We are very fortunate in the sense that we have so much information at our fingertips. Imagine, all we have to do is fire up our computer, load our favorite astrology program, plunk our birth information in and within seconds we have our birth horoscope before our eyes. In ancient times astrology was reserved for Kings and Emperors. Their horoscopes reflected the fate of the Nation, for it was believed that whatever happened to the King happened to the people as well.

Possibly we can foretell our fate by taking a look at some of our illustrious leaders. Potentially there are many competent people that are more than capable of running the show. Of course, fate and timing come into play. If a leader has a series of heavy aspects unfolding in his/her chart while in power, it is unlikely that they will achieve much success, and may be dogged by the economy, the opposition and myriad other roadblocks. They walk away tattered, flustered and wondering what in the heck happened to them.
I have a book titled “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra”. It’s the gospel of Hindu astrology, the book of books on Vedic or Eastern astrology. The ancient sage Parasara divined many of the astrological concepts now in use throughout the world today. What he divined several thousand years ago can be used directly today when applied to our birth charts. The following two paragraphs are from Parasara’s work.

Effects like success all around, well being in the family, gain of conveyances, ornaments and clothes, by the beneficence of the King (government), reverence, devotion to deities and the preceptor, association with men of learning, happiness from wife and children etc, will be derived in the antardasa (planetary cycle) of Jupiter in the Dasa (main planetary cycle) of Saturn if Jupiter be in an angle.

There will be opulence and glory, happiness to wife, gains through the King (Government), comforts of good food and clothes, religious mindedness, name and fame in the Country, if Jupiter by in the Fifth house from the Lord of the Dasa (Planetary cycle) Saturn.

Imagine before an election that we could use this information while choosing our leaders. The above two planetary cycles from Parasara’s work apply to British Columbia’s Premier, Gordon Campbell’s birth chart. He is the Man for the times. I’m not even interested in politics, but am very interested in what makes people tick.

Premier Campbell is a Capricorn with Virgo rising and he will work hard, dedicatedly so in order to meet the standards that are demanded of him. The stars are telling of a time in which he will do well. He fits the Saturnine mold that has formed him in this life. He seems a bit distant and a tad cold which are pure Saturnine traits. He does have the Moon and Venus in Aquarius which again may hinder public perception regarding emotional interactions, but beneath the façade there may very well be a caring and loving individual. Uranus is at the top of his chart indicating an innovative individual and along with his Aquarius planets he will have his eye on the big picture. There are some shocks and surprises coming up and a few nasty secrets may come flying out of Pandora’s box. Some will jump ship and go against him, but at the end of the day he will count his successes.

Upon hearing the virtues being extolled regarding one of his generals being considered for promotion, Napoleon apparently said, “Yes, but is he lucky?” In my estimation, Premier Gordon Campbell is lucky, and hopefully we will be as well.

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Aries A special grace is taking place in the form of opportunities to truly change your life. Think long and deep about what brings you the most happiness and contentment, for now you may achieve those very things if you work towards them. June 16 and 17 are special days in which dreams may be realized. Be all that you can be, and do all that you can do.

Taurus Exciting times are upon you and boredom will be a thing of the past. Resources increase, or at least the potential for them to increase exists. June 18 and 19 are special days as the Moon passes through Taurus joining Venus and Mars and bringing a strong indication of happy times. Now you can work towards putting your plan together.

Gemini Two distinct planetary combinations are at work and will bring very dynamic energy and activity your way. On one level you can expect a jolt, shock or surprise to rattle you on June 15. Then a series of wonderful breaks occur as new doors open and fresh opportunities present themselves. In essence, make the changes that are necessary in order to free yourself up, and see what the universe offers up on June 17 and 18.

Cancer Hard work, dedication and devotion are the key words that fit the times for your sign. You may have to make some hard choices that may even be uncomfortable, but a certain relief is experienced once you make your decisions and stick to them. June 13 and 14 are special days in which fine memories are made.

Leo June 11 could prove to be a rough day if you allow things to get to you. Opportunities to create harmony and accord will present themselves, or the gloves may come off as the tears flow. The Sun, Jupiter and Neptune are casting excellent rays your way and will bring spiritual epiphanies, hope, faith and freedom your way.

Virgo June 14 and 15 could be testy days in which you will have to work extra hard in order to keep it together. Although there is a certain negative tone to the above commentary, it may not be that way in actuality. It is sort of like being the host of the party and enjoying it all, but not having much time to chat and visit and let down until the party is over.

Libra The Sun, Jupiter and Neptune are casting excellent energy into your sign especially from June 15 to 19. This tells of a time in which life flows along without much hindrance or delay. Feelings of enlightenment, love, gratefulness and gratitude may be experienced. Don’t sit around waiting for lollipops to fall out of the sky as that would be a waste of this great opportunity. Be bold and proactive and reach for the stars.

Scorpio Romantic attractions are on your mind, or better still, you may have captured the attention of someone that stands out from the crowd. It looks like a time of reformation or rebuilding somehow in your life. June 14 carries very good energy and you should do something special on that day.

Sagittarius The last quarter square of the Moon on June 15 shakes things up at home or in a relationship. It just might signal a time to re-adjust to the new realities that may be hitting home. It also may be a time to take a look at everything and make the necessary changes wherever they’re needed.

Capricorn Not to stroke your ego, but my vote goes to Capricorn as the most successful of the zodiac signs. Capricorn dominates in all areas of life. Dedication and devotion along with a no-quit attitude paves the way to success. A great transformative process has begun and will continue for many years to come.

Aquarius The Sun, Jupiter and Neptune form a triangle on June 17, bringing light, laughter and love your way. Opportunities and breakthroughs occur. Now Jupiter and Neptune are retrograding in your sign indicating a time of some deep soul searching. Take some time to reflect on what is real and what is not. Compassion, hope, faith and charity motivate you into action.

Pisces The last quarter square of the Moon on June 15 occurs in your sign, bringing lively and exciting times your way. Upsets and misunderstandings could brew up suddenly. Don’t expect it, but stay keen to others emotions. June 14 is a special day of varied events. Stay open and willing to make changes where necessary.