U.S. President Barack Obama is in for some tough days ahead. The full Moon lunar eclipse on August 5 falls right across his Sun line indicating a fateful time for the leader of the free world. The lunar eclipse will affect Obama’s chart for the next six months.

Eclipses are strong karmic indicators and when you’re at the helm of the most powerful nation on the planet we can only imagine the intense and dynamic pressure weighing upon this man. Serious and heavy decisions are made daily with great consequences all the way around. Along with the eclipse cycles we have the planetary transits to consider as well. President Obama has his Mars sitting at 22 degrees of Virgo in his birth chart. Mars is the planet of war and aggression, while Virgo is the sign of analytical deduction and perfection. Mars sits on the cusp of Obama’s eighth house, the house of death and destruction, secrets and planning. Saturn, no friend to Mars, comes along and passes over Obama’s Mars throughout August and early September bringing on a series of very limiting and frustrating circumstances. Transiting Mars and Saturn both affect Mars in Obama’s chart in a way that can only bring more obstruction and frustration in the first two weeks of August.

President Obama is a Leo with Aquarius rising making him congenial, humane, lovable, affable, kind and courteous to one and all. Now the whole world is watching and measuring the strengths and weaknesses of the man and he will be sorely and severely tested in the weeks and months to come. The planet Uranus forms an opposition to Mars in Obama’s chart and it will be at its strength throughout November and December, bringing in the elements of shock and surprise. This means that anything can happen now. Mars – Uranus combinations are likened to nitroglycerin, which we know is highly volatile, explosive and touchy. I am concerned for President Obama’s health and safety. In essence he is walking through a mine field and one lapse in his attention can cause a disaster.

Just about the time that Uranus moves past the exact opposition with Obama’s Mars, he will have to deal with another important solar eclipse which lands on his Saturn in January 2010. Solar eclipses may have an effect that lasts for years in some cases, but certainly at least for one year. The solar eclipse takes place in Obama’s 12th house and this mix of eclipse, Saturn and the 12th house is not a healthy one at all. It represents some type of loss or sacrifice or limited experiences in some way.

Of course, when the fates are riding high we will see this intensity in the charts of others closely connected to this man. Michelle Obama has her Sun degree in the same place as her husband’s Saturn, giving an even stronger message that the times are running heavy for this heavenly couple and for all those that they rule. In my mind they are the modern day King and Queen, and if we think the King Arthur legends were something, we have seen nothing yet. Possibly several hundred years from now children with be reading of this great, wise and wonderful couple that raised the hopes of all oppressed people on the planet. Yes we are running heavy astrological weather and the forecast is cloudy, brooding and sullen. But of course there is a bright silver lining to the dark clouds and soon in the near future we will see where we stand. Certainly 2010 to 2015 will be the proving ground between the forces of light and darkness. Let’s roll.

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Aries If there is a sign that does not do well with obstruction, limitation and red tape, it would be Aries. They prefer to get to the point and travel from point A to point B as the crow flies. Now is such a time in which you can move easily, effortlessly and get a lot done in a short time. The best days are July 30 and 31. For the more sensitive Aries types, know that there is magic in the air on these days. It is a time in which illusion has it’s play, confusion too, so take your time. The picture gets clear on August 5 and you will know where you stand with career and family matters.

Taurus A mixed bag of planetary energy carries you through the next several days. On the one hand you may have to contend with a bit of confusion or frustration regarding misunderstandings and such. Be patient and wait it out, lest a mole hill turns into a mountain. July 30 and 31 and August 4 and 5 are the days of probable manifestation of this energy. On the other hand you may be happy and pleased with yourself regarding matters of the heart and pocketbook. Enjoy the days and give your love, then give some more.

Gemini An unusual and exciting time has arrived. The stars have created the correct pattern in which fun, fantasy and adventure fill the days, especially on July 30 and 31. Misunderstandings and minor irritating exchanges can take place on these days as well. Although you may be in holiday mode, your mind may be looking ahead to the fall season as you plan out the days ahead. Mars continues to give you a boost of confidence and energy. The full Moon on August 5 highlights the travel and communication areas of your solar chart. Emails, letters and calls flood in. A busy time is predicted, which you may enjoy.

Cancer Wish I may, wish I might, make my dream come true tonight. This little rhyme holds some significance on August 1, 2 and 3. Do something special on these dates. Love, destiny and fate combine and a birthing occurs, such as the birth of an idea, concept, relationship or the birth of a special child may take place. The lunar eclipse on August 5 brings it all home in the form of revelations and realizations of what is to be. This is the time to find out if important decisions or considerations are “to be, or not to be”. A very dynamic summer season is here, and it is getting hotter.

Leo Pay attention to the details and bottom line in any form of negotiations, especially on July 30 and 31. Avoid the tendency to brush over the fine print as much is hidden there. Confusion may have its cost and cause. It s also a time in which great things may happen that are truly exciting. High adventure, be it n the boardroom or on the river raft may take place. The full Moon lunar eclipse on August 5 involves your sign and if you are born on the fourth, fifth or sixth of August, it will bring some type of important developments into your life according to your birth horoscope. Revelations take place and a heightened and busy time is indicated.

Virgo Lord Mercury visits Virgo from August 2 to 25 enhancing your organizational skills and abilities to work things through to their completion. A cornucopia of creative ideas congeal into a workable plan. Venus lends a hand and she brings a touch of artistic expression along with an increase in social enjoyment and connections. August 7 to 9 may have their frustrations that keep you on your toes. The continued presence of Saturn the task master in your sign ensures a time of hard work, duty, dedication and devotion that you may not mind. It’s all natural in Virgo’s mind to be productive and useful. The hard work will pay handsomely in the years to come.

Libra Career activities get a boost throughout August as Lord Venus travels through your solar house of professions. Family activities, problems and concerns regarding loved ones may manifest on July 31, August 1 and August 2. Travel opportunities for work may come up. Creative ventures may pay off. For the Libras born near sunrise, you may experience the birth of a special soul, one that changes the direction of your life. Possibly your life focus and direction is changing anyway for a myriad of different reasons. Go with the flow and fly high. Your life will continue to evolve and change at a high rate of speed n the years to come.

Scorpio July 30 and 31 are important days and you must pay attention regarding agreements etc. The full Moon lunar eclipse on August 5 brings on activities regarding education, transportation, home and family. Venus casts fine energy your way throughout most of August bringing pleasant and entertaining times. Mercury also brings good energy to the table helping you in all kinds of ways especially with matters of negotiations, contracts and agreements. A battle may be brewing or some type of skirmish as you or others may need to get things off your chest n the first week of August.

Sagittarius July 30 and 31 are power packed days chock full of all kinds of interesting scenarios. Confused issues may surface and heated debates ensue. Keep your swords sheathed unless you really have to use them. You may feel limited or ‘hemmed in’ in some way or circumstance that you will have to work out of by mid August. August 8 is a particularly testy day for your sign and it might be best to stay out of sight, or go out and fight. Then again much planetary support is flowing into your sign and like the lucky Jupitarians you have the knack to turn a potentially negative time into a memorable one that everyone enjoys. August 5 is one of those times.

Capricorn Important developments are taking place. You may be compelled to make some decisions that could be life changing, such as falling in love, getting married and starting a family. For some Capricorns the opposite energy will prevail and you may seek changes in order to accommodate the ‘new you’ as you sense the ‘old you’ dying off. One way or the other big changes are in store for Capricorn over the next several years. Fortunes may come and go like fleeting clouds on a windy day. Lord Saturn casts fine energy helping you in every way in your effort to make life work properly over the next several months. The summer months are exciting and love and adventure come along.

Aquarius The full Moon lunar eclipse on August 5 takes place in your sign. It tells of a time in which any concern that you have been dealing with somehow comes to a head. Great revelations and realizations are expected. Visions and epiphanies take place. July 30 and 31 are days in which some type of confusion or misunderstanding may occur, and it may take the first week in August to square things away.

Pisces The Moon passes through Pisces from August 7 to 9 bringing up somewhat of a challenging time, especially on August 8. Tempers may flare and nerves could be jangled a bit. It may be wise to wait for a better time before you make any important decisions. The first two weeks of August carry a fair amount of frustrating energy that will have to be tolerated and coped with. It just might be your workload or lack of work that could be a bother. Plan for the future as Jupiter spends a year in Pisces staring in January 2010 and it holds good promises for your sign. Take your time and continue to move towards your goals.