The King is dead.

I’m writing this column on July 7 as I watch the memorial services for Michael Jackson. Eclipses have always been associated with the death of powerful Kings. I’m pretty sure that the folks that organized Michael’s Memorial did not know of the full Moon lunar eclipse that takes place on this day. A full Moon in itself is powerful and impactful. All the more so if the full Moon happens to be an eclipse. The tears are flowing and the hearts are swollen as we say goodbye to a cosmic, complex, exceptionally gifted human being as he heads upwards to the finer, lighter and brighter worlds above.

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, the day of a full Moon. His Moon is in Pisces which is the sign most related to music and especially dance. His Pisces Moon would also make him an exceptionally sensitive human being with a great sense of love and compassion.

The Sun and Pluto were conjunct in Virgo giving him the ability to go into things on a very deep level. His devotion and dedication to perfection is notable. This conjunction also brought him great wealth and great power along with a messianic and mesmeric magnetism that ignited the imaginations of millions of people all over the world. Gemini was rising in the east giving him his sleek, mercurial appearance along with the balance and agility that was hard to match.

Presently there is great speculation as to what caused his death. I have studied his western and eastern (Vedic) charts and in their respective ways they point to a most difficult and trying time in this man’s life. Saturn the planet associated with loss, illness and death was opposite to Michael’s Moon at the time of his departure. Saturn is the lord of his eighth house which is the traditional house of death.

In Vedic Astrology we have planetary time cycles called Dasa’s and Bhukti’s. Michael was running the dasa of Ketu and Bhukti of Rahu. Rahu and Ketu are the north and south nodes of the Moon and the eclipse cycles are related to the nodes and the eclipses represent karma on a collective and individual level.

James Braha, a brilliant Vedic astrologer comments on the dasa of Ketu, in his book Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer. He says, “Out of all the planetary periods that of Ketu is perhaps the most difficult to accurately predict. Ancient Hindu scriptures describe all sorts of miseries, such as poverty, sorrow, humiliation, slanders, poisoning, strange illnesses etc”. Michael has Rahu and Ketu in the 6th and 12th houses of his chart, known as the houses of loss and illness. The stars don’t lie, and they do show the karmic situation collectively and individually for all souls. He had his burdens, faults, failures and weaknesses, but we loved him anyway because deep in his heart he was about love, freedom and happiness. In his way, he carried his cross the best that he could. We love you Michael.

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Aries Certain challenges and concerns come up relating to your career and family and in true Aries style you will meet them head on. July 13 to 15 are just such days. Overall you may feel inspired and the stars are offering all types of opportunities for you to choose from.

Taurus July 15 to 17 are your days. The Taurus Moon adds a skip to your step and a spark to your spirit. Feel happy and don’t ask why. No need to question, just enjoy the days as they come. Life seems to be in a cooperative mood, rather than the push and shove of other times. Get in the garden and get some dirt under your nails.

Gemini Mars pays a visit along with lovely Venus perking things up all the way around. Venus brings love and blessings to the table and Mars stirs up some excitement and challenges. Possibly it is you challenging yourself to be all that you can be. Luck and good karma play a role and love and money are within reach.

Cancer The Sun and Mercury continue their visit to your sign. They are harmonizing with Saturn from July 9 to 15 bringing opportunities to work, plan and make life more cohesive, wholesome and balanced. A huge transformative energy is building and will continue to affect you for many years to come.

Leo A friendship melds into a deeply spiritual relationship. Partnerships of all sorts are highlighted and you may be seeing things through rose coloured glasses. It will be easy now to over-idealize someone that you have placed on a pedestal. Take your time until you see the way clearly. It is time for some behind the scenes work.

Virgo The Sun and Mercury cast fine rays your way from July 9 to 15, allowing you to be effective and successful in your endeavors. Your solar career house is heating up and it would serve you well to be proactive, as others are likely to pick up on your qualities and talents. Now is the time for study, hard work and sacrifice that will pay dividends in the future.

Libra Career and travel sectors are hot throughout the month. Spiritual aspirations are enhanced. Unusual business opportunities may present themselves and an urge to gamble may be experienced as well. July 13 to 15 are interesting days in which all kinds of scenarios take shape and dissipate, just like the passing clouds.

Scorpio Friday July 10 may prove to be a bit of a strange day with an edge to it, but towards evening time things mellow out just in time for the weekend. July 11 and especially July 12 are the best days in which you can lay back, enjoy and plan for the future. More doors are open than not.

Sagittarius Life heats up all kinds of ways as fiery Mars and lovely Venus travel through your opposite sign Gemini for the rest of the month. It tells of a time of action, attraction, some repulsion and possibly some confrontation and irritation. Sounds like a busy and involved time period. July 13 to 15 are your best days this week.

Capricorn Okay, you have made it to the top of the pile. Now what? Possibly it is time to give back a bit and share the wealth. Speaking of wealth, we have not been generous nor merciful with ourselves and our salvation – too busy climbing that rock. Seek the wealth of spirituality and God’s love and you will feel enriched as never before.

Aquarius The Jupiter – Neptune conjunction in your sign heralds a rare time in which you may find yourself more compelled than ever to make a spiritual change. You are opening up and waking from a long slumber. And like the bear just out of hibernation you may need to reorient yourself and find your bearings. Seek the treasure that you can take with you into the beyond.

Pisces Like Aquarius and Capricorn you may sense strong spiritual changes taking place with or without your cooperation. We just have to surrender to the will of God and do his bidding, not ours. In other words, you have embarked on a journey of discovery with no way back, but only towards the warm and protective embrace of God.