Last week we talked about the importance of the Saturn return. Saturn takes just over 29 years to travel around the Sun. He rules such things as fear, old age, death, poverty, pestilence and disease. He is considered a first class malefic energy in Vedic Astrology. When he does come knocking most people become very uncomfortable and nervous.

Iran is going through its first Saturn return based on the chart drawn for the Iranian revolution in April 1979, indicating a time of great unrest and insecurity. North Korea was established on September 9, 1948. North Korea has just completed its second Saturn return in September 2007. Now Saturn is sitting very close to the Sun in this country’s birth chart and it is pretty much like the Saturn return. Again, Saturn brings up our insecurities and no doubt, brings on much consternation, vexation, limitation, poverty and isolation. The Sun represents one’s ego and sense of self. When Saturn pays his visit we have to contend with feelings of isolation, limitation, inadequacy and failure. It is interesting to note that the U.S. and Russia both have Sun, Saturn afflictions in their horoscopes. This lends to the “my gun is bigger than your gun” posturing that never seems to end.

Pluto is moving opposite to Uranus in the North Korean birth chart indicating a time of possible revolution, great disruption, war and all of the hideous things that manifest when these two planets mix it up. Nuclear war is more of a threat now than at any other time, especially on the Korean Peninsula. The tension in the region will escalate dynamically and dramatically throughout the summer and fall. Mars the planetary warlord enters Leo mid October 2009 and promptly heads for a conjunction with Pluto in North Korea’s chart. Mars moves slowly over Pluto and then backs up over him again throughout November and December 2009 and January 2010 bringing up a very dangerous time indeed. These two planets are the strongest representatives of violence, destruction, war and aggression. Mars continues to back up (retrograde) and becomes stationary again in March 2010 and he sits very close to Pluto in North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il’s horoscope. Mars is in square aspect with Mars in the North Korean chart all through this time period indicating a time of frustration, anger and military action.

Although this material has already got my head spinning, it is backed up by a major solar eclipse that takes place on January 15, 2010 smack on the position of Saturn in U.S. President, Barack Obama’s horoscope and directly on Michelle Obama’s Sun position. It tells of a fateful time for all concerned and it is highly likely that the bluffs and threats of the past may materialize into the real thing. The eclipse signals a very troubling time ahead, for the forces of light and darkness will continue and escalate their particular agendas just as it has always been. It does not have to be this way and much depends on how the players on the world stage handle the upcoming serious and heavy aspects.

On a positive note, Saturn is a grand and great teacher whose true interest is helping people and countries to live and exist in moderate, healthy and peaceful way. He is a stern task master though, and his lessons are harsh and costly and sometimes on this crazy planet it is the price that we must pay in order to survive as a species.

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Aries You may be getting the urge to do something different these days. It is actually an inspirational time in some ways. The full Moon on July 7 may bring on some revelations regarding home and career objectives. It is time to challenge yourself, for as you know, you are your best and most worthy opponent.

Taurus Your solar travel houses are lit up and activated by the full Moon on July 7. Calls, letters and emails come in from the far corners of the globe. Your confidence is still riding high, bolstered by the presence of Mars. Speaking of Mars, watch for emotional flare-ups and confusion on July 2.

Gemini Happy days are here as Venus pays a visit to Gemini from July 5 to 31 bringing on a creative streak and a time of increased social activities. Weddings, reunions and other celebrations are just the type of scenarios that Gemini enjoy most. The summer will fly by in no time flat.

Cancer The lunar eclipse on July 7 will bring home the reality of what is what regarding any concerns that you have had recently. Power plays and emotional displays should be avoided, or possibly anticipated in order to clear the air. It is a time to reset your compass and move towards your goals.

Leo Mar’s, brother to the Sun enters Leo in mid October and visits for nearly eight months. It tells of a time of high energy, great releases of energy, high adventure and all kinds of dynamic challenges and changes taking place. Courage and strength, along with a clear and calm mind will bring you through. Patience, if you happen to remember the word, is very necessary. Success can be had, but dangers abound and battles rage on.

Virgo The solar houses related to friendships, hopes, wishes and desires along with the areas related to entertainment, speculation and children are activated by the full Moon on July 7. Saturn certainly is leaving his indelible stamp on Virgo these days in the form of sluggish projects and changes which may tighten up the cash flow. Take time to entertain and enjoy and allow the time to pass in that manner. You will be clear in another year from now.

Libra The full Moon on July 7 will bring more than a few revelations regarding career and family concerns. Travel opportunities come up and love may be on the horizon. It is time for this to happen as the next few years show an increase in family responsibilities, obligations and hard work, which you may not mind.

Scorpio Publishing, communication, education, travel and spiritual matters are topics of interest now. A busy summertime is predicted. While others may prefer to lie on the beach, you may be tunneling into your research projects or just looking at life on a deeper and more meaningful level than at other times. Take extra precaution with equipment, machines and while on the road, especially around July 6 to 8.

Sagittarius Venus is casting her energy your way throughout July and you can expect an increased time of social activities and commitments to occur. Romantic and creative energies get a boost as well. Your desire to dig deeper into life’s mysteries becomes enhanced. Shared money and inheritances may figure in somehow now.

Capricorn The lunar eclipse on July 7 occurs in your sign bringing matters of importance to the fore. Revelations roll in, and whatever has been on your mind finally comes to some type of conclusion or climax. You might want to take some down time as now is your time for rest and recreation.

Aquarius Mars, Jupiter and Neptune square off on July 6 and 7 just as the eclipse is taking place. It sounds intense and it may be that way if you allow things to get out of hand. Caution with alcohol, drugs and any other thing that hinders your attention is needed. Use care while driving. Spiritual epiphanies, visions and revelations come your way on July 8 and 9.

Pisces New sights and new scenes are looming into the picture. Groups of likeminded folks bring enhancement to your social life. It is possible that new friends or old friends show up these days. Internal and external renovations are in the works. Dreams and visions could materialize now. Know that you have embarked on a journey of discovery that will last for decades to come.