The mystics teach us that every breath is counted, and that no one can increase or decrease the amount given. They also teach us that God’s gift of human life is very precious and that it should not be wasted on frivolous or worrisome activities. I want to spend some time on the fate of the Nations and their leaders but would like to take a second to set the framework in which we exist and have existed throughout countless creations and dissolutions of the Sun, Moon, stars, galaxies, universes and other planes of existence.

We live in the fallen universe in which karma reigns supreme. Our prayers and longings are directed towards emancipation, freedom, peace, happiness and love. Wars continue on the planet and man’s inhumanity to man has not relented one bit in our recent recorded history. We’re fixated on specific cosmic dates such as December 21, 2012 which is the end of the Mayan calendar and we hold our collective breath and hope not too much goes wrong in our lives.

Now we have come into a time in which the karma has quickened, thickened and condensed and soon we will witness great changes that are already developing in the troubled regions of the world. After studying the charts for Israel, Iran and America it looks like the tensions are reaching a boiling point and will continue to increase throughout the summer of 2009. Everything intensifies in the fall especially around November 15. The fate of America and Israel are tied together and we may very well witness a clash between Iran and Israel and the U.S. becoming involved with many more ramifications.

Mars, the planet of war, anger and aggression has started his journey through Leo and will pass over President Obama’s Sun and Israel’s Saturn and Pluto, which are very intense planetary combinations that we are loathe to even think about. The main gist of the energy is one of anger, hatred and frustration and a sense of limitation. Then near the winter solstice 2009 Mars backtracks over the same area of the zodiac and eventually slows down close to the Moon position in Israel’s chart in February, March and April 2010, heightening emotions and the likelihood of retaliation and retribution. Pluto plays a big part in the planetary drama unfolding throughout this time. Pluto is another manifestation of Lord Shiva, the destroyer in the Hindu trinity.

Iran’s chart doesn’t hold much more promise at all. It would be so wonderful if these two countries could find a way to work out their problems without attempting to destroy each other in the process. Iran’s chart tells of a shock or a surprise attack or bombing, which we know is no new news and no big prophecy. Now the stars are ready to back up whatever the intentions are of the players involved worldwide.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have come into a most fateful time. They will need our total love and support to weather through the storm brewing on the horizon. A solar eclipse takes place on January 15, 2010 and it makes an exact conjunction with President Obama’s Saturn at 25 degrees of Capricorn. This eclipse takes place in his 12th house and it indicates a loss of some sort. It’s influence may carry through the next few years but the next year in particular. Saturn represents sacrifice, prudence, frugality, poverty and suffering. Possibly there will be sustained financial losses or at least the onset of rebuilding the economy which we know will take years to accomplish. I am concerned for the man’s overall health and wellbeing. Eclipses and Saturn represent the heavy karma that a leader would face as many lives and many souls hang in the balance behind the decisions that will be made. It is also a perilous time for the U.S. President throughout the fall of 2009 and winter 2010 and I’m sure that his security people are doing all that they can do to protect him from his enemies. The same eclipse falls very close to the First Lady’s Sun degree in Capricorn which is another indicator of some type of important changes coming about in her life and the President’s life. I know that this material is heavy and frightening although it not my intent to sensationalize any of this. At least we have an idea of the energy that is coming our way. If anything I pray that none of this comes to pass and that we find viable, peaceful, nonthreatening ways to solve our common human problems.

Never mind 2012, as now is the time to be proactive and increase our humanitarian efforts to help all those that need support, wherever and however we can. Now is the time to beam out as much love and generosity and forgiveness that you can. These troubles that I am talking about will increase throughout 2010 and 2011 and the dangers will not abate until after that time, if we get it right. If not we will certainly set about to do so in 2012 and beyond. Remember that our work is to give help and increase love, generosity and compassion and decrease fear and separation. After all, we are one people on one planet.

One day we must wake up to the fact that we will never gain freedom, true freedom and peace by wielding a weapon of any sort. My prayer is that we get rid of all of the atomic weapons and other deadly devices and turn away from this fear of one another. We need to meld together and help bring love and freedom to all the souls that journey through this region of the cosmos. We are all suffering and weary with it all. We need a break and we need some love. Give some and then give some more.

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The stars have promised, but have not delivered. Many of us had anticipated love and all kinds of excitement to manifest when Venus commenced her visit to Aries starting on February 2. Venus reached halfway through the sign and then began to retrograde in the first week of March. This would indicate a time in which all signs and especially Aries would somehow revisit and revise their loyalties and values. Now having let go of what didn’t work, you can move on and into the future. As Venus and Mars continue their journey through Aries you can expect that life will certainly quicken and all kinds of awesome scenarios will develop.

The full Moon on May 8 in your opposite sign Scorpio will help illuminate whatever concerns you of late. Venus has been retrograde in your solar 12th house and it has signaled a time of letting go of the past and moving into the future. This is not, and never has been easy for dear old Taurus, but is necessary to say the least. The future is bright and much more will be revealed in the months to come. June is your best month in which it all comes together. Get yourself together and the rest is easy.

Although you may be anxious to move on, circumstances may hold you back. Somehow you may have to revisit a problem, or sort out the politics of the past as Mercury retrogrades in your solar 12th house until June 13. Not much sense going that route as endless rounds of “he said, she said” business is tiring and nonproductive. Your time may be better spent networking and weaving your energy into positive activities that blossom into future opportunities. Things pick up after your birthday bringing you into a lively, lovely summertime.

Have you ever experienced the sensation or intuitive flash that something was stirring you up or bothering you but you weren’t able to put your finger on what it was? It is likely that these types of flashes will become stronger in the weeks and months to come. You are a cardinal sign and thrive on adventure and discovery, and now you may be hungry to set off on one of your “walk about” journeys of self discovery over the next few years. August and September are dynamic and exciting months.

Read Cancer’s message as it applies to your sign as well. You may be in that stirred up condition, pacing the floor as you contemplate your moves for the future. With Jupiter and Neptune casting phenomenal vibes your way as do Venus and Mars throughout May, you will be inclined to open up in many ways, especially regarding matters of the heart and spirit. Mars will spend seven months in Leo starting mid October and he will be traveling opposite to Jupiter in Aquarius in November and December. Life will be hot and heavy in all kinds of ways. Boredom will certainly not be a word in your vocabulary, but high excitement, adventure, danger and other powerful energies are destined to manifest.

Saturn traveling through Virgo culminates at the time of the full Moon on May 8. He is in the noon position which is a position of power for Saturn as that area of the zodiac is his domain. It tells of a time in which your efforts in the past pay off in interesting ways. Either you know that you have it all together, or possibly you may realize that much work is needed and now is the time to roll up your sleeves and stay steady on the case of getting life to where you want it to be. Spirituality, writing, publishing and travel may be of interest now. Mercury retrograde is in effect until the end of the month and it could hamper plans for travel and such. June looks bright and promising in many ways.

Matters related to finances, inheritances, shared monies, secrets and such will be on the table to be dealt with throughout May and early June. Partnerships, romance and excitement are also strongly hinted at. All in all it may not be such a bad time. Jupiter and Neptune continue to contribute grace and abundance and spiritual enlightenment for some. It is time to get things done though. Big energies and dynamic changes are just up the road and it may be wise to do your homework now to be ready for the inevitabilities of the future.

The full Moon on May 8 occurs in your sign. Just as the full Moon lights up the night sky, it will also illuminate your inner sky, in the form of revelations, realizations and other epiphanies that help you to deal with what matters to you. The Moon has all to do with those people that we love and carry on with day by day. Our family members, friends and co-workers, neighbors and others that we see regularly are related to the Moon’s influence. The stars are not in their best positions according to your sign and it may be a time that you will have to work harder in order to attain your goals. My hint is to take it easy until better offerings come along rather than fighting the tides.

Half the planets are giving you their wink and nod, blessings too, while the other half seem intent on testing, disrupting, blocking and unraveling your plans and intentions. Strange eh? Live it accordingly. Work hard and be willing to make changes when necessary. Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune are casting positive, supportive energy throughout the month of May. Generally you are a lucky sort anyway and certainly blessed with the greatest sense of humor in all conditions and scenarios. May 10 is your day and special times are indicated. Plan something special. May 11 is a mixed day of highs and lows. Highs win.

Home, family, business and educational activities fill the days now. You may sense a new restlessness that you cannot define yet, but soon in the months to come, a picture will emerge that represents your true desires and aspirations. If you do not know what you want to do, it may be best to keep letting go of what you don’t want to do anymore. Soon enough you will be seeking your destiny and a great sense of destiny may accompany you over the next few years. Reach for the stars and beyond, is my advice.

A special grace is being dispensed for those of you that have advanced along the spiritual guidelines of nonviolent, peaceful, meditative, loving ways of living. If you are receptive, clean and clear then you can expect some pretty strong visions and epiphanies to occur. If you have lost your grip and have not found your way it may be tougher to do so and the world of illusion, distortion and confusion could be the case. It is time to make a difference though, one way or the other. All feasible help is at hand for those that need to find their way again. Then again, it may be you that is helping others to find their pathway. Good on ya, Mate.

The conjunction of your co-ruling planets Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, while the ruler of Aquarius is moving through Pisces needs some discernment. The combination tells of a time of spiritual openings along with all kinds of great visions, ideas and inventions that are designed to help humanity in some way. Artists, musicians, actors and all other entertainers and performers will be affected by this powerful astrological configuration. No sense holding onto the past as it is past, and the future is rushing your way at light speed. Open up and surrender to the cosmos and ask that they utilize you and your talents however they can. Astronomers and astrologers may come across a treasure trove of discoveries in the not too distant future.