“Mars is making a conjunction to your Moon, while Saturn squares off with your Mercury.” At that point my client stopped me dead in my tracks. “Mac, I don’t want to know how the clock works, just tell me what time it is.” Most of us don’t have a clue what a Mars conjunction to the Moon means and many more of us could care less. So I’ll throw in the odd eclipse and some planetary configurations but mainly I want to talk about what is happening for the powerful and elite in our society along with the fate of Nations.

We know that just before the delivery of a new born babe it is a most distressful and nervous time. It is kind of like that now in Canada and America. We have the pre-birth jitters. Will he/she be healthy, and will all their little toes and fingers be intact. Every parent on the Earth has gone through these thoughts. Now we are going through a birthing process and we are unsure of the outcome. Pluto is the planetary deity that will make his presence known over the next several years. Without getting into the nitty-gritty details, just know that Pluto will make several very important contacts to the planets in the U.S.A.’s and Canada’s birth charts from 2009 to 2016. Many of us are already psychologically braced for the arrival of 2012 as the Earth lines up perfectly with the galactic centre on December 21, of that year. I’m not sure what it really means and everyone is intrigued because the Mayan calendar ends on this date. I think that it may herald the end days of a way of life that we used to know and believe in. This avenue of thinking certainly is very much in alignment with Pluto’s vibes. Pluto has a strong association with the sign Scorpio which is the sign most related to death and rebirth.

If there ever was one human being that we could consider Plutonian in our present day, it would have to be U.S. President Barack Obama. He is loved, admired and has made strong men weep with his heart rending and miraculous ascension to the high throne of leader of the free world. Possibly he is hated by some, resented by others, but for sure he has raised our hopes and heightened our sense of humanitarian caring as his approach is one in which his hand is extended and open to all. Presently Pluto is making an opposition with Venus in the U.S. chart and in Obama’s chart which tells us that a great catharsis is taking place in which there will be a time of re-evaluating everything and realigning our priorities to match the reality of the times. This is just the beginning as Canada’s chart is also just starting to receive Pluto’s strong message of transformation. Pluto will transit opposite to Canada’s Moon, Uranus and Sun from 2010 to 2014 bringing a time in which the very fabric of the nation will undergo a great transformation.

Obviously our problems are not going away anytime soon, and as the economy tightens and pressures rise we may witness a rise in crime and we know the rest of the tale. Corruption, pollution, collusion and other misuses of power will be discovered, uncovered, dismantled and reformed. This is the work in store on the collective level as we continue to deal with homelessness, drug abuse and poverty. Now we get to see its nasty underbelly so that we can correct, cleanse and heal ourselves and all those that are suffering.

The journey has just begun and now it is time to take up your sword and cut the ropes that hold us down. Nothing less than a re-alignment of wealth and power across the world will take place as we struggle onward and hopefully upwards in a somewhat turbulent and shaky birth into the future. The light that is coming is bright as we shape the future for those yet to step foot on Earth. Unification, co-operation, cohesion and sharing is the way to go. Collusion, corruption, greed and distortion along the other negatives spell death, plain and simple. We’re not dying, we’re birthing, and what is not useful or worthy will die off.

Use the next several years by embarking on your journey of rebirthing as you lend a hand and give where it is needed and pay it forward once again. I just recalled a time that I spent on Venice Beach some years ago that seems to fit the picture of what I’m trying to say. There was an old man playing his guitar as he sang some truly heart breaking blues. A street lady who was in very poor condition laid in her sleeping bag close to the blues singer. It squeezed my heart hard as the silent and attentive crowd gathered to witness this very soulful scene. With no words spoken someone walked up and gave the lady a cigarette and a few minutes later someone brought her a coffee. This scene was repeated each day that I went there and I realized that these folks were having hard times but they were looking out for each other and now that is what we have to do. We need to bond and work together as a family, which we truly are.

Obama in depth next week.

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You got game. Action and attraction, excitement, enthusiasm and possibly some danger are all thrown into the mix. The competition heats up and you may be at your best, ahead of the rest. Don’t forget to take some rest when you can, but presently you should be full tilt boogie into whatever favors your fancy. Admire your handiwork later as you keep busy with what’s in front of you now.

The Sun continues his journey through the middle degrees of Taurus as he forms a triangle with Saturn on May 5. Although there are other forces and pressures affecting our lives, you have an opportunity to create something good and solid. Taurus works in a circular motion and does best with a steady rhythm and now you can work out any knotty problems. I didn’t say your problems would go away, but there are opportunities to improve conditions.

Mercury, Lord of Gemini comes screeching to a halt on May 6 as he commences his three week retrograde motion. He is stopped in the first degree of Gemini which tells us that all areas of communication, transportation,business and commerce will somehow be effected. We know that retrograde Mercury times are best for working through sudden problems that arise in society. Most of us groan about the delays and hassles that come up in traffic or at the airport while Mercury is retrograde. It is just part of the drill of getting things right and now it is time for you to work along these lines of getting everything on track.

Those of you that are born between June 21 and July 1, any year, most likely will feel or experience the effects of the Moon, Venus, Pluto T square that takes place on May 5. Certain choices and challenges lay up ahead or they are already here. People’s true colours are shown as are yours. It may be a relief to put some things behind you. There may be some hard choices to make regarding finances and matters of the heart and it is time get things right. Although sounding a tad ominous it may not be like that at all, but changes are in the wind.

Jupiter, friend to the Sun casts his glances your way from across the sky. He sits in Aquarius with Neptune and the combination can get you into some pretty interesting inner journeys. A new reality dawns, or at least a different view of who and what you are. Your solar career sector is hot as the Sun traverses through that region of the sky throughout most of May. It may be hard to keep your mind on business which Saturn’s position presently is asking you to do. Your solar money house is Virgo and Saturn is in for a visit. One part of you wants to weigh anchor and set sail while another part says we can’t afford it and we have to work the salt mines for a bit longer.

Plan something special for May 3 as the Moon visits Virgo and harmonizes with the Sun. Relax and enjoy the time. Monday’s energy on May 4 will carry a different tone and quality and you may be glad when the day finally ends, although you may get a lot accomplished. The Sun and Saturn harmonize on May 5 bringing a time in which things fall into place and you are rewarded for your efforts. Possibly some sort of sweet justice takes place and you can hold your head up with pride. Mercury goes retrograde on May 6 in your solar tenth house relating to work, business and commerce. Plus, you have ownership with Mercury as he is your ruling planet. Delays and problems pop up in the workplace or related worries may be the case. Travel plans may change or somehow not go as expected in the next few weeks.

May 5 and 6 are your days. The Moon traverses through Libra and opposes Venus and Mars, promising sparks and excitement, positive or negative. It may be time to make important decisions regarding relationship concerns or financial problems. Mercury goes retrograde in your solar house of travels and it may cause some type of delay or change of plans over the next few weeks. The Moon forms a triangle with lucky Jupiter late on May 6 bringing positive conclusions and happy times your way.

Oftentimes when the Sun moves through our opposite sign we may find ourselves a bit rundown and needing a break. Scorpio’s instinct is to push through and ignore the pain which can lead to further complications. The Sun is moving through your opposite sign Taurus until May 20 and if you need a break then you should take it. Mars is visiting your solar sixth house bringing the instincts to heal and organize everything. So basically it is a time of rest and recreation, healing, planning and self nurturing. The full Moon on May 8 will help to illuminate the pathway ahead.

Romance and finance feature in the days ahead. It is time to connect with the things and people that bring you the most joy and pleasure. It is also time to explore the world a bit and possibly stretch your intellect. You should accumulate a raft of great experiences that you can weave into some excellent tales that you can regale us with in the future. Changes regarding work and home will need your attention and there still may be considerable tension in those areas of your life. The key to your success is within your ability to ride out the changes that are occurring these days.

Two distinct planetary patterns stand out at this time. The Sun and Saturn form a triangle on May 5 and they both cast fine energy into your sign bringing good results, especially when dealing with authorities and higher-ups. The influence of this steadying aspect will carry on for several days. Life tends to run smoothly while this planetary aspect lasts. The Moon, Venus and Pluto square off on May 5 as well, and this particular configuration can bring up some fairly uncomfortable scenarios as jealousy, envy, greed and other human weaknesses manifest. Possibly you will experience a little bit from both of these configurations. On one level there can be very gratifying and sustaining good developments and on the other hand possibly there will be a falling out and a parting of the ways.

Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct in your sign and it heralds a very special time for some of the Aquarians that have planets in the late degrees of Aquarius. If you are born from February 10 to 19 any year, you have a good chance to reap the benefits of this planetary conjunction. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and good timing. The urge to gamble and speculate is strong when Jupiter is around. With Neptune in the picture things could get fuzzy as the details just don’t seem to be too important. Spiritual experiences of the highest order may manifest or the worst swindle could be the case so it would be wise to go slow until you know. This influence is at its greatest strength over the next four months. Choose the high road and stay on it.

In a couple of years from now Neptune will enter his own sign Pisces for a 15 year visit. If I were a Pisces I would make note of this and strive to encompass and imbibe the energy that will be available at that time. All of the changes that you have been going through over the last few years are just a prelude and build up as to what is to come. You will be totally in your element and will be able to operate easily and smoothly while others may not have the proper wiring to cope and deal with the realities that are heading our way. I expect at least a total change in consciousness and awareness to take place as we become a more compassionate and spiritual people and most likely you will be leading the way as you minister to all those that need love and affection, compassion and understanding. Your work presently is to perfect your skills be they as healer, minister, magician or beautician. Artists and all creative types will get a huge boost.