Every moment in time has its own individual quality and tenor according to the arrangement of the stars. You can create a horoscope for any event such as the birth of a puppy, a person or a nation. Once we have set the birth horoscope we can look at the different planetary cycles that will affect that particular horoscope for any given time in the future. We can also go back to any chosen time period in relation to the birth horoscope. As an example let’s take a look at Canada’s birth horoscope drawn up for July 1, 1867.

The big feature in Canada’s horoscope is the triple conjunction of the Sun, Moon and Uranus in the sign Cancer, and well supported by a strong triangle from Jupiter. It tells of a society that is interested in providing care and protection to her own people and all others that she is able to help. With the revolutionary planet Uranus sitting with the Sun and Moon we can expect that Canadians as a whole are open, friendly, unique, possibly a tad unusual, and certainly tolerant of others lifestyles. We won’t follow all of the rules all of the time, and at times we will not bend to the wishes and demands of other less tolerant folks that would like us to get in line and follow behind. We are leaders in the free world and certainly a showcase for other nations to follow.

Now that Pluto has entered Capricorn and will soon be making a series of oppositions to Canada’s Sun, Moon and Uranus from 2010 to 2015, I thought that we might want to take a look back at other times when Pluto was moving over the Sun, Moon and Uranus in Cancer and see what was happening in our country at that time.

Pluto is symbolized as lord Shiva the destroyer in the Hindu trinity. Pluto brings on great wars, destruction, death and rebirth. Pluto is also associated with power and wealth, thus, the term Plutocrats is a reference to the shakers and movers on the planet. We might want to keep in mind the U.S.A. has the Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Cancer in their national birth chart and will be affected by the Pluto transits as well.

Pluto entered Cancer on May 26, 1914 and on June 28, 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian – Hungarian throne was assassinated. This event was the spark that ignited World War 1. Things escalated from there and soon Canada cast her hat into the ring, and we can only imagine the great losses and sacrifices that were endured at that time. The years 1915 and 1916 had to be very tough times for the folks here and for those fighting on foreign shores as Saturn also passed through Cancer at that time, which is another signal of hard work, loss and sacrifice. History tells us that Canada became established and respected on the world scene for its contribution and sacrifices in the war effort.

The battle at Vimy Ridge in April 1917 came while Canada had Saturn and Pluto moving through its sign. While the men filled the trenches our women carried on another fight and won the right to vote in September 1917. The years 1918 to 1920 are also very tremendous in our country’s growth and development. In 1921 another huge event took place of a plutonian nature with the discovery of insulin. Pluto rules death and regeneration and is symbolized by a phoenix who out of his own ashes creates a new form. The discovery of insulin has saved countless lives and has given innumerable diabetics the opportunity to live normal lives. Pluto was passing over the Sun in Canada’s chart when insulin was discovered by the two Canadian researchers, Dr. Frederick Grant Banting and Charles Best, and as we know, the rest is history.

We can expect pretty much the same type of energy to manifest from 2010 to 2015 as our Country goes through another great cycle of dying and rebirthing, death and renewal. It does not have to be as grim as the energy nearly one hundred years ago, but we do have our work cut out for us as we wage war with poverty, addiction, corruption, homelessness and the other myriad concerns and problems that are on the cosmic karmic platter. We will get it done and some day in the future a young astrologer will be wagging his tongue as he looks back at the first two decades of the 21st century as he marvels at all that we went through and all that occurred.

For a very long time we have been worried and apprehensive about December 21, 2012, then end of the Mayan calendar. We can apply the energies that I mentioned earlier to this date and come to the realization that we need a new direction and purpose beyond just filling our bellies and pocketbooks. It never was and never will be enough. Now the time has come for humanity to reach deeper within ourselves on a personal and collective level.

The events that take place around the solar eclipse on January 15, 2010 will tell the tale of the times, what must be done and where. Fear is the dragon, while love, patience, compassion and tolerance are the key ingredients to peace on dear old Mother Earth. Many of us profess to love God and if we only knew that God is in everybody and everything in this whole creation, we would never intentionally harm another living thing. We live within the madness that “might and power are right”, and “my gun is bigger than yours.” No wonder we have so many wars. According to the mystics we are fast asleep at the wheel and are basically clueless when it comes to saving our own souls. Stuck fast to the web of our own making and design we cry out for peace and mercy for all of the souls that are suffering, and we are on the way home.

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Aries Although the introduction is a bit long winded you might want to take a gander at it, and try to figure out just where you might be in the years 2010 to 2015. Rapid and dynamic changes are building like giant waves out in the middle of the ocean, and they are heading for the shores soon enough. Stay true to yourself and see what the universe has to say, for it will be speaking rather loudly in the near future.

Taurus Family activities and concerns dominate the days throughout July and August. Although you may have your fair share of dealing with family, friend and group politics or responsibilities, it is also likely that you will do well as the stars are not too pressing for your sign at this time. Home and career considerations come up.

Gemini The Moon passes through Gemini from early evening on July 17 to July 19, just in time for the weekend. Within a few hours of the Moon entering Gemini, Mercury, lord of Gemini enters Leo which is a sign that Gemini generally enjoys. It means that you will be in your element or in the zone. Be it at a party or any type of social event, no doubt you will sparkle and shine. Others pick up on the good vibes and good times can manifest, so do your best and the heck with the rest. Creative energies are strong and you may have a head full of unique ideas.

Cancer The solar eclipse on July 21 takes place in the last degree of Cancer indicating that people born near this date may experience some strong fate over the next 12 months. We think of fate as a negative thing, but in reality fate represents all aspects of our lives such as the birth of our children and the families and countries that we are born into. Love and all that is meant to come our way is considered fate. August and September are destined to be hot months. Hint, hint, wink, wink.

Leo Happy birthday to the lion Kings and Queens. The Sun enters Leo on July 22 bringing you into your solar high of the year. The solar eclipse on July 21 in the last degree of Cancer may have an effect for some Leos that are born close to that date. The Moon enters Leo one hour after the solar eclipse carrying the seeds of karma that will come to manifest throughout the month. Although it sounds a tad ominous it may not be that way at all. It may be a busy and lively time in which the time flies by as you hold court and carry on in your usual magnanimous and friendly way.

Virgo You may be pensive and moody as the solar eclipse takes place on July 21. Venus and Saturn are in square aspect from Gemini to Virgo indicating a time of considerations regarding recent frustrations and limitations. No big deal. It is just a time of working out the kinks and problems that come up for everybody from time to time. It’s a good time to visit and care for those that may need your love and support.

Libra Friends materialize and along with a heap of social demands on your time, you will be very busy throughout the rest of July and August. With the Sun, Mercury Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune collectively casting good energy into your sign, you can hardly miss. ‘Make hay while the Sun shines’ is a good mantra for the times. You can pretty well create to your heart’s delight. Memories are being made that will last a lifetime.

Scorpio Your solar career sector gets a boost starting on July 21. Work and home activities dominate the days and you may not mind. Your home could become an activity centre with people coming and going throughout the summer. Lucky breaks could take place regarding real estate. Inheritances and joint monies figure into the times and must be dealt with.

Sagittarius Your travel sector is strongly activated throughout late July and August. Matters of the higher mind, philosophy, education and publishing come into play. A busy summer is predicted and love may not be a stranger. Siblings and matters related to the father somehow figure in. July 18 and 19 are dynamic days in which much is destined to happen.

Capricorn Those born on or near January 19 may experience some of the effects of the solar eclipse that takes place on July 21. Relationship concerns and considerations may come up in order to be worked out. Capricorn rises at the time of the eclipse bringing your sign into play and possibly bringing important changes in your life. No need to be alarmed as the changes may be welcome and long overdue. It is a time of letting go of the past and building for a new future.

Aquarius The Sun’s passage through your opposite sign Leo in late July and August signals your solar low of the year. Rest and recreation is what is needed and with lucky Jupiter and cosmic Neptune moving through Aquarius there’s no telling what you will do to get your kicks and thrills. Scaling the highest mountain and diving in the deep blue sea, whatever it is will certainly connect you with your higher self as you seek escape, adventure and freedom. Many Aquarians have hefty intellectual appetites and great imaginations. Now the universe is supplying the available material for your next adventure in consciousness, be it feeding the poor or saving those who are suffering, now is the time to do your thing.

Pisces Home and relationships seem to be the focus of your attention, especially from July 18 to 22. It may be a time to face the truth of any situation that you have been avoiding. Make the moves that will initiate a better understanding of any ongoing problems within your family and circle of friends. You may be relieved once you start with the process of letting go of what was in the past, as you embrace a bright and attractive future. Saturn and Uranus have had a very powerful effect on your life and possibly everything has changed. Jupiter, the natural ruler of Pisces will visit Pisces for one year starting in January 2010. He brings healing, freedom and happiness.