Shock, shift, change and rearrange are the prominent keywords that come to mind regarding the Saturn – Uranus opposition taking place on September 15. Saturn represents the old school and the old boys club, the tried and true way of doing things. Uranus on the other hand represents upset, chaos, revolution and disruption. Saturn strives to maintain the old ways while Uranus completely goes against these standards. Uprisings and huge changes come about when these two planetary giants stare at each other from across the zodiac. Saturn puts up restrictions and says, “Hey, you can’t do that, it’s not in the rule book”, and Uranus defies Saturn’s authority and says, “Your rule book is outdated and so are you. The changes must come.”

The last Saturn – Uranus opposition occurred on November 4, 2008 as the world witnessed the ousting of the old (George W. Bush) and the ushering in of the young and exceptionally charismatic (Barrack Obama). We know that the world has been teeter-tottering over the last several months with the state of the economy and the shaky situations in the troubled spots on the planet. A fall election in Canada sure fits the description with the old guard struggling to stay in power and the forces for change becoming inevitable and unavoidable.

British Columbians are up in arms over the harmonized sales tax and it may very well spell the demise of Saturnian Gordon Campbell and crew. Although both Saturn and Uranus carry somewhat villainous vibes, their objectives may very well have the best of our interests within them. Saturn seemingly brings death, disease, suffering, poverty, oppression and restriction. He also teaches lessons, though painful, they leave lasting impressions that eventually create deep wisdom. How many people have suffered a near fatal disease or illness and having survived the ordeal become very grateful, thankful and mindful of the miracles of life? Saturn’s concerns never come on suddenly but usually after long years of negligence and unbalance. If we have not paid attention to Saturn’s strict rules then Uranus comes along and blows the door down and we often didn’t see it coming. Earthquakes, tsunamis and unusual weather patterns are on the menu.

The main point of the times is to seek ways to streamline our lives and shake them up in a good way as we strive to get along within the family of man. We’re made the same, born the same way and carry the same blood in our veins. We come from the same place and we will undoubtedly end up there as well. Let’s learn to love a bit, extend a hand and show some kindness and caring. We will sort it out, no doubt about it.

Thursday September 10:
The Gemini Moon stimulates activity, business, trade and all other forms of human exchange. The Moon and Mercury form a triangle towards evening time enhancing life in many ways. Often when the harmonious aspects are happening we hardly notice, rightfully so, as it symbolizes a time in which dinner goes down easily, and time with family and friends is well spent as we wrap up another precious day. Classes and courses, study groups and all other gatherings related to education, politics, acting, music, dance and drama are benefitted. Cupid’s arrow may find his target.

Friday September 11:
Venus and Jupiter have formed an opposition today. Venus represents the people that we love, while Jupiter symbolizes the higher mind and greater spirit in Man. Today many will mourn and remember those that sacrificed their lives on this fateful and tragic day in 2001 that changed our lives forever. We will remember the unnamed heroes that paid the ultimate price. It is a day to weigh up our values and make the appropriate changes that we know will bring peace and harmony. The Gemini Moon continues and it’s a Friday so we will be in the mood to party as we frolic through the night.

Saturday September 12:
The mood may turn somewhat somber as a series of planetary aspects take shape and sober us up in a hurry. Possibly our frolicking got out of hand and amends are forthcoming. It may not be a good day to clear the air. Tensions are high and it may be best to let some time pass and tempers cool. Power plays and guilt trips won’t work out, whereas cooperation and consideration stand a much better chance.

Sunday September 13:
The Moon occults Mars just after 9 AM, PDT, heating things up. Plus Mars is in Cancer which is his sign of debilitation. It means that people can get crabby in a hurry and a small huff may very well morph into a major emotional storm. Fires and mishaps at sea are a strong possibility. Caution with tools, weapons and machines is a must. It is a good day to practice tolerance and compassion.

Monday September 14:
A much better day takes shape and we may be glad the weekend is over and we can get back into the rhythm of our daily lives once again. It is a constructive day in which much gets done with less effort than we may have suspected. The Moon and Mercury harmonize towards evening time bringing a nice close to the day. We can put our feet up and see if we can answer some of those questions on Jeopardy and hopefully catch a good movie before turning in for the night.

Tuesday September 15:
The Saturn – Uranus opposition takes place today along with an opposition with Venus and Neptune. Read the intro regarding the Saturn – Uranus phenomena. Some type of shift takes place as we adjust to whatever the universe offers up, be it a fall election, a big job change, a move or a new love. The list is long, but the day won’t pass without some form of important energy unfolding that brings changes into our lives. A birth, a death, the end of something, and a new beginning may be expected. Yes, death of the old and birth of the new, personally, collectively and universally. Love and creativity get a great boost somehow and magic is in the air.

Wednesday September 16:
Matters of the heart come to the fore. Today is the day to unravel, disentangle and sort through those concerns that have been building for a while. A shift is occurring as the dynamics for change are very strong now. Declarations of love along with other possibly shocking revelations are probable. Positive or negative, one way or the other, changes are in the wind. Go with the flow and wait till you know. The lines are blurry and not much is clear, but soon we will know what it is all about.

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Aries September 12 and 13 are edgy days in which tensions may run high and it won’t take much of a spark to set off a serious bonfire of emotions. Tears may flow and anger may be expressed if you allow, especially on September 13. September 14 is a much better day and you can meet your problems and work them through rather than going through the roof in true Aries style. Changes are in the wind and you must ride it out and see where you land.

Taurus September 15 and 16 are important days in the sense that others may not be making any sense. Then again, possibly it’s you not be seeing the picture clearly. The impulse to gamble, go shopping and spend money is strong now. Matters of the heart and hearth are top of mind and it is time to go over the material once again. You may be behaving oddly, even by your own standards. Never mind trusting others, as you may not be able to trust yourself and your values. Hey, it’s good to shake things up once in a while.

Gemini September 10 is a good day as the Gemini Moon and your ruling planet Mercury form a triangle towards dinnertime. Lively exchanges take place as you meet and mingle with the people that inhabit your favourite spot, be it the coffee shop or gym etc. September 11 and 12 carry more of an edge to them and you might be caught up in the swirl of the world as you strive to accomplish all that is on your platter. September 14 looks good as the planets run in harmony today, while September 15 is another story again. It looks like big shifts and changes are about to happen as you adjust to the reality of the times. Go with the flow.

Cancer The Moon passes over Mars in your sign on September 13 and the combination is potent and must be handled with caution and respect. Heated exchanges are probable, clashes, crashes, dumb moves etc. must be avoided. Acts of heroism may take place and you may discover a courage that you always knew was there or at least suspected so. Fire, metal and machines need tending and attention. Otherwise, let the good times roll. Education, communication and writing along with other stimulating topics may be of important interest now.

Leo September 14 to 16 are important days that may fly by and you may be left in a daze. When the smoke clears you may wonder what it was all about. You may meet the love of your life and be swept off of your feet, your horse could come in and your ship too. The urge to gamble and get crazy is strong. You can be seduced, charmed, wined and dined. It all sounds good, but things can get wobbly and it may be wise to go slow until you know if what is happening is real or not. Certainly sounds like high adventure to me.

Virgo The Saturn – Uranus opposition taking place on September 15 carries important lessons for mankind and probably important lessons for your sign as Saturn is visiting Virgo. The Sun approaches Saturn and opposes Uranus on September 17, and it tells of a time of serious decisions regarding career goals, job changes and big moves, possibly across the country or out of it. For the stable, grounded and practical Virgos it just may be a time in which you take on a heavy workload which you may not mind. For the lazy nonproductive Virgos it is a time to seriously get with the program and get up to speed. Concerns regarding elders and their health and welfare could be the case.

Libra September 12 and 13 are days that will take some astute maneuvering in order to avoid heated debates and conflicts. I guess a lot depends on your mood these days and certainly there are Libra folks out there that love a good battle, be it a board game, in the board room and probably bedroom too. Fairness, justice and especially harmony are the goals. Venus, Jupiter and Neptune have formed an opposition and this is yet another indicator of high flying ideals, visions, compassion and love. It’s all in the cosmic blender. September 14 is good day to work your magic.

Scorpio Life seems to be a tad intense out there these days. Retrograde Mercury in square with Pluto indicates a time in which all kinds of secrets come flying out of Pandora’s Box. You may be on a mission of discovery, seeking and searching for the deeper meaning of life. You might be restless and looking for career changes and opportunities for advancement. September 12 to 17 are the days in which the above commentary comes into play. Question your urge to gamble and take chances. Possibly you’re bored and looking for some adventure. A hot secret romance at work could be dynamic and dangerous.

Sagittarius Just be ready to ride, as it is probable that the universe will be offering up changes, chances and opportunities that may spring from an event that you thought was unfortunate. It looks like a stirred up time for all signs as we constantly strive to adjust to the complexities of living and competing in our world. Keep your mind open. Education, travel and intellectual pursuits may be of interest now.

Capricorn September 12 and 13 are intense days that will have to be handled with some delicacy as others may be wearing their hearts on their sleeves. The energy is volatile and people will be touchy. Cloak and dagger games go on as all kinds of maneuvers are being dreamed up and executed. The Sun and Saturn cast good energy your way and although it is a most difficult time for all signs, I imagine that you will come through in your solid Saturnian way. You may enjoy and thrive on the challenges of the times. The next five years are of paramount importance in your overall career and standings.

Aquarius The planets are rumbling, especially your co-ruling planets Saturn and Uranus as they form an opposition on September15. Saturn strives to preserve the old order and way of doing things while Uranus demands change and ushers us in to the future. While this planetary drama is going on, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune form an opposition as well guaranteeing a very unique time in which love and creativity are highlighted. Romantic energy is strong and so are the urges for travel, taking chances and gambling.

Pisces September 15 to 18 are special and important days in which all kinds of revelations come your way. Dealing with elders and their concerns may come up along with other serious or onerous issues that need your attention. Possibly you are involved in the planning of important life changes as you seek out the lifestyle that you desire. Dreams that have strong symbolic information may be experienced. Music, entertainment and the arts draw your attention. Visits to those that need care and support come up now.