One of the most important planetary cycles in astrology is called the Saturn return. Saturn takes approximately 29 years to complete its cycle around the Sun. Once we hit the age of 29 we can consider ourselves to be true adults as Saturn has made a full trip around the sun and is in the same position as it was when we were born.

Saturn is one of the planetary heavies and he is known to dish out serious discipline, hardship and struggles in accordance to our individual karma. Check the divorce statistics and you will see a pretty high proportion of people in the 28 to 30 year old bracket. If you are happy with your life and have stayed true to yourself, then you will feel psychologically balanced and more than ready to head into your thirties. Conversely if you are not happy with your life and have not made the appropriate changes when you should have, when the Saturn return comes up you may find yourself in that bracket, applying for a divorce and dealing with all kinds of concerns that need correction and attention. Sobering no doubt, but that is what it is about.

Nations as well as individuals go through their planetary cycles. Iran presently is experiencing its first Saturn return, according to the horoscope set for the Iranian Revolution that took place in 1979. Now Iran must sort out its problems and concerns from within. That which is not worthy or healthy must be addressed and changed in order to bring about a healthy and productive state of affairs. Just as a divorce breaks apart family unity, we may witness the breaking apart of a country from within, especially if those in power fail to heed Saturn’s strong, astringent and very necessary lessons. Uranus the planet of upheaval and revolution is passing over Mercury and Mars in Iran’s birth chart indicating a time of great unrest, violence, revolution, upheaval and possible chaos.

The present day problems will not go away or diminish at all. If anything, they will increase. A miracle is taking place and the spirit of the Iranian youth is enlivened, quickened. They truly desire a change. The ruling powers say they will teach the demonstrators a lesson. But any form of repression may unleash an unintended reaction from the people and a great backlash may take place.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s horoscope is indicating a very fateful time for him. Saturn was opposite to his Mars on June 12 indicating limitation, frustration and danger. After studying the horoscopes of the leaders of Iran it does look like the troubles have just begun. In recent articles I have talked about the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction taking place these days and it is one that can awaken the vision and spirit of a people as they cry out for fairness, freedom and justice. This particular conjunction occurs at 26 degrees of Aquarius which happens to be the exact position of former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s natal Sun. He may hold the keys to the future. He has the chart of a visionary and he may know the way to go, in the best interest of the people.

The spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has a birth chart showing a time of great debate, frustration and confrontation that will be at full force throughout 2009 and especially February, March and April 2010. This is when he will experience some of the greatest challenges of his life. The planetary aspects occurring now are stronger and more dynamic than those that took place in April of 1979, telling us that we may witness a revolution in Iran.

Next week we will look over the situation in North Korea. Let us pray.

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Aries You may have to work a little harder in order to accomplish your goals, especially on June 28 and 29. Unique scenarios develop in which you will have ample opportunity to work on your patience and humility factors. Family and relationship activities take up your time.

Taurus June 25 and 26 may bring its tests and trials as the screen goes fuzzy and confused issues come up for review. Plus, Mercury and Saturn are squaring off causing a tightening-up feeling in which we stay and think inside the box. Truth and honour get you through. Make ready for a powerful start to July.

Gemini Lord Mercury squares off with Saturn on June 26 bringing up some serious issues and topics that most would rather not discuss. But they must be discussed in order to clear the air. June 27 is more of same type of energy, not so negative, but trying nonetheless. June 29 and 30 are much brighter days and the past issues can be put to rest and you can relax.

Cancer The first quarter square of the Moon takes place on June 29. At this time you may feel challenged in some way and you must find a way to perform and do your thing. It’s your time of the year and it is likely that you will win. This summer is going to be hot, good weather or not. Seek your destiny.

Leo You will have to stay sharp in order to handle the energy that is on board on June 25 and 26. Thankfully the Moon is passing through Leo and it is likely that you will shine on in that special way of yours, along with a few roars. Mercury and Saturn are in square aspect indicating serious communication concerns cropping up. Issues may become convoluted and distorted on June 26, and it may be wise to wait a few days and let the truth distill, and it will.

Virgo Mercury and Saturn form a square aspect indicating some type of concern coming up on June 26 regarding communications, agreements, schedules and the like. June 27 carries the same type of energy in which delays or confusion come into play. The Moon visits Virgo from June 26 to 28 enhancing life and the events experienced may come out well at the end of the day.

Libra The first quarter square of the Moon occurs in your sign on June 29. Although trials and challenges come up, you may meet the day with enthusiasm and confidence, or at least you should. June 30 flies by effortlessly and if you put the effort in, you will be surprised with how the flow goes. Delightful social and personal developments take place.

Scorpio Make ready for a power packed Canada Day as the Moon passes through your sign from June 30 to July 3. Fireworks are destined to go off and all kinds of wild and crazy times will take place. Err on the side of caution as overindulgence could bring up its problems. Otherwise, high excitement and adventure are predicted.

Sagittarius Career and relationship areas of your solar chart are activated and it is likely that some type of delay, broken promise or possibly some form of confusion may have to be sorted out from June 26 to 28. Choose your words carefully and listen to what others are saying. Hurry and worry are to be avoided.

Capricorn The Mercury – Saturn square that takes place on June 26 brings on a worrisome effect for all signs. Saturn is lord of Capricorn and Mercury is his friend. It means that although there may be a crisis brewing that could manifest on June 26 to 28, you may relish the times and enjoy the scrum. Life is like that now for Capricorn as you continue your climb up the slippery slope of life’s experiences.

Aquarius June 25 and 26 could be very touchy days. Remember that a cut from a sword heals in time, but a cut from the tongue may fester for a lifetime. Everyone will be cranked up in one way or another, or at least just a bit cranky. June 30 is a much better day to conduct serious cooperative talks and such.

Pisces You might want to take the events of June 25 and 26 with a grain of salt or possibly with a few sedatives. Possibly you’ll want to offer the sedatives to a few people you know that might need them. All kidding aside though, the times are a bit stressful and you must find some ways to deal with the pressures that come up. July 1, offers a new perspective.