Get ready for some confusion, misdirection, deception, fraud and other anomalies. Retrograde Mercury is backing into a square aspect with Jupiter and Neptune. It hits this exact aspect on May 20 but the effect will last until mid June. I’m not saying we should be really worried about this aspect, but I do want to bring some light and understanding to a potentially difficult time. Quite a lot of planetary drama is taking place and it’s too much to tackle in this one post. The trick of the times is to weather the storm as best we can. Fear, paranoia, and innuendo will only snarl up the works.

Fortunately the Sun enters Gemini on May 20 bringing some fresh air and positive changes where needed. The Sun also squares off with Jupiter and Neptune on May 16, just as Saturn begins to move forward after his retrograde phase in Virgo. We may sense that we have a chance to do better or at least to live in the illusion that we are doing so.

The mystics teach us that true peace can never be had where mind and matter meet and mix. Peace has never come here, nor will it ever. It is to be found on the higher planes above the region of the mind and senses. The powerful Jupiter, Neptune conjunction in Aquarius is stirring up our spirits and causing us to long for a lasting love and peace. Now the planetary deities are telling us that the time is ripe for those that want to choose the high road of spiritual devotion, meditation and service. Great movements are taking shape and God’s emissaries are on their way. They are already here. We can expect a breakthrough along with a few miracles to take place over the spring and summer months.

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The future looks bright and exciting as Mars and Venus continue their journey through your sign. Follow your dreams. Move towards your passions and interests as the stars are showing special favour these days. People are attracted and don’t quite know why. No time to ponder. This is the time to reach for the stars.

The Sun and Mercury are squaring off with Jupiter and Neptune allowing for possible misunderstandings and other types of potentially embarrassing scenarios to unfold, especially on May 16, 17 and 18. Mercury is retrograding in your sign and will be in square with Jupiter and Neptune until the middle of June. It may be wise to put off big decisions until that time as presently the picture may not be clear and may need lots of clarification.

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20 bringing you into your solar high of the year. Lord Mercury is retrograding and in square with Jupiter and Neptune until mid June and it could bring on situations in which discussions on subjects such as politics, religion and philosophy don’t go well. It may be wise to keep your own counsel and stay away from controversial topics. May 15 and 16 are special days and good times are indicated.

Mercury and Saturn cast favourable energy into your sign bringing positive results in relation to the amount of effort and attention that you put into anything that you are doing. Mercury is retrograding and you may have to wait a couple of weeks to see the positive results indicated. May 16 to 19 are favourable days overall. Growth through relationships is where the work is for the most part over the next few years.

Keep your head on straight as life may get a bit wonky in the days to come and you will need lots of clarity and sharpness to see through the smoke screen. The Sun and Mercury are squaring off with Jupiter and Neptune and life may take a few twists and turns that you didn’t see coming. May 15 to 17 in particular and right up into mid June are the times in which you will have to sort out just what to do. Take your time and then take some more time until you see it clearly.

Dear old Saturn stands still in your sign on May 16 as he begins to move forward once again. Soon you will be able to apply all that you have learned and experienced over the last few years or so. May 17 and 18 are intense days in which you come to terms with certain limitations and frustrations. A surprise could be in store on May 19 and the planets are casting good rays your way.

An interesting mix of planetary energy is on the cosmic menu for your sign. Most of it is pretty positive and all kinds of great things can be happening. Do something special on the weekend as the stars are indicating that special times have arrived. May 19 to 21 are exciting days in which Cupid’s arrow may find his mark.

It’s a bit of a tricky time as the Sun and retrograde Mercury square off with Jupiter and Neptune. The skirmish takes place in Taurus and Aquarius which are signs that are not at ease with Scorpio. Basically it indicates a time of confusion and possibly some apprehension and tension regarding agreements, negotiations and all human relations. Best bet is to keep your lid on, lips zipped, and wait until the fog clears. Most of the misunderstandings will probably clear up on their own anyway and you can save yourself a serious amount of aggravation.

The Sun enters your opposite sign Gemini on May 20, signaling your solar low of the year. Of course it affects everyone differently in accordance to your own individual horoscope, but in general the vibe is to take it easy and make sure that you nurture yourself properly. Often we’re a bit tired and burned out during the solar low, which is six months from our birth date and is in effect approximately five days either side of that date. Then again, you may be excited and intent on digging deeper into your creative abilities and romance may not be a stranger either. I think you will be busy, solar low or not.

Lord Saturn moves forward once again on May 16 in Virgo which is a sign harmonious to Capricorn. I’m sure that you don’t need a big lecture but this is a time in which wealth and power are within reach and many doors are open. Any door once chosen may offer golden opportunities for success, growth and happiness. But you may find a sense of longing within you that cannot be filled by material success, name or fame. Yes it is likely that you may be deeply interested in the higher planes of light and love. Fear not. Do it all and make it happen in a well rounded way.

If were an Aquarius I would make myself a fine vessel. Purification, dedication and devotion to a higher cause represents the high road, one on which all souls must tread someday and now you can lead the way. Then again you may fall right off the track and launch into a time that is lost or wasted chasing bubbles and building sandcastles. Brother, Sister, know that there are castles of light that are far more brilliant than the light of many Suns. What you seek is not outside of yourself but already in store and intact for those ready for the inward journey. Either way you are on a journey of discovery and once begun, will never end until you reach your destination. Back to Earth, sorry for the long winded diatribe. May 15 to 18 are important days and hopefully the above commentary fits in somehow.

The Moon passes through Pisces from May 17 to 19 creating your lunar high of the month. We seem to be a bit sharper and our timing works better when the Moon is moving through our sign. You might want to read the Aquarius message as it does apply to your sign. Great spiritual openings are taking shape and all kinds of great opportunities will manifest in the next year or so, all the more reason to strive to do your best now. Be ready for a magical, mystical future in which life becomes much more to your likings. No doubt the last couple of years have been a stretch and lots of tough changes came for some of you. Be thankful, grateful and move on into the future.