The Sun, Moon and Saturn form a T square on June 7, at full Moon time. This tells of a time in which we deal with and adjust to the realities of a hobbled economy, cutbacks, bankruptcies etc. According to the pundits the travel industry and all related industries are feeling the pinch as people hold on to what they have until better times.

Mercury is in square with Jupiter and Neptune and it certainly can make us feel adrift, rudderless and somewhat helpless. It is just a case of high anxiety and will pass by soon enough. We will not fall off of the planet and life will continue on as it always does. We tend to overstate and exaggerate under Mercury – Jupiter square aspects, and with Neptune thrown in it just makes the picture murky. Hurry, worry and fear must be overcome. Venus and Mars are visiting Taurus all month creating the energy for a memorable spring and summer season. We will pursue our passions and interests regardless of the economy. The trick of the times is to do what you love, and love what you do.

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Your ruling planet Mars travels through your solar second house throughout June and early July. The second house has all to do with money and earning potential. Personal values come up for a review. Communications and travel are key features throughout the month.

Venus pays a visit throughout the month. It’s good news in the sense that Venus rules over topics such as love, popularity, creativity and resources. Life takes on quite the shine and with fiery Mars visiting Taurus as well, you can count on all kinds of exciting scenarios to unfold.

The full Moon on June 7 occurs in your opposite sign Sagittarius. Saturn is involved with the full Moon configuration indicating a time in which concerns and problems are highlighted. Mercury is square with Jupiter and Neptune as well, bringing added confusion and angst if you allow. Wait a few days before making any important decisions.

The Full Moon on June 7 signals a time in which the past is dealt with in some way. It may be wise to clear up past concerns and issues so that you can move on and into the future. It looks like a busy and very interesting time for your sign. All kinds of new and unique people start showing up now.

The full Moon on June 7 lights up an area of your chart related to hopes, wishes and dreams. Possibly you are dreaming up ways to get away from it all. A deep longing for peace and freedom may be growing as the days pass. Stay true to yourself and don’t sell out. Matters are unclear presently, but will become very clear by the end of the year.

Career and home are the big features that command your attention now. The full Moon on June 7 will illuminate those areas of your solar birth chart. Plus Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto are collectively sending good energy your way. In essence it is a time of hard work in which you learn strong lessons of streamlining and economizing.

Inheritances, joint monies and matters related to marriage or business partners come into play throughout the month. It does not mean that someone has to pass away in order for you to gain an inheritance. Meeting your Guru in this lifetime is an inheritance from the past. Creative energy is running high.

Now is time to work out any and all concerns regarding relationships and partnerships. Endings and beginnings are indicated. Mercury is in square with Neptune and Jupiter on June 7 bringing possible misunderstandings, deception or confusion into play. It’s a full Moon day as well, all the more reason to exercise patience and tolerance.

The full Moon on June 7 takes place in your sign bringing action and excitement your way. It may also be a time when you have to cut your losses and move on to greener pastures. Certainly the universe will let you know where you stand. You may be longing for changes, which generally are good medicine for Sagittarius.

The Moon passes through Capricorn from June 8 to 10, placing you in your lunar high of the month. Certainly plan something special on June 8 as a series of excellent planetary combinations are manifesting. Romantic and creative energies are on the rise and may lead to powerful lifestyle changes.

A great mix of planetary energy has taken hold and it may have your head spinning these days. It may be hard to know which path is the right one to choose. Do know that all will work out according to the cosmic plan. Clarity shows up mid June.

The full Moon energy on June 7 could prove to be trying and testy if you allow. Career, home and relationship concerns and considerations are onboard. With Mercury and Neptune in square until mid June, it may be wise to wait and see how things unfold until that time, as confused issues may have to be worked out.