making yourself ready, body, mind and soul. Just stay in the light, stay with the truth and see what the universe offers up. Think big and then make it happen. Your life is destined to change in the most remarkable ways and 2010 is just the beginning of the journey. Let it all go, the past I mean, and anticipate the future with excitement.