Karma and astrology are intrinsically interlinked. They go together like hand and glove. Your birth horoscope is a reflection of the karmic condition that you are bringing with you into this incarnation. Every aspect of our lives is written in the stars. Our joys and sorrows, loves and hatreds, wins and losses, good health or illness, poverty or riches are controlled in accordance with the arrangement of the stars at the time of our birth. Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj in his book, The Wheel of Life and Mystery of Death explains it clearly.

Karmas are the most contagious form of invisible diseases to which man has ever been exposed. They are even more galloping, wasting and destructive than the deadliest and most poisonous germs transmitted into the innermost cells of the human system and worm their way most surreptitiously into the blood system. In society, karmas take a firm hold in the shape of a change in view and thought in the so called molders of public opinion. Then they affect the disposition and temper, and afterwards take deep roots in the shape of habits which become “second nature” in man.

To crown all such difficulties, one has to share unwittingly the karmic reactions, even in his own family where he is born and brought up. Thus virtues and vices play an integral role in the formation of culture. In this way, we daily and hourly contract karmas from our surroundings.

The mystics teach us that we have 75% fixed karma and 25% free will. Plus we are free to create better circumstances for the future as we spin the web of destiny by our actions in this life. It is a vast and heady topic to ponder, and again the mystics tell us that the human mind is not capable of understanding the vast implications of karmic law. There are higher planes of existence permeated with love and light, and populated with souls where karma has no rule or influence. One day we will set foot there, once we have cleansed and cleared ourselves of our indebtedness. All souls are destined to return to their source in the ocean of consciousness, high above the physical, astral and casual planes of existence.

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Aries Life is good, life is sweet and the universe keeps pouring it on. You may have to create some challenges for yourself or you can just stay in the groove and enjoy the times. However you go, the universe will create some challenges for you anyway in the not too distant future, and it would behoove you to work with your free will and make the choices that you know that you must. Do it all. Enjoy the grace of the times while working towards your highest ideals and aspirations.

Taurus Clarity in communications is a must as things are sure to go sideways if you are not attentive to what others are saying, or if others don’t understand what you are saying. Opportunities to correct or worsen a problem come up in the last week of July. Resource opportunities present themselves and not just of the monetary kind, but spiritual resources that replenish the soul may be the medicine available.

Gemini It’s just about a perfect time for your sign as Venus and Mars continue their Gemini visit. Love, excitement and adventure are on the menu for your enjoyment. July 26 may be a great day, and July 27 could be greater still. Plan something special on these days as magic is in the air and you will be having a great time.

Cancer Someone from the past shows up: friend, foe or possibly a former sweetheart. It may not be the case, but you may catch yourself harkening back to the past for some reason. It is possible that a new restlessness is manifesting. You may not be quite conscious of it yet, but as time goes on you may catch on that the time for big changes approaching. There’s no need to panic as it is cyclical, healthy and natural to sense the dying off and rebirthing of a new reality.

Leo It’s your time to shine as the Sun moves through your sign. Some very nice energy is onboard and it will come to you in the form of grace and ease in your daily affairs. Enjoy the daze, oops, days, and remember that all that glitters is not gold and true happiness comes from within. A perfect storm is brewing for the fall season. It will be powerful, intense and very dynamic. Enjoy the present and keep your eye on the horizon as big action, drama and adventure await thee.

Virgo The Moon enters Virgo early in the evening on July 23 giving you a nice psychological boost, which you will need as you head into the weekend. No doubt you will be busy with work, family and social plans. July 24 and 25 are exciting days with all kinds of activities taking place. Unusual scenarios may develop, not nessacary bad but unusual nonetheless. Have plan B at the ready.

Libra The Moon visits Libra on July 26 and 27 bringing you into your lunar high of the month. The Moon forms a grand triangle with Venus, Jupiter and Neptune on July 27, which may prove to be a highly magical day in which all kinds of great things take place. Certainly dress in your finery and be sure to do something special. Grace, harmony and love may be experienced. Artists, writers, poets, musicians and all other entertainers should prepare for an influx of inspiration and spiritual revelation.

Scorpio The first quarter square of the Moon in your sign takes place on July 28 bringing some type of hurdle to be dealt with. July 29 is a day to get things done, possibly with ease. Make note that Mercury is approaching an opposition with Jupiter and Neptune in the final week of July and it could bring a series of misunderstandings or delays into play. Others may appear a bit flaky and forgetful. Remember that we are all human, vulnerable and prone to mistakes from time to time, and this is one of those times. It may be wise to wait a while and let the air clear before making any serious decisions.

Sagittarius A fair amount of positive energy flows your way bringing opportunities and openings. It is important to look things over and take your time as Mercury opposes Jupiter and Neptune in the final days of July. It means that life is destined to get a little crazy as confusion and distortion have their way. Saying little or nothing is best, as the tendency to blow a gasket and vent some steam could overtake you. The events of July 30 and 31 tell the tale.

Capricorn Life heats up nicely throughout August and September. All work and no play is just not healthy, and now the stars are right for you to enjoy, play, love and relax. Activities regarding wills and legacies may come up in this last week of July and early August. It may be wise to keep in mind that all things must change and all things must pass. You may reach your summit in a few years time and bask in the limelight of wealth, prestige and power. The opposite effect could be the case where it all crumbles like sandcastles in a rising tide. Much depends on how you have handled power over the years.

Aquarius It is a strange, strained and possibly wonderful time for your sign. A grand trine takes place on July 27 and its effects bring grace, creativity, joy, love and resources. These good times should be enjoyed. Mercury the planet of communications, business, plans and schedules moves into an opposition with Jupiter and Neptune at the end of the month and it could throw a stick into the spokes. Literal and figurative traffic jams could be the case. Measure twice and cut once is the mantra of the times. Assumptions will not wash, but the facts go far.

Pisces The Moon moves through your opposite sign Virgo from July 23 to 25 bringing tension and stress. Although the message seems a bit worrisome, it may be more about your workload, or social commitments and personal obligations that must be met. As my Guru would say, “Do one thing at a time, wholly and souly.” Stay in the present and deal with what is, not what might have been. The instinct to organize and harmonize is strong now. Mercury will oppose Jupiter and Neptune at the end of the month and it may bring its days of confusion or miscommunication and possible delays. It’s no big deal. We just need to apply some patience until we see our way through.