The fall season gets off to a rocky start as a series of challenging planetary aspects take hold. It will be an intense time and we’ll be hard pressed just to keep up with the demands on our time and pocketbook. Concerns regarding the economy, taxes, health-care, employment, education and politics keep us spinning and spinning. There’s nothing new here, except that a certain edginess and tension is in the air as we work towards resolving our problems and concerns. As the Zen proverb goes, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” In other words, we have work to do, problems to solve, issues to resolve and harmony to be sought after.

Thursday September 17:
A powerful day unfolds chock full of surprises and changes. Fear may run through the markets as news regarding the economy may set off a chain of events. The passing of a leader, V.I.P. or admired authority figure could take place. It might be a day in which we weigh up and take stock of what we have and what life is all about.

Friday September 18:
The Virgo new Moon is pregnant and potent. The new Moon represents a new start, a new round of life’s rhythms and activities. Mercury and Saturn sit close to the new Moon while revolutionary Uranus opposes the new Moon grouping. This tells of a time in which anything goes, and it may be a time when we begin our effort to rid ourselves of old outmoded ways of thinking and doing things. The potential for upsets, upheaval and big changes is very strong now. We will witness the fallout worldwide, collectively, privately and personally over the next thirty days.

Saturday September 19:
The Libra Moon squares off with Mars just after dinner setting the stage for lively and exciting times. Moon-Mars energies carry a certain tension with them and it won’t take much to set off a serious debate, confrontation or battle. It might be best to let it rest and bring up your concerns at a more appropriate time. Then again, some folks love nothing more than a good scrum. If so, fill your boots, for the stars are right for any form of fight or flight.

Sunday September 20:
Venus enters Virgo and forms a triangle with Pluto bringing opportunities to refine and revitalize, refresh and renew our efforts to bring peace, harmony, love and abundance our way. It is a good day to weigh up everything and set forth on a journey of cleansing, correcting and healing.

Monday September 21:
I wish that I could say that it is a lighthearted day, but I must not lead you astray. We have monumental issues that have cropped up and we must deal with them straight away. Don’t get discouraged or disgruntled. With a steady and well thought out approach we can work it out and get on track on time.

Tuesday September 22:
The fall Equinox takes place at 2:19 P.M., PDT. The Sun enters Libra which is the sign of justice, fairness, balance and harmony. That is of course, if there is a balance. If not we will set the course to find it. Battles, lines in the sand, loyalties, double crosses, jousting, bickering, posturing and proselytizing are all in the works as the unending game of political musical chairs continues and intensifies across the globe. We’re in, up to our necks, and it is sink or swim, and swim we must.

Wednesday September 23:
The phone lines and interwebs are crackling, sizzling with activity today as the world seemingly has picked up speed. As you can tell by now, something is up. No big mystery really. It is more about life becoming intensified and somewhat dramatized as we handle the pressing realities that seemingly come in waves. It is an exciting and challenging time and some day we will look back at it as we nod knowingly, that we came through as we always do. The planets are telling of a time in which serious and dynamic changes take place, hard work, commitment and dedication are the ingredients required in order to make the grade.

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Aries The Fall Equinox on September 22 heralds your solar low of the year as the Sun passes through your opposite sign Libra. It is time to care, repair and nurture yourself in some way. You may feel run down or out of gas. If so, cut back and take it easy. Most Aries will just shrug it off and keep going anyway, pushing through until they get done what needs to be done. September 18 and 19 are touchy days in which flare-ups can happen easily. Big and constant changes are in the long view forecast for Aries. Best get started now, and in true Aries style, get the jump on the crowd.

Taurus Read the Aries message, for although you are not in your solar low, you are coming into a time in which you can heal, nurture and care for yourself. You are bullish when it comes to work, as it is a form of worship for many earthy Taurus types. Often you will push past the pain and ignore it and then pay dearly later. Creative and romantic energies get a boost, all the more reason to take good care.

Gemini The Sun casts good rays starting on September 22 as he commences his journey through Libra, which is a friendly sign with Gemini. He basically smoothes over our concerns and problems, often brightening our days with joy and laughter. This will be needed as Mercury and Saturn form a conjunction and they in turn form an opposition with Uranus, bringing surprising developments and heavy news. It still is a bumpy ride, and tensions are riding high especially from September 17 to 25. Set a pace that is livable and stick to it if you can. Allow the changes to take place rather than fight against them.

Cancer September 17 and 18 are tricky days in the sense that your above average intuitive ability may be working overtime and may possibly trick you. Misinterpretations are likely and ensuing power plays might take place. The Moon and Mars square off on September 19 increasing tensions and heightening emotions. Domestic disputes are on the top of the list, along with all emotionally based relationships needing extra care. Home, family and property figure strongly over the next four weeks. Opportunities to work out old sibling rivalries may present themselves, or it may be that they need your help or caring in the days to come.

Leo A time of soul searching has arrived. You must dig in deep in order to find the answers to what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Now is the time to clear out old negative habits that may have become chronic. A healthy diet along with ample exercise may be needed. Choose a few hefty topics and get into them in order to feed your unending curiosity about the nature of things. It is a time of learning and exploration, inwardly rather than outwardly. If Jupiter is a positive planet in your birth chart then you will be receiving his benefits for the next four months in the form of expansion, freedom and general good fortune. In the meantime it’s an intense period for all signs from September 17 to 23.

Virgo Get ready to rock and roll as it looks like we have happened upon an intense and very dynamic time, especially for your sign. Life is changing at a rapid pace and it may be hard just to keep up with it all. Do what you do, remain true to yourself and someday you will cherish these days. Yes, no doubt that your day is full with way too much to do, pressures, schedules, problems and concerns, worries whatever. The main point is that you are forming your future and moving away from the past at a fast rate of speed. Surprises and changes may come, along with possible delays. Use it to your advantage by taking the time to work through and see where you get to over the next few weeks. September 17 to 23 are days of change and hard work but you may not mind.

Libra Happy Birthday!
The Sun enters Libra on September 22, bringing you into your solar high of the year. It’s your time to shine and do your thing. The Sun invigorates and energizes you, bringing confidence and good will. Your ruling planet Venus commences her visit to Virgo on September 20 which is not the easiest place for Venus to hang out. It brings up a time in which you sort through what is real and what is true. Health matters need attending and finding the balance in all things is necessary. September 17 to 19 have their difficulties, with September 20 being a much better day.

Scorpio Now is the time for preparation for the future. Behind the scene activities keep you busy as you plan and prepare for the upcoming times. September 20 to 22 are your best days as the Moon visits Scorpio enhancing your intuition and timing. It is a very tense time astrologically for all signs and it will take some strength of will to come out on top when the smoke clears after September 23. Travel may be in the stars for you and others may come your way from afar. Do your thing, wade in, throw in and contribute to solving the problems of the times. Your will, determination, strength and vision are needed.

Sagittarius We have come upon a time in which tensions are running high, and all kinds of unusual events will take place as we adjust to the new reality. Another election, concerns with the economy, plus whatever you’re working through, and sure enough we will get though it in the days and weeks to come. September 17 to 25 tells the tale. Career changes or opportunities for advancement may present themselves now. If you are not happy with your work then it may end now as you seek out what suits you best. It is time to better your situation and enhance your education and experience.

Capricorn There is quite a bit of static in the air as the planetary positions are indicating tension, dissention, upheaval and change. Power struggles, alliances and allegiances are being formed and soon we will see where everyone stands. September 17 to 23 are intense days. The key for success at this time is the ability to handle changes by being adaptable and amenable to the will of the universe. If it is in your destiny, then you will rule, otherwise not so. All the while, the internal clock ticks away with not much work done in this region at a great and incalculable loss. Birthing and dying, dying and birthing, out with the old and in the new is the mantra of the times.

Aquarius You might be getting itchy feet as the urge to travel becomes strong over the next four weeks. Wills, legacies, joint and shared monies may all come into play in the near future. Your fortunes are changing and much depends on how you put yourself together this year. Clear up lingering health problems. Dietary changes and exercise regimes are all part of the package now. It is time to consider the long game and how you figure into it. External goals although important may not match up to attaining inner balance, clarity and harmony.

Pisces A pretty intense and demanding time has arrived. The planetary energy from September 17 to 24 could prove to be stressful and mistakes could be costly. The best remedy is to be prepared for delays or breakdowns regarding communications, schedules and agreements. Joint monies or inheritances may figure into the picture. The main point to remember is that Saturn and Uranus have formed an opposition indicating sudden shifts and changes taking place. Assist by becoming revolutionary in your behavior. Do something completely unique as now is the time to do so.