The Sun and Saturn are squaring off on June 5 and the effects may be felt for several days either side of that date. The Sun and Saturn represent all those in power, the economy, world leaders etc. A very dangerous state of affairs is forming as tensions rise around North Korea and their threats with nuclear weapons. Choose your battle, country, politics and religion and apply the same logic and we will see an increase in the rhetoric, posturing and threatening as all sides lodge their complaints and insecurities. My bomb is bigger than your bomb just does not make any damn sense. When you are standing in gasoline up to your knees, it doesn’t matter who lights the first match, does it? Outside of that madness life continues on and the good souls strive to make the world a better place.

Our problems never really go away; they just morph into new problems up around the bend. Our work is within ourselves, for soon enough we all step off this stage and move on to new realities. What is real is the work that we do on the inside as we strive to live as honorable, non-violent people. We can only take our love and devotion with us to the other side, all else cannot accompany us, as we must go it alone. More light, more love, one planet, one people.

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Aries Venus continues her visit to your sign until June 6. You should expect to receive the general effects of a Venus transit, such as an increase in your general popularity, creativity, love and money. Venus also carries a much deeper impact as she helps us to see our true values and to get more in touch with them. Now is the time for a turn around in your life.

Taurus Venus pays a visit throughout June, as does Mars. A lively time is expected in which all kinds of great experiences and happy times come up. Venus will also prompt you to take a deep, long look at everything that is important in your life, and with Mars around you may find the courage to truly make some changes. Use caution with machines and sharp instruments throughout June and early July.

Gemini Prepare for a busy time that will carry you right into the summer season. Presently there is a great amount of planetary action affecting your sign, pro and con. On one level you may feel challenged and under pressure, and you may not mind. You may actually grow and thrive on the process over the next few weeks. Power struggles or clashes with higher ups could develop, especially around June 5. Go easy and allow some time to pass before you make any important decisions.

Cancer Although school is nearly out, you may feel that you are just starting to learn all kinds of important lessons. Inheritances, travel, friends and educational pursuits are just a few topics that may capture your interest these days. Do the crab thing, dig in, and hold on tightly to your ideals and dreams to make them become a reality. You are attaining a new found wisdom and sophistication.

Leo Career changes and choices are beginning to manifest along with interesting people showing up in your life. Someone quite unusual, beautiful, spiritual and beneficial may come on to the scene. A spiritual marriage could take place. It may be wise to let the clock tick and let the smoke clear before you make the leap, as things may not be as they appear.

Virgo The first quarter square of the Moon takes place in your sign on May 30. Duties and tasks keep you occupied and the day flies by. The Sun and Saturn are forming a square aspect on June 5 bringing about a time of hard work in order to complete your tasks and projects. Health and career concerns must be addressed.

Libra June 2 and 3 are absolutely your best days this week, as the Moon and planets form a series of excellent aspects that create a flowing synchronicity of events that may be remarkable. Social and romantic scenarios unfold as if under the spell of the love goddess Venus herself. Make sure that you do something special on these days.

Scorpio Lord Mars and lovely Venus travel through your opposite sign Taurus throughout June. It tells of a time of attraction, action and excitement. You might as well enjoy the time pursuing your fantasies while Mercury continues to square off with Jupiter and Neptune creating all sorts of illusions, delusions and other real crazy stuff until mid June. You may sense that things seem a bit out of kilter.

Sagittarius The events and realities that develop over the next two weeks may be a bit trying. Work commitments, the economy, grouchy bosses and other power types may be up to their antics and you will have to work with it the best you can. Stress, worry and hurry must be reduced, if not eliminated. In essence, take some time for yourself.

Capricorn Lord Saturn is traveling through the highest portion of your solar chart over the next few years bringing in a time in which you reap the benefits of the past 15 years of effort, work and dedication. It may also herald a time in which a career change takes place or a fall from high place if you have abused power on the way up.

Aquarius Follow your dreams and make them a reality. Do keep in mind though that all that we treasure and desire is within the realm of transition and change and therefore false. The King is false, so is the castle for they are impermanent and transitory at best. It may be wise to store your treasures where neither moss nor rust can corrupt.

Pisces The first quarter square of the Moon in your opposite sign Virgo on May 30 may bring up a few trying incidents that need to be worked through. The Sun and Saturn are forming a square aspect on June 5, and the few days either side of that date can be another time that will need extra effort and patience in order to cope with the times. Creative energy is building and your interest may lean towards the arts and entertainment.